A non-stop week of game releases, news, and entertainment news.

This is the week that keeps giving and giving with lots of releases and news, and even some entertainment stuff to talk about. This blog post will cover the week of September 24 to 30, 2017. As a note and reminder I don’t cover all the stuff that has happened during the week. I do cover the stuff that caught my interest in some form.


Video game releases of the week:

Golf Story

An RPG set in and around golf, in which many things in this particular world are solved by swinging a golf club and hitting a ball. You play as a golfer who was forced to give up his dream to be a golfer, but now has gotten one last chance to become what he always wanted to. The game was developed and published by Sidebar Games for the Nintendo Switch and came out on September 28, 2017.



An action platformer that relies on puzzles and your mechanical arm to get around the world to explore what it has to offer. Created by developer Runic Games and also published by them, it came out on September 26, 2017.



Set in the year 2091 in the dystopian cyber metropolis of Rengkok where you play as a pyschopath lashing out. You must take on the government and its corrupt forces in order to save your brother who has been capture by them. The game plays out as a cyberpunk brawler with fast action fights. Developed by Reikon Games and published by Devolver Digital the game came out on September 26, 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One.



The beautiful game is back on the pitch and doing its best to win over audiences once again. Soccer or football to many returns with many teams to play as or as a created player leading your team to the championship. Developed by EA Games EA Sports, and EA Canada it is also happens to be published by EA Games. It came out on September 29, 2017 for pretty much everything under the sun: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.


Total War: Warhammer 2

Returning to the world of Warhammer four factions via for control of the planet when a twin tailed comet skirts past the Great Vortex weakening it and potentially unleashing its power. The Lizardmen and High Elves wish to stabilize the vortex and return the world to the way it was. However, the dark elves and the Skaven wish to take advantage and use it to rule the world. The game plays out as a pretty typical real time strategy game will, build a base and an army to take out your enemies. Developed for PC by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The game came out on September 28, 2017.


Raid: World War 2

Nazi Germany has tried to take over Europe and has some success in doing so. But the allies are striking back through unusual means. Four former prisoners of war are being let loose to create havoc and steal a bit of gold from the Nazi’s. The game centers around four player co-op shooter action where working together is better than going alone. Released on PC on September 26, 2017 for PC, it was developed by Lion Games Lion and published by Starbreeze Publishing.



A run and gun side scrolling platforming game, that is perhaps best known for it’s 1930’s style animation. In this game you have lost a bet with the devil and in order to repay him you must complete the game’s missions. Developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment it came out on Xbox One and PC and was released on September 29, 2017.


Console Launch:


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini follows in the footsteps of last years Nintendo Entertainment System Mini. This time there will be twenty games plus the unreleaseed Star Fox II to bring the total to twenty one games. Many game collectors are eager to get their hands on one, which will likely lead to shortages as scalpers buy up as many as they can. The tiny little console hit stores on September 29, 2017.



Gaming news that happened this week:

WB Games have decided the DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that they’d created to honor the recent passing of one of the developers will be free for all that own the game. Originally it was to cost a few dollars, with the money made being donated to the family of the dev. However, controversy arose when it was pointed out several U.S. states and in other countries that the money didn’t have to go to the family. People believed that W.B. Games and developer Monolith were simply going to keep the money. You can check out the Gamespot news story.

It’s probably for the best that this happened. No more fuss, just a straight simple tribute to Michael Forgey and his family.


Atari is kind of back in the console business, with the announcement that its creating an Ataribox a modern re-interpretation of an Atari 2600. It will be using AMD powered gpu and will be running on Linux. To create the console, the company will run an Indiegogo campaign sometime within the next few months for a planned spring 2018 launch. The console will likely cost somewhere between 250 and 300 USD. It’s meant to be a full PC experience for your TV. Techradar has the breakdown on what the console hopes to be.

This is an odd announcement as I’m not sure if its meant to sort of jump on the hype created by the NES and SNES Mini’s or if Atari really wants this to be it’s own thing. I’m keeping my opinions mostly in check, but I don’t feel sold on the idea.


Valve has cleared out close to 200 “fake” games from the Steam store front. Doing so because they felt that they were only created so that they could abuse the trading card system and game activation keys. The idea being that a developer requests a large amount of game keys for their game, turns around and sells them to bundle sites who sell them for cheap. Those sites then turn around and sell them to gamers who in turn get cheap easy cards that they want to sell on the market, flooding the card market. If you wish you can check out the story from PCGamer.

On one hand it is a good thing to get rid of games that waste space on Steam. However, the way Valve is doing it makes me feel like they aren’t interested in protecting their consumers, rather they are looking at their own bottom lines and protecting themselves. Granted that is what most if not all companies would do in this situation. It just gives off a general vibe of ill care about those that have made the platform so strong.


In Nintendo news many fans will be happy to hear that Stardew Valley has been approved for release on the Switch console. The downside is that there is no solid release date for the game just yet, and that the multiplayer mode won’t be coming until next year. The CEO of Chucklefish who publish the game made the announcement through a Tweet on Twitter.

For those Switch gamers who are tired of hearing about Stardew Valley, well your agony is almost finished. For everyone else, well its just a good day to own a Switch if you want some portable farming and living simulation to keep you happy.


The voice actors strike against many large publishers and developers appears to be coming to an end. A tentative agreement that would bring SAG-AFTRA union workers back to doing voice work for video games has been agreed upon. The strike has been on-going since October 21, 2016 almost a year long fight, and a new deal will not be fully approved until the next meeting that SAG-AFTRA holds in October 2017. The union has the announcement on their website.

This is good news for games and the voice actors, to finally have that agreement to help make games more complete. Hopefully the agreement manages to go through the final hurdles and everyone can get back to doing what they do.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 got a new trailer teasing the fact that it has more content that its predecessor. There will be more maps, characters, ships, and a revamped card system to play around with. Add in a single player mode that helps explore the events that happened between Star Wars Vi: The Return of the Jedi and Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

Eh, this is a rather slightly underwhelming trailer to watch. There’s lot of content which is great, but this isn’t a trailer to watch if you’re only interested in game play.


Developer The Chinese Room is shutting its doors to game development at least for a few months. The entire development team has been let go, while the studio deals with financial issues. Work on their newest game will continue in some form, but scaled down from the original plans. The Chinese Room is perhaps best known for their game Dear Esther. Eurogamer.net has the report on what’s going on.

It’s sad to hear that a studio has felt that they need to take this route to stay open. It doesn’t help that their games, while critically lauded, never have taken off in sales. The developer needs to take a look at the types of games they make, and figure out how to make them more appealing to a wider audience if they want to continue existing.


Rockstar studios dropped the second trailer for the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. The game has you playing as Arthur Morgan an outlaw who is a part of the Van der Linde gang as you fight and rob your way across the U.S. heartland. The game is due out in the spring of 2018 for Xbox One and PS4.

Another sharp trailer from Rockstar which is no surprise to anyone. I do have issues with the trailer though and it’s the characters and how they look. For some reason, in the upcoming RDR2 and the first RDR the characters don’t feel like they completely fit in the world. They come across as a bit animatronic and overly detailed. It’s all just a bit off, and once I noticed it, I couldn’t get it out of my head.



In the entertainment news of the week:

I finished Ken Burns latest documentary series The Vietnam War. It’s a series that covers the start of Vietnam as it is colonized by France to the U.S. backed war we know as the Vietnam War. It shows much the tumultuous fight to become and independent country and also gives a look into the civil rights, hippy, and anti-war movement that began to appear throughout the United States as the war continually dragged on. It airs Sunday’s on PBS in the U.S. and if you’re a U.S. citizen you can watch it in its entirety for free on PBS’s website.

I like the series, as it gives a good basic feel for the surroundings of the war and a but of the thought process that made the war happen and then continually dragged it on and on. I know it isn’t perfect, but it tries hard to show all of the sides of the conflict. It’s worth checking out to see how things went from well meaning to SNAFU. I’m also not sure how much longer it will be up on the PBS website so keep that in mind for those that go searching for it.


Lethal Weapon has returned for a new television season and it picks up slightly after the end of last season’s finale in Mexico. The story still follow Murtaugh and Riggs as they get in trouble dealing with their issues as they try and solve cases. The series airs on Fox on Tuesdays at 8 pm EST.

I enjoy this series, it isn’t deep or well thought out most of the time. But the characters of Riggs, played by Clayne Crawford, and Murtaugh, played by Damon Waynes Sr., work so well together. The comedy of their relationship is just so on point that you can’t help but like them and feel sorry that sometimes they have to work together.


ABC has a new TV series in The Good Doctor. It is about an autistic surgeon who has a brain that works on a savant level intelligence. It stars Freddy Highmore as Shaun Murphy as the autistic doctor who comes to work at a hospital in San Jose, California. Created by David Shore, it airs Monday at 9 pm EST. It’s worth noting that this show is based off of a South Korean show by the name of Good Doctor.

I was a little hesitant about this series and unsure if it could be pulled off in a believable fashion. After the first episode though, I think it has some potential to be at the least a heartwarming show. I also have some trust in David Shore, who created one of my favorite shows House M.D. so, at the very least the program will be in good hands.


The series premier of Bob’s Burger season 8 on Fox isn’t until Sunday October 1, 2017, but a trailer dropped showing off an episode that will be animated completely by fans.

The trailer made the concept look very gimmicky and even a little off putting. I get that they’re trying to connect to the fans of the show and all that, but it doesn’t feel like it works. Maybe I’m wrong and it will be amazing, but I’m really not looking forward to this at all.



A long hard arduous trip of a week is now at an end. Thank you so much for those that stopped by to see what was written. I appreciate it and any likes, follows, or comments. Speaking of comments, anyone wishing to get in touch with me there are three ways for you to do so. You can use the comment section below, or email me at Lostvdieogamesblog@gamil.com, or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.

With that ta ta until next time.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Bob’s Burgers, My kids and I always watch this show together!

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