An odd up and down week for video game news and releases.

A week of game releases has crowded out much of this week leaving us with not much news to talk about. So, here is the week of October 8 to 14, 2017 and what’s happened in the world of games.



Gaming releases:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War –

You return to the world of Middle-earth as the character Tailon, who has the spirit of Celebrimdor an elf lord in him who is willing to help him fight the dark lord Sauron. In order to take him on though you’ll need to fight your way through many orc’s and their liars taking over the lands and recruiting your army to win the day. The game is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and came out on October 10, 2017. It was created by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Brothers Games. The game’s release is a bit clouded in controversy due to the loot boxes that you can purchase in game. The game plays out in the third person perspective with lots of hacking and slashing combat.


Evil Within 2 –

Three years after the events of the first game the main character Sebastian Castellanos is still haunted but what happened to his wife and daughter. Mobius agent Juli Kidman tells him that his daughter is still alive and that her death was set up by the Mobius agency only there is a situation and he has to help save her. The game plays out in the third person perspective as an action horror with larger maps and multiple ways to complete missions. Released by publisher Bethesda Softworks it was created by Tango Gameworks and came out on October 13, 2017. It came out on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Field of Glory 2 –

Set in period of Roman rule, you fight out the battles that the empire got into or what if battles that catch ones fancy. You can play as any country during the time period with their troops trying to do your best to master them. The game improves upon the original table-top style of game by bringing in a fully 3d map during battles and 4 campaigns to crush your opponents. Published by Slitherine Games and created by Byzantine Games, it plays out in a turn based strategy fashion and came out on Ocobter 12, 2017 for PC.


WWE: 2K18 –

Professional wrestling is back once again to body slam you into the mat and maybe into submission unless you’re able to kick out. Co-created by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts the game was published by 2K Sports and the special edition came out on October 13, 2017 with a standard edition coming on October 17, 2017. It came out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch version planned for later in 2017.


Heliborne –

The multiplayer helicopter flight combat game has left Early Access and is now out for a full release. It features copters from the 1950’s to modern attack ones with 40 varieties to fly out. For those not so interested in multiplayer combat there is a single player mode to fight your way through. The game was released on PC on October 12, 2017 and was created by JetCat Games and published by Klabater.



Gaming News:

Wargroove the turn-based strategy game which will play similarly to the Nintendo series Advance Wars will have an interesting little mode. For those that wish to try it out, the game will allow you to use its assets to create your missions and stories which you can try and play out. You can even script events to happen when players reach certain squares creating a bit of mayhem for their perfectly planned assaults. Developer Chucklefish is aiming for an early 2018 release date on Nintendo Switch. Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the blog post from the company.

This game is shaping up pretty nicely to fill the hole in many a people’s hearts that was left by Advance Wars which hasn’t seen a game in quite a while. The last major title of that series came in 2008. It’s a pity that this new game seems so far away, but I also give the developers props for wanting the game to be done before they give us a solid date.


Football Manager 2018 is changing quite a bit from last years iteration. They’re revamping scouting, tactics, and the game play dynamics which will effect your team. The general idea is to give the player more control and choices on how your game might play out. Of course with this greater ability to control there is also less you can blame on others when things don’t go right as it is all on you.

If there was ever a franchise series that has needed a bit of a kick in the pants and much need overhaul, it is probably the FM series. That’s not to say that I think they’re bad games, just that the last few years have felt more like a rehash of what was already there with minor improvements. It remains to be seen if these advancements manage to come across as such to the players, but they do appear to be an improvement.


Spintires is up for another mud running adventure across an open world with vehicles that have massive tires and low gears to help them get through the mess. Along with new vehicles, you’ll get a day night cycle, dynamic water with currents that will pull you along, a better winch system, and better tires plus suspension. The game, Spintires: Mudrunner, will be out relatively soon for PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 31, 2017.

I know that there were some fans of the original that felt a bit gypped content wise and are a bit leery coming into this one. However, it does look good and fun. The developer is now Saber Interactive and will be published by Focus Home Interactive. Original developer Pavel Zagrebelnyj is working on it as lead developer, but gone is the original publisher Oovee Game Studios. Hopefully that means a much smoother for all involved.


Loot boxes have been on the minds of a lot of gamers in recent weeks due to many games finding ways to implement both well and not so well. Many people feel that these boxes have become a form of gambling. Now the ratings board in both the United States (ESRB) and Europe (PEGI) have weighed in on the matter. The ESRB doesn’t feel that it counts as gambling, while the PEGI group demurred there response saying, they cannot rule on what is and is not gambling. The reason being that it is the gambling boards job to rule on such matters. You can read ESRB’s take on it from Kotaku and PEGI’s take on the situation from

A tough situation to be caught in for all parties. Gamers want to feel like they’re getting their monies worth out of a game without the content being locked away. Game companies want to have that steady stream of income so that they aren’t worried as much about their next game being the million seller. And well the ratings boards probably just want to left alone. The only solution to all of this is to make sure that these loot boxes give decent items with each opening and less chance of worthless things popping up. That or the removal of monetary costs to even things out, as I doubt a single gamer cares about these boxes when it costs them nothing and is reliant on the laws of averages to fall into their laps. The ratings boards will probably also wind up having to take action if only in the form of a warning. It will likely be something along the lines of a message below the rating saying the game includes loot boxes which cost real money.


IGN and Humble bundle are teaming up and no it is not a bundle sale. The media conglomerate IGN is buying the Humble Bundle company for a bundle of cash. Humble has gotten its hands into a lot of jars recently with publishing their first game, running their online storefront, and the monthly gaming subscription. IGN for its part has promised to let Humble continue to do what they do sell bundles of games for charitable purposes. Gamasutra broke the news story and has a small post on it.

It’s a bit of an odd pairing if we’re being honest. My first reaction was similar to the one that I had when Amazon purchased Twitch, a simple huh. It feels a bit like these are two entities that shouldn’t join together, as one spends all of its time reporting on video games and the other tries to sell them to you and does the whole charity thing. But here we are now, with them together. I guess its best to take a caustious outlook on things to see if things are really left alone.



Another week is completely and utterly kaput-ski. Thank you to any and all visitors for coming by because I appreciate it along with any likes, follows, and that sort of thing. For those who wish to get in touch with me you of course may do so. There are three ways for you to do that: the comment section below, emailing me at, or finding me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.

That’s all for now folks so go have a great week.

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