Around the ragged rock the gaming news ran!

More weekly madness has created news in the gaming world, along with some game releases and well you get stuck with a bit of an odd curious week. Adding in as well a little dash of entertainment news. I’ll be looking through the gaming world to see what caught my attention for September 10 to 16, 2017. Worth also noting is that I don’t cover all of the happenings because it would take forever to track it down and write it up, plus I am slight lazy. Anyway, I’m passing on the news that caught my interest and that I though worth putting out there once again.


Game Releases:

Metroid: Samus Returns –

A re-imagining of the Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. It follows as always Samus Aran who has been sent to planet SR388 to find and eliminate the parasitic Metroids that call this place home. It’s a side scrolling action adventure exploration game with quite a few moments of shooting. Developed by MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD for the Nintendo 3DS, It was published by Nintendo and released on September 15, 2017.

Oriental Empires –

A strategy civilization game set in Ancient China where you start out as city or a small tribe and work your way towards becoming recognized and then onto an empire. The game plays out in a 4x strategic simulation style manner. Originally a Steam Early Access title, the game is now out as a full release as of September 14, 2017. It was developed by Shining Pixel Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive for PC.

Tooth and Tail –

This game advertises itself as a bit of a simpler real time strategy game. You play as a group of animals fighting for survival against other animals. In order for this to happen though you’ll need to raise an army and be prepared to fight it out. It was released on September 12, 2017 by Pocketwatch Games who both developed and published it for PS4 and PC.

NHL 18 –

The ice rinks are once again frozen and ready for high flying action as you lead a team towards its cherished goal of raising the Stanley Cup. This years iteration improves the skill stick with more ways of attacking and defending. Developed by EA Canada and published by EA Games, NHL 18 came out on September 15, 2017 on the Xbox One and PS4.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 –

This is a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin that takes place centuries after the first game. You play in a period of time filled with wars and religious persecution. When Bishop Alexandar declares mages a group of people non-grata or rather criminals, a group of mages in response set out to defeat him. Thus setting off the events of the game. You create your character and back story as you explore the world in this crazy RPG. The game was developed and published by Larian Studios for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

NBA Live 18 –

EA Games once again takes to the basketball court after taking last year off to re-calibrate their version of the NBA. The game returns with a career mode called “The One” which will be similar to 2K’s “MyCareer”. It will also feature all of the WNBA team’s and players, which is a first for a basketball game. Created by EA Tiburon and published by EA Games, the game came out on September 15, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Game DLC Released:

Dishonored: Death of an Outsider –

A standalone expansion pack for Dishonored 2 that takes place a few months after the events of that game. You play as Billie Lurk an assassin who has worked with Daud and is sent on a mission to kill the outsider who has been granting magical powers to whoever they decide is worthy. The content came out on September 15, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.


The Gaming News of the Week:

Okami the much loved cell shaded action platforming adventure is once again returning to gaming platforms this December. It will be an HD remaster of the original game with a planned release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for a 12/12/2017 release date.

It’s good to see a well loved game comeback in some form and to new platforms and audiences. Hopefully the port to PC is well done so that those gamers can get to experience this game through legal means.


Nintendo held another of its direct video series, showing off the latest and greatest coming to the 3DS and Switch console. There was the usual and slightly expected In Super Mario Odyssy and Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun. There was also the less expected announcements of the latest DOOM and Wolfesntion 2 coming later in 2017 and sometime in 2018 respectively. There was also the stunning game, Octopath Traveler (working title), which is an RPG that calls its self a 2D HD game with an interesting 3D background and pixel characters to create a unique world.

The shocking news of DOOM and Wolfenstien are most welcome by Nintendo fans as third party suppost continues to build for the hybrid console/handheld. The other big take away was that of Octopath Traveler stealing a bit of the lime light with its distinct visuals and interesting mechanics. Though if you go by social media, at least in the gaming world, the biggest thing is that Mario has nipple which for some reason has caused quite a stir. I personally don’t get it or care that he does for Super Mario Odyssey.


Microsoft has shut down Xbox Live Indie Games program for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The program will shut down for good on September 29, 2017. This comes after two years of careful planning and also that the company is bringing out a new program to replace it. You can read all about it from

Programs like these always seem to come and go before one even really gets a chance to think about them with something new replacing them. Those small games that came from the program had some nice little gems hidden away, but not enough success to keep things going the way they were.


The developer of the game Gunpoint will be release they’re new game next week, titled Heat Signature. It revolves around breaking into spaceships stealing goods and getting yourself into a mess of trouble along the way. It’s set for release next week on September 21, 2017. You can check out the game on the the games website on Pentadact.

This is one of the games I have been keeping an eye on ever since I first heard about it. It still seems like an intriguing game, but since so much time has passed it’s a bit harder for me to get hyped up for it. I’ll keep it on the radar but probably will wait on this one especially in a busy gaming season.


Activistion and Sledgehammer Games have announced a new beta run for Call of Duty: WW2 this time for the PC version of the game. This multiplayer beta will run for four days from September 29 to October 2, 2017. The plan is to get PC gamers with some hands on experience so that the developer can fine tune and stress test their game. The full game is due out on November 3, 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Sledgehammer posted the news on their website.

Well this will be perhaps Sledgehammer’s biggest chance to win over the harsh gaming crowds that don’t like to be pushed around with false promises or just looked down upon. If they fail to impress with this boots on the ground approach the game could struggle to gain traction in a market that loves shooters.


Entertainment News:

Amazon which purchased the rights to be able to stream Thursday Night Football, has announced that they will be having several feeds of the game. One of which will be considered a back to basics where they explain what’s going on and what’s happening throughout the game. Amazon will be broadcasting the Packers vs. Bears game on September 28, 2017. You can check out the news from

This in my opinion is a pretty grand idea to get people who are curious about American football potentially into the sport. Of course it all depends on how well the information can be conveyed in an understandable fashion, but if they can do it, there is a large potential for new fans to finally get in the door.



Another weekly week wrapped up in stunningly terrible fashion. So, thank you for visiting, stopping by, leaving a like, or a comment as those let me know how I’m doing. For those that want to get in touch with me there are three ways in which you can do so. You can use the comment section below, email me at, or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.

That’s all for me this time around. Thank you and tata.

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