Wrestling around a quiet week of gaming news.

Another week has arrived and then decided to go away as it has more important things to do. But, we do have some gaming news, releases, and entertainment news that happened worth talking about. This is of course covering the news that I found interesting enough to talk about for June 24 to 30 2018.


Gaming Releases:

The Crew 2 –

Race across the United States in cars, boats, and planes in a variety of different events or just drive your way across to explore what the map has to offer. The Crew 2 brings more events plus boats and planes to the sequel and you’ll once again need an online connection to make the game run.  Developed by Ivory Tower for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and published by Ubisoft the game came out on June 29, 2018.


Gaming News –

The lawsuit filed in South Korea by the developers of PlayerUnknown Battleground against Epic has been withdrawn. No reason has been given for the with drawl. It should also be noted that Tencent owns a percentage of Epic and Bluehole Inc. This comes news comes from Bloomberg.

This is such a weird news story. I’m not sure what PlayerUnknown hoped to achieve with this lawsuit other than annoying Epic, which doesn’t seem like a grand idea when your game runs on their engine. Hopefully that is the end of this silliness and we don’t get any more out of it because it wasn’t a good look for PlayerUnknow and Bluehole.


Telltale Games the maker of many adventure games may soon be using a new game engine. They have been using the same engine since around 2006 when they made CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder. The new engine will be Unity but won’t be arriving until next year, 2019, with The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and The Stranger Things game. Eurogamer.net has the story on the upcoming engine switch.

Fans of the company have been calling for an engine change for quite some time as the animations aren’t holding up well. I do hope that they finally make a change, I know the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but at some point age will break it and it is starting to look long in the tooth.


The Halo series may finally be headed to television as a series for Showtime. It will be a 10 episode run with each episode being an hour long. The project is being helmed by Kyle Killen, Rupert Wyatt, with production handled by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television. Production is set to begin at the beginning of 2019. This story is courtesy of Indiewire who has the full report on what to expect from the series.

I hope this turns out well, I’m not holding my breath that this actually happens or that it will be any good. Still it has lots of potential and material to work from so it could be a grand extension of the franchise.


Binding of Isaac is going to Kickstarter in the form of a card game called, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Creator Edmund McMillen along with a group of friends have brought the dungeon crawling rogue-like to the table top as a card game. You can read all about the game on their Kickstarter which blew past its goal.

While I’m not particularly interested in getting this game it does look neat and the creative team does have a history of making fun good games. Maybe not always great games, but you can count of them being time sinks which you have fun with.




Entertainment News:

Disney has been given the green light to purchase Fox’s entertainment division from the Department of Justice with the caveat that they must sell the regional sports networks that Fox owns. There is still the Comcast offer to contend with but it does look like one conglomerate will be sold to another. This report comes from money.cnn.com which has the full breakdown on what is going on.

I fear we are going to see a lot more mergers with At&T and Time Warner now approved and Disney and Fox coming together. I’ve read some people are advocating that Amazon buys CBS to really establish their television division. I worry about how this will effect consumers and if any good can come from these massive companies swallowing other companies whole.




Another short week of news to tide over audiences that’s the way it goes often times. That said, thank you for stopping by and looking around my little blog. Comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome in the comment section below, or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or you can email me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com.


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