A new rampant and foolhardy week in gaming

A fools week to start of the month, though since April fools day fell on the Easter holiday it felt as if not many tried as hard as they usually do for the fools day. So, here is the gaming releases, news, and some entertainment news for the week of April 1 to 7, 2018.



Minit –

An adventure game that plays out in one minute intervals. Your job is to lift a curse in that minute to win the game. The trick is that you want to accomplish something in each sixty second run with each play adding to what you did last time. Released on April 3, 2018 for Linux, Mac, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It was developed by a group of friends who didn’t form a studio together and published by Digital Devolver.





Soon Spyparty will be heading to Steam Early Access. This is a game that has one person in the middle of party acting as a spy trying not to get noticed while a sniper outside the party tries to find you. It will be coming out in early access on April 12, 2018. This news comes from Polygon.com.

When this game was first announced around 2011 I was really excited to see what became of it. However, the long length of time which its spent being worked on and sold as an alpha build on the developers website. I mostly forgot it exists. I do hope that the end product is good, but one can never tell how these things will work out.


All powerful Valve has decided to clean up a bit of the Steam store with the removal of the Steam Machine’s tab. Many wondered if this was the end of the devices, to which Valve responded kind of. The machines did not sell, but Valve claims to have learned a lot from the experience. They’re renewing their efforts to improve Linux apps on Steam while also continuing to improve the SteamOS. You can read all about it on the Steam Forums.

I don’t want to sound mean, but the blog post reads to me like a whole lot of nothing and promises to which we have no idea if they’ll ever be kept. My trust in Valve being able to deliver on their ideas and concepts has really vanished in the last few years. Add in the time it takes for them to accomplish something or anything and you start to get a picture of wait and see if this will be another forgotten thing.


Intel has now started to stuff their 8th generation CPU’s into laptop computers. This will include the new i9 with six cores to play with. These will all be based around the coffee-lake architecture that was released last year, but tweaked to better work for laptops. Gizmodo has all you need to know about the upcoming laptops.

While it is good that the latest and greatest is coming to laptops. I’m left wondering if these will essentially be the same as the last gen CPU’s, down tuned so as to not overheat to tight confines of laptop computers.


Shadow of War will soon have a free update and it is one that should make the rabble rousing public happy as it will be removing loot boxes from the game. This news comes from publisher WB’s forums for the full story.

This seems to have been a long time coming as loot boxes have fallen greatly out of favor for many gamers. There’s some questions as to why it took so long to get rid of the pay aspect, but what’s done is done.


The Playstation 4 exclusive Spiderman now has an official release date of September 7, 2018. It’s an open world game where you’re playing Spiderman trying his best to save the world. Gameinformer.com has exclusive coverage which you can checkout on their website.

I’ve never been a big fan of Spiderman as he isn’t that interesting of a hero to me personally. That said, this game looks gorgeous and reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series in a good way. Hopefully, it isn’t a quick time event (QTE) fest style game that I saw from the trailer at E3 2017.


More game remasters are coming, this time it is the first three Spyro games which will be called the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. It will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the press release for the full story.

There was some rumors out there that a Switch version is also planned, however the press release only talks of the Playstation and Xbox versions. I’m all for bringing back old games, but the recent glut of remasters is getting a bit much.


Entertainment News:

Hugh Laurie will be joining the cast of the Hulu mini-series Catch-22. He’ll be playing Major de Coverley, a suave and well respected officer who manages to always get apartments in Italian cities that have surrendered to the allies during world war 2. The series is being show run and directed by George Clooney. It is based on the novel by Joseph Heller which also has a film adaptation. Hugh Laurie is most famously known for playing House in the show House M.D. at least in the U.S., in Britain he’s known for Jeeves and Wooster, Blackadder, and occasionally A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Deadline.com has the full press release should you choose to read it.

This is a smaller part in the book and probably will be a small in this series. But when casting gets the small parts right it generally makes the rest of a series or movie easier to fall into. I feel Hugh Laurie can certainly twist himself into the character of Coverley without making him seem over the top. It gets me a bit curious to see at least the trailer for the show.


The troubled Terry Gilliam film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has a trailer, but somehow still is stuck in a bit of a legal mess. The lastest hurdle is that a producer who promised to help fund the movie, but never did so, is claiming that the movie can’t be released without his consent. Thus the May release and the Cannes Film Festevial showing are looking like they will not happen. Check out the headache of a story (at least for Gilliam) on theplaylist.net.

This is not a great trailer, yet at the same time I rather kind of like it. There is a certain feel of magic and insanity to it that gives you a bit of hope that this movie will be good. Now we just have to hope and pray that the courts allow Gilliam’s movie to come out.




Another week of stuff completed despite its foolish start, though a very tempered fools day was rather disappointing. Anyway, thank you for stopping and visiting. I appreciate it. For those looking to get in touch with me there are three ways in which you can do so. You can find me and contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or emailing me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or just leave a comment below.

Thank you and goodnight or good day or good morning.

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