And so the avalanche of E3 and gaming news begins.

Lots of news and trailers are arriving before the E3 press conferences kick off this years onslaught of gaming news. Though EA Games E3 conference sneaks its way in. I’ll be covering the gaming news of June 3 to 9, 2018 and please note I cover what I found interesting during the week.

Game Releases:

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

A battle royale last man standing game, with weird flippy floppy characters and a Gangsta mode. This comes as a sort of late April fools joke from developer Landfall. It has a wide variety of weapons to use and a crazy art style that sort of makes you grin. It was free for anyone on Steam for the first 100 or so hours after which it will cost 5 USD. It is a PC only game.



Gaming News:

Hitman is back to kill and kill again. A new game in the series titled, Hitman 2, has been announced and has a flurry of trailers to go with it to boot. Now gone from the series however is the episodic nature which they delivered mission. The game will be coming out later this year, November, 13 2018, with pre-orders getting access to Hitman Sniper Assassin.

It looks like another solid entry into the series though the trailer didn’t show much actual game play so it is a bit hard to judge it. However, IO Interactive have always created solid Hitman games along with other games that are just fun to play. I feel like this is one of the few instances where I don’t necessarily need to see what I’m getting myself into with game play.


Crackdown 3 which has been previously delayed to improve the game, has once again suffered another delay. This time the game is being moved to a February 2019 release date though one doubts it makes it to that date. Visit for the complete story on the delay.

This is beginning to get the feeling of a cursed game that may never come out. Of course only time will tell, but one does get the whole Duke Nukem Forever vibes from this one. Hopefully it does come out and crush it, just right now it seems lost in a no man’s land and can’t get close to restarting or finishing what it started.


Valve has decided a hands off approach may be the best approach for what content is allowed onto the Steam digital store platform. The only exception being games that are considered “trolling”, are in someway illegal, or fail to meet technical quality standards that Valve have set. This comes from a report via who also believe this decision isn’t the wisest of moves.

Oh boy. I get why this is happening but it ain’t going to be pretty. Fans generally want well run stores that have some sort of control over the products so that they don’t have to sift through to find the best products. Valve seems to be more intent of a free market ideal where everything hits the market and it is your own fault for buying whatever game you bought. It will be interesting to see how this plays out on the store front and if it effects sales of games or not.


Paradox Entertainment have bought another company, this time acquiring Harebrained Schemes. This developer has been responsible for the creation Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Necropolis, and BattleTech. The purchase price was 7.5 million USD plus some of Harebrained Schemes earnings over the next five years. Poygon has a full report on what to expect from this transaction.

This is a pretty straight forward acquisition after the two worked together on BattleTech. The companies share a vision and sometimes the best way to make that happen is sell a company to keep the dream going. The only worry is Paradox’s love of DLC and how easily that can fracture a player base.


Abrams, no not the famous tank but rather the famous movie and television producer J.J. Abrams, and his company Bad Robot will soon be making video games. In order to do this they have teamed up with Chinese conglomerate Tencent to make both indie and AAA games for all platforms. This news comes from Techcrunch who have a great breakdown on who will be in what role.

Another deal that makes sense but also makes me a bit nervous, anytime a company becomes associated with Tencent it seems like things never turns out as well as they should. Maybe things will change this time, but aside from Riot Games League of Legends they haven’t had much big success.


Rockstar has revealed the preorder bonuses for Read Dead Redemption 2. There are three editions to choose from, Standard which includes the game and some DLC, the Special Edition which includes some side missions that aren’t vital to the story plus a map and some other DLC goodies. Then there is the Ultimate edition which includes all the previous content plus some extra weapons and a nice horse. Finally there is the collectors box which does not include the game but has lots of physical goodies like playing cards, a jigsaw puzzle, and a metal box. You can learn all about the preorder bonuses over on

Yeah this leaves me with the impression that Take-Two and Rockstar are going to milk there latest game for all the micro-transactions that they can. I don’t blame them, but for me that means this will turn out into a pass until I see how they plan to continue to support the game. Also per me being an absolute nuisance, this game is titled as a sequel to the first game yet is really a prequel to Red Dead Redemption which makes no sense.


EA held its E3 conference with some nice surprises and generally what is expected from them. Aka Battlefield, Anthem, and Sports. Some of the surprises include Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which didn’t get shown, Unravel 2, and the new original game Sea of Solitude.

Full Conference:

Some trailers of note:

This wasn’t a great conference for EA. They showed games, but the showcase never really felt inspired. Part of that is there need to get through many games that it feels like nothing gets to much focus. That is aside from Anthem which they spent a fair amount of time explaining. The big win for me was Sea of Solitude which looks both lovely and creepy. I’m curious about the Jedi Fallen Order, Unravel 2, Battlefield V, and Anthem but those I want to see more of.



Entertainment News:

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part got its first trailer, and well it returns to its silly nature with a bit of charm. This time an Alien has kidnapped many of the heroes from the first movie and taken them away to possibly save another world. However, Emmet isn’t going to lay down while all his friends have been taken so he sets off to save the day. Starring Chris Pratt and Alison Brie the movie will be arriving in movie theaters on February 8, 2019.

This is a pretty charming little trailer it is very fun and sweet without going to deep into what the movie is about. My issue is that I kind of feel like the trailer was enough for me, I don’t feel any need to see any more than what was in it. As the movie gets closer to its release date I may change my mind, but we will see.


Dragons are still in style and the charming movie series How to Train Your Dragon is getting a third movie which will be coming out on March 1, 2019. Titled, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, it brings back Toothless and Hiicup as Toothless finds love with another dragon and once again peace between dragons and people is threatened by a Dragon hunter.

Another charming trailer and with this one I’m a bit more curious to see it. I liked the first two movies and this makes me want to go back and re-watch them. This is one that I’ll look forward to though I’ll probably still wait to hear some reviews about it.



Well we began E3 with EA Games and what interesting things that they have going on, plus all the gaming news that squeaked its way in before the crush of actual E3 announcements. But for now I must end this post. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look around. For those that wish to contact me for questions, suggestions, or comments all of which I welcome you can do so through three difference ways. You can use the comment section below, you can find me and talk to me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or you can email me at

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  1. Shane says:

    I’m excited for a couple sequels in Beyond Good and Evil Game and Call of Cthulhu

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