Wasting away in a week of gaming news very quietly.

A new week in video games has been born… wait that sounds wrong yet, alas, a bit true. Anyway I’ll be covering what has happened on the week of April 22 to the 28, 2018. Please note I cover the gaming releases, gaming news, and sometimes entertainment news that catches my attention. With that I think it be best to get on with the actually important stuff.



Gaming Releases:

Frostpunk –

Humanities survival in this frozen wastelands relies on you. Build a city to gather people and create a new society where each decision has profound effect on your citizens. Developed and published by 11 Bit Studioes it came out on April 24, 2018 for PC.


Inked –

A hand drawn puzzle adventure game in which you seek revenge and love, You are a nameless hero who has found a world filled with puzzles blocking your journey. Released on PC on April 26, 2018 it was developed by Somnium Games and published by Starbreeze Publishing.




Gaming News:

Discord and Microsoft are teaming up. Sort of. What’s going on is that you’ll be able to link your Xbox One and Discord accounts letting people to see what you’re playing on either platform. Thus you can see if your friends are playing something and perhaps decide to go join them. Microsoft has a nice post up that explains what they’re doing.

This is a nice little thing to do which helps keep the community and friends in touch with one another. It isn’t a big deal that many have made it out to be, but a cool little thing that probably should have just blipped past everyone’s radar. Though, I will say, it is better that everyone knows about it now instead of slowly discovers it sometime down the road.


The Belgians have had enough of loot boxes ruling that they are a form of gambling and thus illegal because children can access them. This news is from VG24/7.

I understand the basic idea of the ban and the grumblings that it is about time. However, what this ultimate leads to is how will the Belgian government actually enforce such a matter? Will game companies simply not sell their games in Belgium? Or will the game companies simply remove the content from the Belgian version of the game and offer a shrug when gamers complain about getting an incomplete version of the game.


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima will be stepping down on June 28, 2018 and will be replaced by Shuntaro Furukawa. Kimishima took over the job in 2015 after Sautura Iwata passed away and has always been considered a bit of a stop gap until the next president could be found. Furukawa has worked at Nintendo since 1994 working at the Pokemon company and as a global marketing executive for Nintendo. You can check out Nintendo’s very formal press release that has the announcement.

This comes as a bit of a surprise as it felt like only yesterday that Kimishima was named president of Nintendo. Still in the short time that he has lead the company he has done a good job steering the ship after the rockiness of the Wii U into the hopeful and so far success of the Switch. Now with younger blood coming in hopefully to help modernize Nintendo a bit at least in the online department where they trail both Xbox Live and Sony’s Playstation online offerings.


Publisher Chucklefish along with developer Pixpil have unvield a sprightly Japanese inspired RPG titled Eastward. It plays out through two characters, John and Sam, who solve puzzles and fight together in a slowly decaying world with a shrinking human population.

This has quite the adorable feeling to the trailer. It also has the nice feeling of mixed puzzles/fights/exploration. I rather like it and hopefully I can remember it when it gets to its release.


Tomb Raider which was teased at not too long ago has its first trailer giving an idea that you’ll be fighting in the jungles to save human sacrifices? It is a trailer that leaves you with a few questions.

It is a nice trailer though it looks completely CGI and not of game play. I’m curious to see more of the game, though it will probably be much like the previous games. IT is surprising that Edios doesn’t seem to be the sole developer this time.




Entertainment News:

Chicken Run is getting a sequel? Aardman’s the stop motion animation studio is working on a sequel to the popular 2000 movie. Little is known about what the movie will be about, the only details known is that StudioCanal is teaming up to help create it. That and director will be Sam Fell. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story.

Anytime a film sequel takes more than ten years to come out, I feel like they missed the boat on the relevancy. That said I know it takes a long time to make stop motion animation, so it can kind of be forgiven. I’ll be curious to see what comes of this.

Well that is all for me. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog, I appreciate it. I welcome comments, questions, or corrections down below in the comment section. Or you can contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or emailing me at lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com. Goodbye until the next posting.

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