Games rush to avoid the crush of the upcoming E3.

The latest fallout of video games has come about with everyone announcing smaller games before the maelstrom known as E3 hits. I’ll be covering the week of May 27 to June 2, 2018 and only the news that caught my interest. So, let’s get going.



Gaming Release:

Moonlighter –

A role playing game that acts one part as a shop management sim and other part dungeon crawling adventure. You must run the shop and keep it stocked up going out on adventures. Released on PC on May 29, 2018. It was developed by Digital Sun and published by 11 Bit Studios.


Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection –

The epic fighting game returns to hadouken or just punch your way through fights. The game contains twelve versions of the games. You’ll get the original Street Fighter, five versions of Street Fighter II, three versions of Street Fighter Alpha, and three versions of Street Fighter III. The collection was put together by Digital Eclipse and published by Capcom and released on May 29, 2018 though a Japanese version is still in the works with no set release date. The game came out for the Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Football, Tactics, Glory –

A sports management sim game that works to make the strategy aspect more appealing. It uses a turn based system to keep things simple yet provides a new layer of depth to give you more to do as the game matches unfold. Developed and published by Creoteam for PC, it came out on June 1, 2018.




Gaming News:

There are not one, not two, but three Pokemon games in the works and I’m not referring to the fact that Pokemon games come in pairs. No there are three games under differing names coming to Switch, with two of them having a bit of cross play between your mobile devices and the console. First up is Pokemon Quest which is out now for the Switch and is coming soon to Mobile devices. This game is a simplified version of Pokemon done in a block-y Minecraftian style world where you befriend Pokemon and then set off exploring the island of TumbleCube. Then there is the, Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu or Eevee, games which are not mainline titles. They will incorporate the capture elements used in Pokemon Go and have come connectivity with that game. But other than that it is a remake of Pokemon Yellow and allow you to once again explore the Kanto region. This game will be coming out on November 16, 2018 and will bridge the gap between Pokemon Go and fully fledged titles. Finally, there is the third game which is currently unnamed and won’t arrive until the second half of 2019. This is the game that many Pokemon fans have wanted for a long time, a main series title on Nintendo’s main console. You can find out all about the upcoming games over on

Well Nintendo and The Pokemon company certainly know how to confuse the masses. When the trailer for Pokemon Let’s Go landed there was a bit of a general fear that this was going to be the new main game when in fact it is not. Add in a fairly unimpressive trailer that looks visually nice but a bit of a simplified version of Pokemon you get a bit of fear. I actually rather like the art style of Pokemon Let’s Go, just that over all the trailer doesn’t sell me on the game.


Fallout is returning though perhaps not in the route that many think it will becoming in. Bethesda have announced Fallout 76, which if rumors are true will be a base building online survival game. There is only a teaser trailer and the word of a few journalists out there saying that this is what we have to look forward to. The news that it is an online multiplayer survival game came from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

This could be good, or it could feel like another game with grand intention getting into online survival without really finding a niche to exploit. It is Bethesda and Fallout though so it will see some modicum of success regardless since it is such a popular company and brand. I’m more on the fence about it and look forward to seeing that exactly they show at E3 2018 to sell me on the game.


In what should be considered an unsurprising move Valve has removed the controversial game Active Shooter from the Steam store. They have labeled the developer of the game as a “Troll”. They have also said that they will be updating their policy’s to better stop such games from coming to the store. Endgadget has a full breakdown of what’s going on.

Yeah, not much to be said here other than Valve did what they had to do. Props to them for that. Hopefully something like this does not occur again as it appears to be done more for the attention than actually creating a game to get people to talk about issues.


Turn based strategy always felt like the right move for a Space Hulk game and well we’re getting a new one. A trailer showing off the game play and a general overview of Space Hulk: Tactics has been released.

This is from Games Workshop and this is the kind of thing I have always wanted from a Warhammer style of game. A turn based strategy where ever move counts, instead its either action or real time strategy games. Anyway, onto Space Hulk, this looks like a pretty promising title, though I’m not a fan of the dull overtones that narrate the trailer.


Sonic is back again though as a racer and not running across levels at high speeds. Also this game will concentrate on Sonic characters as it is called, Team Sonic Racing, and won’t be fully like Sonic & SEGA All Star Racers with a wide variety of characters from their games.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed was a well loved game so having just Sonic characters does seem like a step backwards. It will be curious to see how this one plays out as it is being developed by the same developers that created Transformed.


The creed of Assassins will be returning, first leaked and then confirmed. The next Assassin’s Creed game will be taking place in Ancient Greece and will have the subtitle of Odyssey.

I guess this means that Assassin’s Creed is back to being a yearly franchise? I hope it isn’t, as that hasn’t worked out well for the series. Time will tell, but I feel like this is a game that needs a few years break between games to let us enjoy the previous one and to look forward towards the next one. If it is yearly you just sort of expect it to becoming and a bit of fun goes out of it.


The lawsuit fight is on, at least in Korea where Bluehole Studio/Player Unknown Corporation the creators behind the Battle Royale game Player Unknown Battlegrounds is suing Epic Games over Fortnite. The idea being that Epic has in some way infringed on copyrights of PUBG. Neither side has said much about exactly what has been infringed upon so it all remains up in the air. Reportedly the lawsuit was filed early in 2018 around January, but has only just come to light. This also came after grumblings from PUBG developer last year that they were thinking of suing Epic over Fortnite. Over on Forbes who has the news, they’re calling the lawsuit a bit ridiculous.

It’s hard to get a feel for how this will play out because we don’t know exactly what Bluhole and PUBG are acutally claiming. If it is just that they feel Epic has infringed on their game idea, well that isn’t going to end well for them as the idea was around before PUBG became super popular. If it is something else, then we will have to wait and see. The other issue that is going to come out of this is that Player Unknown Battlegrounds uses Epic’s Unreal Engine. The last time anyone got into a spat over the engine with Epic it didn’t end well. For those wondering that was between Silicon Knights and Epic and Silicon Knights didn’t survive very well after losing their case.





Well there wasn’t really any entertainment news that I felt worth sharing so that will be all for this week. Thank you for stopping by and poking about in this dusty blog space. If you have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions I would love to hear them. You can contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, email me at, or leave a comment in the comment section below if that’s what suits your fancy. With that goodbye for now.

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