Here I go again on my own down the lone road of video games

I’m back. Tis time for a weekly blog post about some video games and perhaps some entertainment news to go along with it all. I’ll be covering the week of February 25 to March 3, 2018. I like to make sure to note that I don’t cover all that’s happening in the news as it would take a long time to track it all down and form an opinion on it, thus I only write about what catches my interest. All that said, let’s get on with it.



Game Releases:

Into the Breach –

Earth has seen humanity destroyed by the by the insect creatures called the Vek. It’s a turn based strategy game where you pilot mechs taking out these insects. You must protect various objects on each little map section. Free the world from the Vek while managing your power resources because if you lose to many of those and the insects will win. Developed and published by Subset Games, the makers of the popular FTL it came out on PC on February 27, 2018.


Space Tyrant –

A strategic board game style where you and your fleet of spaceships terrorize the galaxy for fun and a bit of profit. Of course you’ll also have to rule over the areas you have conquered using them to build up your fleet and defend against other would be rulers. Released on February 27, 2018 by Blue Wizard Digital who also published it. It’s out on PC.


Gravel –

An off road racing game, where you’re going to drive as fast and as dangerously as possible to win. There are a wide variety of locations to use giving you unique races to adjust to. There are four race modes: Cross Country, Wild Rush, Stadium, and Speed Cross. The game came out on February 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It was created and published by Milestone S.r.l.



Gaming News:

SEGA had a big oops moment when it was discovered that the Yakuza 6 demo that they released on the Playstation store was in fact the entire game. The matter was quickly fixed and the so called demo was pulled. You can check out Ars Technica for more on what happened.

That’s a bit of an embarrassing situation for Sega. Granted mistakes happen and this is probably one of those situations that people were just doing as they were told to do, and thus this happened. What this leaves me wondering though is if those that did manage to download it got to keep it?


Graphic process units, GPU’s for short, made a lot of money last year to the tune of 776 million USD over 3 million different units. This comes not from gamers buying up hordes of cards but rather miners getting into crypto-currency or just keeping themselves going. has the full story.

If you have been shopping for a GPU lately this is the cause of the sky high prices. Crypto-miners go into stores and buy out the entire stock of a card that they need, thus leaving nothing for anyone else. It is in a sense the best get rich quick scheme if you have a bit of money and don’t want to do much work.


In odd and weird news released for free is a game called David Lynch Teaches Typing which is a demo/trial version. This project is not truly associated with the director, as it seems it is mostly borrowing his name. Check out IGN’s story or check out the game yourself on

So, having tried it out this game is more of an experience, a David Lynch weird crazy experience, than a game. If you’re a fan of Lynch you’ll probably like this one some level, if you don’t like his work than this probably won’t be for you.


A few ex-Bioshock\ex-Dishonored developers are coming out with a new game and to prove it they’ve released a teaser trailer. Titled, The Blackout Club, it looks like a twisted world to explore and be a part of. Endgadget has a small preview to go along with the twisted trailer.

This also reminded me of a David Lynch style experience where you don’t know what’s going on and you probably never will. And that exactly describes the trailer for this game. I’m curious about it, but since it is so nonsensical that when the next trailer comes I’ll either have forgotten about the game or click on it out of curiosity to see if it is still weird.


The ESRB which the video games rating board in the United States has made a decision when it comes to loot boxes. Going forward any rated game that has boxes, skins, item packs, etc. will be noted on the ratings box that gets put on games. They’re also launching a website to help parents better control playing time and potentially money spent on those cosmetics in game. You can check out the ESRB’s statement via

This sounds like a nice happy medium as there really isn’t much the rating board can really do other than try and inform consumers. I’m not sure anyone expected anything from them in the first place, but it is a nice step to making sure that these things become known.


Remakes and remasters of old titles is still all the rage and Activision will be taking advantage of it, saying that they will be releasing at least one such game for 2018. There is no word however about which classic game that might be. This story comes from

I’m ambivalent towards this kind of news. Its great that we get a bit of an upgraded classic game, but at the same time it feels like a quick way to grab a bunch of money from gamers without putting in much work. I’m not saying that, this is what Activision will do but I don’t exactly trust them either,


For the King a tabletop rogue-like role playing adventure game which ran a successful Kickstarter, then moved to Steam Early Access will soon be released. Developer Ironoak Game is aiming for an early April 2018 release date with the help of publisher Curve Digital, they’re also creating a PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version which should come out in 2019. Curve-digital posted a blog post announcing the partnership and the upcoming release.

Full disclosure I did back this game on Kickstarter when it was crowd funding. This is a fun little game to play, especially if you have some friends to play it with. It should mesh well with console gamers and I look forward to its full release.


The free to play creator of Brawlhalla, Blue Mammoth Games, has been acquired by publisher and developer Ubisoft. The studio will continue to run their brawling fighter and slowly expanding the studio, but now does so with the backing of a much bigger publisher behind them. You can read all about it on where there is a blog post.

This is a bit surprising, though that’s the usual response when a developer gets bought because unless you’re super close either party or you get a hot tip you never know what’s going to happen. That said I hope the game continues to mature and do well for Blue Mammoth Games and that



Entertainment News:

Terry Pratchett’s City Watch series of books is getting adapted by the BBC for a six part television series. It will be called, The Watch, and of course center around police chief Sam Vimes who must solve crimes and keep his police force acting like they should be. This is being co-developed by Narrativa who own the rights to the work and are also working the Good Omen’s adaptation. has the news story for you to read all about.

This will either go swimmingly or wind up kind of eh. Prachett’s writing while magical often times doesn’t translate from the page to the film screen. Something always seems to feel a bit off and not as inspiring as it should be. Now, that might just be me and I’m certainly open to seeing this. I’m also a bit curious to see if a bidding war starts between the streaming services to see who gets the rights to it after it has aired on the BBC.




While it is nice to be back, I think that is pretty much all there is for this week’s blog post. Thank you coming back and poking around. If anyone wishes to get in contact with me there are three ways in which you can do that. There’s emailing me at, or you can contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or finally leave a comment below.

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