Shuffling through a mostly quiet week of gaming related news and releases.

The week of October 1 to 7, 2017 is being recapped for the things that happened in the gaming world plus maybe a tinge of entertainment news to go along with it all. Please note that all of the stuff I’m reporting on managed to catch my attention in some fashion and was worth getting out there again. I do not cover all that happens because I don’t have all the time in the world to track it all down. So, with all that done, let’s get on with it.


The game releases of the week:

Forza 7 –

Forza takes its seven lap around the gaming world with no end in sight to the car racing. With more and some newer cars, an improved weather system, as well as the revisit to some old race tracks from previous games. Released on the PC and Xbox One on October 3, 2017 with the game once again created by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft. The game’s launch is a bit controversial as the game now has loot boxes which many a gamer feel cheapen the experience in a pay to win fashion.


Road Redemption –

A spiritual successor to Road Rash, with its vehicular combat and crazy melee. This game introduces guns to the fight as you try to destroy your opponents. The game is now out of Steam Early Acesss and released on PC with a console version coming sometime in 2018. Produced and created by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games it came out on October 4, 2017.


Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowsers Minions

An enhanced remake of the Game Boy Advanced game. You travel to the Beanbaen Kingdom with the objective of saving Princess Peach’s voice. Tagging along on this mission is the mean old Bowser himself and he isn’t trying to stop you. Also included is the game Bowser Minions which tells the story of a missing Bowser and through his minions you must go and search for the legendary boss man to restore things to their rightful place. The game came out on Nintendo 3DS on October 6, 2017 and was created by ALPHADREAM and published by Nintendo.


Steam Early Access Release:

Mashinky –

A transport strategy game where you’re moving goods via trains to various towns and cities that need goods. Along the way you create your own empire of a company allowing you to own the transport world! The game was developed and published by Jan Zeleny for PC. It came out for an Early Access release on October 6, 2017.



Here’s the week’s gaming news:

Halo will soon be entering the world of Mixed Reality virtual reality, with a new experience announced by Microsoft. It will be called Halo Recruit and is set to come out on October 17, 2017, it is a simple arcade experience that lets you do a bit of exploring offering more of a sneak peek at what Microsoft is trying to do. This was also created to show off the Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo headsets that will be using the technology. You can find out more from and checking out the waypoint Halo blog.

It’s a bit curious that Sony and Microsoft are once again at odds about using different technology, first it was Blu Ray versus HD DVD, now we get Virtual Reality versus Mixed Reality.  It’s great because it pushes the boundaries of technology, but also amusing to see how different there approaches have been.


Intel has brought out its latest line up of CPU’s to challenge for supremacy once again on the market. This will be the 8th generation of the I series, and promises greater gaming performance and multi-thread performance. There is an in-depth roundup from

Competition is great, especially when Intel finally shows up and gives some performance increases that seem to have been missing the last few generations of CPU when AMD wasn’t particularly good. Now they feel a little more even keeled, the only fear is AMD being able to stick around for long enough to reap the rewards for their hard work.


Nintendo is a bit of stickler when it comes to the internet and often is accused of remaining the past. These comments were easily revived last week when the company announced those Youtuber’s who become Partners are not allowed to stream games. This news broke through a forum post on Neogaf.

This is pretty much classic Nintendo doing whatever they want instead of thinking of ways to improve relations with those that play their games. It often feels like a one step forward four step backwards fight with Nintendo when it comes them and new fangled ideas. I understand their general need to protect their image from harm, but this doesn’t do them any good especially in the eyes of gamers.



Entertainment weekly news:

Bob’s Burger the lovely little cartoon that recently launched into it’s eight season, will be getting a full feature length film by 2020. In fact they have a July 17, 2020 release date pegged. The Belchers will be front and center as they continue to run their little burger restaurant. The movie will be produced by Fox’s film division. You can check out the report from

A rather curious decision by Fox but an understandable one when they feel they can cash in on a success. After the iffiness of the season opener on Sunday, at least for me, I’m struggling to see how they’ll manage to pull a story out for longer than an hour. It is possible as The Simpsons proved, but it tends to be rather hit or miss when it comes to the fans. They have plenty of time to get it right, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that they can pull it off.


The New York Comic Con is going on, though nothing major has happened announcement wise, its been fun to catch the streams on Youtube via One piece of news that did manage to catch my attention is that the second half of season one of The Tick will be returning in February 2018. February 23, 2018 to be exact when more of the Tick and Arthur shenanigans go down in the act of attempting to being super. had the breaking news report for those wishing to see it.

I’m glad we have a release date for the second half of what was a pretty fun start to The Tick! I’m a little sad that it does feel so far away even though four months will fly by with ease. I want it now!



That is an end to another week of gaming related quandry and news. It’s been rather quiet week, but so it goes, one minute lots happening the next is nothing more than yawn. Still, thanks for stopping by and looking around at my blog. I appreciate all the likes, follows, and comments that help me know how I’m doing. For those looking to get in touch with me, you can do so through one of three magnificant ways. There is email where you’ll find me at, or Twitter where I can be found at @Snipehockey, or you can use the comment section below. That’s all I wrote for now, so until next week, bye.

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