A short week of gaming news to digest.

With the week day holiday – gaming news around the U.S. and even entertainment stuff has been quite tempered down. Still I’m going to talk about what has happened for the week of July 1 to 7, 2018, but only the stuff that I thought interesting.



Gaming News:

Nintendo has told investors that they have not fully announced their fall lineup after their stock market prices fell. Check out Gamerevolution.com for the full breakdown on what Nintendo is aiming for.

I hate that this sounds like such a panicked sound byte from Nintendo. It does little for investors who by this time have already made their decisions in regards to stocks or for gamers who would have liked to know about coming games last month during E3. It is not a good look for Nintendo who


Twitch Prime users will be getting 21 free games this month in the lead up to Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale. Certain games will only be availble at certain dates during the run up to Prime day so if you have Twitch Prime which comes with Amazon Prime, it is best to check out Twitch daily to make sure you get the games. Head over to Twitch’s blog to see the games and the days they’re being given away on.

Since Amazon bought Twitch they have been slowly doing things like this, giving out free games and discounts and such. It’s nice little thing to be aware of such things if you have it.


Stonehearth a game that was kickstarted and then launched to early access in 2015 will soon wrap up production and officially launch at the end of July 2018. The game which was in alpha state until June of 2018 then came into beta and now to completed status. The developers have stated that at least part of the reason for this move is that developers wish to move onto other projects or simply moving on. You can read all about the upcoming finalization of the game over on their Steampage for the game.

This is both understandable and a bit of a disappointment. I backed the game and got my moneys worth out of it, but the jump from beta to completed product rubs me the wrong way with how quickly it seems to have come about. It does feel a touch like abandonment but after the developers have struggle to make this game over the past several years it is also comes as no surprise and the inevitable feeling that they were going to have to move on at some point.


France has made its ruling in regards to loot boxes saying that they do not find them to be gambling. However, the French have also forwarded the issues to the European Union parliament to get their ruling on how this should be handled. A full breakdown of what France ruled can be found over on PCGamesN.com

An interesting decision that potentially impacts all of Europe once the EU has its say. It will be interesting to see how this will play out as companies are either forced to change their ways, or continue on the monetization path of small micro-payments to help subsidize the cost of game development.




Entertainment News:

For both MoviePass and Netflix change is coming or may potentially come. With MoviePass you now have surge pricing for popular movies. You’ll face a fee of an extra 2 to 6 dollars. On the Netflix front they’re experimenting with what is being called an Ultra plan which will be more expensive but feature lots of high definition movies and shows. You can find out more about these two programs via Engadget: Netflix Ultra plan, or MoviePass’s surge pricing.

I think prices are going to rise as the drive to provide more content or just allow people to get to the movies more often happens. That it turn hopefully drives more competition to drive down the prices but who knows what will happen.




Another short blog post for this week, mostly thanks to a US holiday. Anyway thank you for taking a look at my blog. I welcome any and all comments, questions, and suggestions for said blog. You can leave any such comments via Twitter at @Snipehockey, or email me at Lostvideogamesblog@Gmail.com, or just leave it in the comment section below.


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