The weak weekly round up of the world of games and junk that happened.

Badda bing to the badda boop more gaming news, releases, and some entertainment news for your pleasure. Yeah, no idea what I was trying to do with the previous sentence but its there so I’ll leave it. I’m covering what’s happened for the week of September 3 to 9, 2017. Worth nothing is that I don’t write about all that happened, just the stuff that managed to catch my interest and I thought was worth sharing So, on with the mad mad show.


Gaming releases:

Knack 2 –

An action platforming game for the Playstation 4, it was released on September 5,. 2017 in the United States. In the game you play as Knack a creature that can collect and grow themselves by defeating enemies, with the bigger you grow the more you can take on bigger badder enemies. The game was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and published by Sony.


Destiny 2 –

The role playing multiplayer only dungeon crawling shooter returns with even more shooting and destruction especially of creatures that happen to get in your way and happen to shoot back. Developed once again by Bungie and published by Activision. This time the heroes are being hunted and drained of their light powers. You must hold the line and then fight back to regain the light power. The game came out on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017 with a PC windows version due next month on October 24, 2017.



Gaming News:

Mario who has long been famous for and known not in the least his plumbing skills, is according to Nintendo no longer a plumber. This comes about as Nintendo decided to update the characters page on their Japanese website. You can check out the news from Forbes.

Mario has been replaced by an evil twin who was once a plumber a long time ago! But not really, because Nintendo probably would never do that. It’s a bit of an odd thing that popped up as it doesn’t change much about Mario, but is more of an interesting tidbit that sort of caught everyone by surprise mainly because everyone is so used to saying Mario is a plumber.


Suda 51 the crazy mind behind some crazy games, gave an interview about the new upcoming No More Heroes sequel, saying that the Nintendo Switch is the “Most Punk” console and that the game “maybe stays exclusive”. And in another interview said that Travis Strikes Back isn’t really a truly a sequel, more of a spin off meant to address some of the stuff that went down in the first two games. You can check out his various interviews, here and here.

Well there is a lot and very little here at the same time. It’s obvious that Suda is excited to be able to return to Travis Touchdown and his wacky world, we also don’t know much more about said game do to the all over the place nature of his interviews. It’s something that gets your curiosity but never satiates it thus leaving you a bit puzzled about said game and potentially a little more hyped about it, as you want to unwrap all of the secrets yourself.


In a rather surprising news Rockstar is bringing back L.A. Noire for consoles and in a VR experience to be released on November 14, 2017. It has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, Vive VR systems, as well as the Nintendo Switch. There will be three version with each having their own special features. The VR experience will feature a completely rebuilt world that works within the context of VR. The Switch version will feature the original game plus DLC, while having touch screen capabilities and joycon HD rumble. The Xbox One and PS4 feautres higher resolutions and plays at 1080p and also features the complete game and DLC. You can read all about the news from

I liked the original game, even if it did wind up feeling like the story wasn’t complete and missing cases. I don’t know if I care enough to return to the game since so much time has passed from the original release. It is good to hear that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, as the game needs third party support to do well, now its up to the fans to buy said games to get more support and so on.


Trey Parker and Matt Stone are up to their usual silly antics as their new game South Park: The Fractured But Whole will have an interesting difficulty selector. In the create a character screen the darker the skin tone you choose the harder the game will wind up being. This of course is all a joke and has no actually effect on the games difficulty. You can read all about the prickly-ness from eurogamer.

This is a move that while tongue in cheek, is mostly meant to ruffle the many feathers of many people. It will probably well succeed at that point.


Destiny 2 has caught itself in a bit of a controversy since its launch, do to the nature of the way shader colors can be assigned to armor. These shaders can be purchased from loot boxes which is fine, or grinding them out through game play. Those that you get are only one use which has caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the community. Read all about it from Twinfinite who is reporting that Bungie is doubling down on how they do business.

While this isn’t the end of the world, it is a misstep for Bungie’s relationship with its community. It’s a simple change that probably takes away a bit of micro-tansaction cash from the devs it would go a long way in keeping the community on their side. Or not, because caving into simple demands might embolden the community too much that they start making radical demands that kill the game. It’s up to Bungie, but I think its a pretty straight forward thing to fix or at least communicate what they’re trying to do.


The Malaysian government for a short while on Friday September 8, 2017 shut down access to Valve’s Steam platform. The reason given is a game was found to be offensive. The game in questions is, Fight of Gods, a fighting game in which you control a god and fight it out versus other gods. The game is meant to be a light-hearted yet fun fighter with over sized character personalities. While Steam is back up in Malaysia the game no longer is available through that store front. Malaysia seems to have acted quickly to try and force the issue with Valve when the game was taken down quickly enough. Fight of Gods came out as an early access title on September 4, 2017 for PC. You can check out the news story from

The only thing I can think of is, Wow! Probably the best summation of what’s happened. A harsh over reaction to protect those that you didn’t even know if they were offended in the first place? It all comes across as rather juvienale and piss poor looking at the government workers who so quickly moved to such an action.


Entertainment news wise:

Netflix is bringing back the well loved Magic School Bus series, with a new animation style and a new Miss Frizzle, who will be played by Kate Mckinnon. It is set to preimer on September 29, 2017.

The animation on this looks like its made out of cardboard, which to me is not a nice look for feel for a kids cartoon. The show isn’t aimed at me, but I still feel like its trying to go a bit for the nostalgia factor which it should have avoided at all costs.


I tend to be a bit anti “Christmas” Christmas movies as the trailers tend to be sickly sweet and over-produced. The trailer for the movie The Man Who Invented Christmas felt similarly over produced, but this movie starring Christopher Plummer and Dan Stevens manages to charm its way through that. It’s about Charles Dickens struggle as a writer trying to come up with that one story to set off his career, the story he winds up creating is the A Christmas Carol. The film is due out on November 22, 2017.

I like the trailer despite the overly drawn out feelings and production it went through during the clip. Dan Stevens though a bit comical in the role of Charles Dickens, manages to keep a bit of charm and whimsy about him that feels just right for a kitschy movie.


Amazon is changing the way it does its TV shows, as they try new things to be able to draw attention, viewers, and subscriptions to their service. In order to do this they’re now looking for a show that will drive audiences to talk about them, ala a Game of Thrones, type series. As a result of this change ordered by Jeff Bezos two series have been axed in Z: The Beginning of Everything and The Last Tycoon. Amazon is now aiming for more global shows, which they consider their works in The Man in the High Castle, The Tick, and The Grand Tour to have that global feel. Variety had the exclusive news scope.

It is a bit of a dangerous road to go down, abandoning all the work you’ve done to chase dreams of a larger hit, At the same time its understandable that they can’t keep throwing money at shows that kind of hit, but mostly falter and seem unable to catch on in the greater popular culture. Something has to give and it appears Amazon is willing to sacrifice the short term to hunt for new potential shows to elevate themselves.



A weird week has been rounded up if only slightly, so my job is done for now. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a like, or a follow, or a comment as I like all those things very much. For those who wish to get in touch with me about corrections, improvements, or anything really there are three ways in which you can do so. You may email me at, or use the comment section below, or you’ll find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey where you can message me. Thank you once again and ta ta for now.

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