Meandering the post E3 gaming news lulls

A new week has run away and there is some gaming news, gaming releases, and some entertainment news worth chatting about that happened during it. I’ll be covering the stuff that caught my interest for the week of June 17 to the 23, 2018.



Gaming Releases:

Mario Tennis Aces:

Mario and company have returned to the tennis courts to smash some tennis balls and to win it all over one another. Play as one of many Mario characters who will of course take to the tennis courts to prove that they’re the best at the game. Released on the Nintendo Switch after being developed by Camelot Software and published by Nintendo on June 22, 2018.



Gaming News:

Gamestop looks like it might be up for sale after bullish sales figures from physical sales. At this point this is an exploration of a potential deal and nothing concrete has happened. You can learn about Gamestop’s potential sale and how their sales figures are doing over on ExtremeTech.

It is hardly surprising that this is happening, as big companies are always doing their due diligence and exploring the many options that are before them. Not saying that it won’t happen and that the winds of change won’t make everything change in the heartbeat. But, this is just business as usual though interesting to note to see how things are potentially moving in the gaming world.


Waluigi fans have certainly let their voices be heard on Twitter and not in a good way. After learning that the character would not be in Smash Ultimate they began to bombard his twitter with nasty comments and requests that he be included. It got to the point where creator Sakurai has had to block people on the social media site. This news comes courtesy of NintendoLife.

Seriously? I would ask what is wrong with people, alas I fear I already know the answer that the internet lets people be asses with little repercussion for their actions. Don’t do this ever to any creator or person on the internet. It’s in poor taste and makes people believe you failed to grow up with any manners so to speak.


With the new regulations going into place in the Netherlands in which Loot boxes become regulated, Valve has decided to stop item trading for their games DOTA 2 and CS:GO in the Netherlands. This report comes from who has the story and Valve’s own statement as to what’s going on.

Well we all knew Valve would have to do something to get in line with the laws guiding sales and distribution within the Netherlands. That they went with perhaps the easier option is not surprising though hopefully they’re using it as a stop gap to a more permanent measure. I won’t hold my breath on that but sorry to see that such an action was taken and right before the big summer sale on Steam.


Friday the 13th the horror franchise which terrorized many a fan and had the recent game of the same name is stuck in a rights quandary. The original screenwriter, Victor Miller, is attempting to get the rights back which has put the game in a state of limbo for future content. The developers of the game feel that should Miller win back the rights that there would be little room for them to continue to make content without running foul of the decision. Learn all about the legal fight and why developer Gun Media feels like they can no longer continue to work on the project from GamesRadar.

This seems like a grand old mess. On one hand I sympathize with Victor Miller as a writer and creator you never want the rights of your work taken advantage of. On the other hand for this game it needs the additional content if it wanted to continue to survive. So, it sucks that this happens.




Entertainment News:

Butch Hartman the creator of cartoons like Danny Phantom and the The Fairly OddParents left Nickelodeon recently and now has set his mind on his newest project. He is running a kickstarter to create his own streaming service for cartoons by creating Oaxis Entertainment. You can check out the Kickstarter and see what the future holds for Hartman.

An interesting endeavor for one to try and pull off and wish Mr. Hartman all the success in the world as his Kickstarter is off to a slow start. The world could use more cartoons and happiness and I hope that this new streaming service can provide just a little bit of that.




Well it is a short and sweet blog post for this week. Thank you for stopping by I appreciate it. If you’re looking to leave a comment, a questions, or a suggestion I am open to all three. You can do so through email where you will find me at, or on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or you can just leave a comment below. Thank you once again and goodbye until next time.

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