This week in video games is more of a tease than anything else.

This week has resulted in much teasing about potential things that could happen in gaming news. But that’s what we are here to talk about, plus the gaming releases and entertainment news. This will be covering the stuff that I found interesting for April 15 to 21, 2018.



Gaming Releases:

Nintendo Labo –

A creation kit that lets you create things out of cardboard and play various mini-games with said creations. It even allows you to create your own mini-games to go along with what you’re doing. There are three different packs for sale, so be careful and know which one you’re buying. It was released on April 20, 2018 for the Switch after being developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo.


God of War –

Having switched from Roman/Greek mythology to Norse Mythology the story follow Kratos and his son as he tries to teach him how to survive in this difficult world filled with differing gods and monsters. This game was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It came out on April 20, 2018 for the Playstation 4.




Gaming News:

Ubisoft has teased that the Watchdog’s series is not finished, with a third game being worked on. There may be an E3 2018 unveiling for the game. Den of Geek has the peek into accidental announcement.

I go back and forth on this series, because generally I like the premise but I never quite see the execution that draws me deeply into the game. I’ll look forward to seeing what they try with this next game, but if it winds up feeling more like the second game instead of the first I’ll probably lose interest.


Jet-skis have been in many a racing game, but Wave Race for the N64 was a pretty special game in many gamers hearts. Now the producer of the series is teasing a potential return of the franchise to the Switch. IGN has the story of how producer, Shinya Takahashi, teased the series potential return at the BAFTA’S.

I would love to see this series come back, however that may be nostalgia fogging over everything I can see. It has also been a long while since I have played the N64 version so I definitely can only remember loving that game. I’m not sure what they’ll do if they do bring the game back, but hopefully it brings back that same zany feel of the original.


The ever popular Battle Royale style of game play will soon be making its way to the next Call of Duty. Maybe. The game has also rumored to have removed the single player mode from the game as it concentrates on the multiplayer aspect. You can read all about the news from Kotaku.

This could be interesting or it could be a flop. It does have that feeling of chasing after the most popular new thing instead of trying to create a new popular thing. None of this news inspires confidence in what feels like a franchise that has lost its way.


Not to be outdone there is some teasing news that Dice creators of the Battlefield series are also looking into a Battle Royale mode for the next Battlefield game. This news comes from

The same that I said for COD can be said here. It could work or not, but it feels off and like the developers aren’t really trying to improve their game but just make a grab to keep their game popular with the streaming and multiplayer audiences. Only time will tell though.


The remaster of Dark Souls is still on track for the Xbox One, Ps4, and PC release. The Switch version however will be delayed as the developers work to get the game running smoothly on that platform. This news once again comes from IGN.

Delays are always frustrating but it is perhaps for the best this time. The last thing anyone on the Switch wants is a bad port/remaster rushed out the door to make money. Hopefully this added time allows the game to shine and not be a FPS monster on the little console.


Ed McMillen and James Id have released a trailer for their new match three puzzle role playing game that invovles random dungeon crawling. The premise is rather simple, you are Bum-bo and your valuable coin has been stolen and you want it back. The game will be titled The Legend of Bum-bo and will be coming to PC and mobile devices in 2018. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned but might not come out until 2019.

It is a rather charming trailer, at least the beginning of it is, to watch. I’ll be curious to see the reviews on this one because it looks like it could be good or simply addicting-ly average.



Entertainment News:

This isn’t news but still I want to talk about it. Season four of Bosch came out on Amazon on April 13, 2018. It involved the murder of a civil rights attorney who was suing the city for police brutality and Bosch dealing with family issues.

It was another great season. I don’t normally binge watch all of the episodes as I like to spread them out, but this time I wound up doing exactly that over two days. It still retains its simpleness and its slowness but the slow burn felt right. It is well worth watching if you like a good detective story.




That wraps up this week in the world of gaming. Thanks for visiting my blog, I welcome all comments and questions. If you wish you get in touch with me there are three ways in which you can do so: You can use the comment section below, email me at, or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey. See you next week for my gaming related madness.

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