The weekly blog post with mostly entertainment news this time around.

Tis a weak week in gaming news, however the entertainment world has had its odd twists and news so one can still salvage a decent blog post for the week of February 4 to 10, 2018. I’ll go through the usual, gaming releases, gaming news, and entertainment news that caught my attention and is worth getting out there. Please note I don’t cover all that has happened, as I like to talk about things that have my interest.



Gaming Releases:

Shadow of the Colossus:

Originally developed by Team Ico and published by Sony this is an action adventure game in where you play as a young man named wander who must fight sixteen colossi. He is doing this to be able to restore life to a young woman. Originally it came out on the Playstation 2 in 2005, the remake has upgraded visuals bringing it to high definition. This version was done by Bluepoint Games and released on February 6. 2018.


Dragon Quest Builders

Set in the world of Dragon Quest and the town of Alefgard, you play as new hero who has come to save the world. But first you must build a base to protect yourself. The game combines open world sandbox where building is encouratged with a bit of classic Dragon Quest RPG game play. Originally a Playstation 3, PSVita, and Playstion 4 title, it now comes to the Nintendo Switch. It was developed and published by Square Enix and released on February 9, 2018.


Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

The DLC train for Civ 6 continues. This time the whole idea is to replicate civilizations rise to power and then their eventual and perhaps inevitable drop. There will also be new leaders and civilizations to play with. Developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games it came out on PC on February 8, 2018.



Gaming News:

Injustice 2 is getting some interesting DLC fighters for you to play with. And these characters have a great love of pizza and turtle power. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be joining the fight and can even help each other out in a pinch during a battle.

A rather unusual choice to include in a superhero fighting game, but then again I guess the turtles are superheroes in their own right. I guess I never really grew up from the cartoon and cartoony movies that came out in the early 90’s. I look forward to seeing how well they mesh or feel in such a gritty looking game.


The makers of Fallen London, Sunless Seas, and the upcoming Sunless Skies have run into a bit of financial trouble. This has resulted in a hard look at how they’re operating and have laid off a few staff as a result. You can check out Failbetter Games blog post to see what they had to say.

It is frustrating to hear a studio you like is not doing as well as they hoped. Even when it is mismanagement on their own part. I hope that they can manage to fix things and continue to make interesting game.


Google who always seem to be exploring one thing or another may be getting into the gaming streaming service. The idea being that you buy a game and then to play it stream it over a Google device. This story is from The Information who broke the story.

A rather neat sounding idea that has never caught on very well when other companies have tried to do something similar. I don’t know if Google will succeed or not, I’m kind of thinking that this might be another of their projects that is put out there but never catches on.



Entertainment News:

Arnold Schwarzengger has been cast in a television series, but not the rumored Conan show or movie that people really really want him in. No, he’ll be playing a U.S. Marshall in the old western and as an immigrant who came to the states. The series will be called Outrider and will be set in the late 1800’s around the Oklahoma territory. was the first to report the news.

Well having Arnold be an immigrant is certainly one way around his still fairly thick accent. It could be an interesting series, it is still to early to judge what become of it, but its one to keep an eye on to see what becomes of it.


Oddly enough Amazon who is creating Outrider, will also be creating a Conan the Barbarian TV series based on the stories by Robert E. Howard. While the show has been announced it is still in early development and has no actors or much of anyone attached to the project. Check out the news from

Amazon seems to be going all in on potential fantasy stories between this and Lord of the Rings. Another show to potentially keep an eye on to see what they wind up doing with it, or if anything comes of this. It still seems very early in development.


HBO’s Game of Throne’s creator’s, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, might not be working on their controversial show Confederate after all. Disney and LucasFilms have lured them to work on a new Star Wars project. The duo will be allowed to write and direct movies set in the famed world but it will not have anything to do with the Skywalker saga so many have come to know and love. This comes from a report from Digital Spy, which you can of course check out.

Some say that Disney will soon rule the world, if they attract enough talent and buy it all then they will. It’s a curious decision, as it does feel a bit like Star Wars is getting a bit of fatigue if the last movie is anything to go by. Of course it can easily be pointed out that there are so many novels and comic stories about Star Wars that don’t go into the Skywalker saga. I’m curious to see where they decide to go with any potential story and wondering what’s going to happen to their other show Confederate.


Disney who have been setting up their own streaming service have announced when it will come out, and some of the slate of movies and shows you’ll be able to find on the service. Interestingly all of the R-rated material that the company has will wind up on Hulu in the U.S. There goal is to create five original TV series and movies for 2019 when it launches. Once again, broke the news story on what this service will be offering.

Another streaming service vies for everyone’s money. It’s possible that many people will buy into this one because Disney and all of their family friendly content. Parents would essentially have an easy go to for their young children. There still needs to be more to sell me on a potential subscription because all of their R-rated content is going to be on Hulu and I rather like a mix of content instead of only one kind.


The Disney Channel has also caused a bit of a stir with those nostalgic for the beloved cartoon Kim Possible. The channel is looking to bring back the series in the form of a live action movie. No word on possible casting choices as that has just begun. Christie Carlson Romano did the original voice of Kim and made it quite distinct. No word on if the naked mole rat Rufus will be live action or if they’ll CGI him in later. The creators of the original show have helped craft the script for this new movie. You can read all about it from

I don’t know about this one. While I enjoyed the series when I was younger it seems like such an odd show to bring back in the form of a TV movie. This is probably aimed exclusively at kids with the hopes that adults who enjoyed the series when it came out will turn their kids onto it. I just don’t see it working out well. But I’ve been terribly wrong before and maybe that will be the case for this.


Bryan Fuller is slowly becoming known for exiting TV series as much as he is for creating them. The latest one being Apple’s streaming reboot series Amazing Stories. He’s also left Star Trek: Discovery and more recently American Gods after a dispute with Showtime when it came to money for the show. He is perhaps best known for the bleak and often times strange Hannibal. And this story comes from

It is odd that Fuller seems to be leaving so many shows that he starts and works on. I’m not sure if the issue is with him or with the studios or a combination. Whatever it is though I hope it gets figured out and quick otherwise Fuller might find less and less jobs.


In movie news, the spiderman related film Venom got a teaser trailer. It shows off a lot to Tom Hardy running around and away from something that seems to have greatly affected him. It will be in theaters on October 5, 2018.

I’ve heard some people call this a bit of a fan trailer instead of feeling like a real teaser. To me, I can kind of see where some might think that way. But to me it kind of has that feeling that I got from the first Wolverine solo movie. It’s done enough to get me curious to see a full trailer.


Then there’s the Deadpool 2 teaser which introduces us to the character Cable as well as reintroducing us to the scamp known as Deadpool. Releasing on May 18, 2018 Ryan Reynolds returns to star and is joined by a who cast of characters. Josh Brolin takes up the mantle of Cable the man with the mechanical arm and a cybernetic eye of sorts.

I know people seem to love Deadpool character and the first movie. I happen to think they’re both just okay. Not great, but enjoyable. My fear with this second movie is that it will turn into another comedy sequels, where comedy and sequels never seem to go together well. There are countless examples of such failures, and a few successes. I’m not saying that it can’t be one of those success just not getting that feeling from the trailer.


There may be a new Joker coming for a solo DC movie. Rumor has it that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to take on the role in an 80’s inspired style movie. Martin Scorsese is attached to the project as a producer with Todd Philips co-writing and directing it. This movie is planned to be an origin story for the Joker. Check out the story from

I feel like it’s finally okay to have differing Jokers without people somehow getting upset that this new iteration won’t live up to what they feel is the best Joker, ala Nicholson, Hamill, or Ledger. And that’s great to finally not have to worry that people will react so poorly when we don’t know the kind of performance that we will get. All that said, I’m not sure I want a origin story for the Joker as I feel he works best as an unknown, a madman who is more mystery than you can really deal with. He works well when you can never anticipate what he’s going to do. But when you give that background you lose that mystery which ruins that aspect of the mad character.

Boop! That ends a blog post of madness and wrapping up the week that was. Thank you for all those that have stopped by to see what’s going on, I truly appreciate it. For anyone wishing to get in touch with me there are three ways which you can do so. You can find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, you can comment below, or emailing me at

Goodbye until next week.

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