Locked and unloading on the week of video game news.

Lots is happening in the world of video games, and well its time to cover some of it, but not all of what’s what. I’ll be covering the goings on of August 13 to 19, 2017. One note before we get on with it. I cover the news that I find interesting and worth getting out there again so that more eyes can see it. I don’t cover all of the news because I’m lazy and not everything is that interesting to me personally. So, if I miss out on something you felt was important I’m terrible sorry but please feel free to let me know about it. I may have just missed out on it while combing websites to see what’s new out there.



Gaming Releases:


Sonic Mania

The fastest hedgehog around has returned to its blinding 2d pixelated roots. You must race through platforming levels at high speeds, defeat the end bosses, and generally remember not to jump too early or late or you will wind up going high speed into a trap of spikes. The latest sonic hit stores on August 15, 2017 for all the major platforms (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One). The game has been developed by both Headcannon and PagodaWest Games while being published by SEGA.


Ken Follet’s The Pillars of Earth

Based on the popular novel that was turned into a television series. You follow the story of Jack, Aiena, and Philip as you change the course of the history of the book. Developed by Daedalic Entertainment it plays like a point and click adventure combined with a visual novel. The game came out on August 15, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, Linux and PC.


Gaming News:

In un-shocking news, the much anticipated and often delayed Crackdown 3 has been once again delayed. The game will be pushed from late 2017 into a 2018 spring release. Rollingstone.com has the story for you to check out.

Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A rushed game is forever bad.” Now, that quote might not hold as much weight as it once did because more and more games are getting after release patches to continue the experience. A game like No Man’s Sky which had a terrible launch now has more content that was originally promised. Crackdown 3, didn’t look all the special at E3 2017 to me and the game has gone through a lot of changes to get to where it is today. If it takes that much longer to get it done, then so be it. Gamers can only hope and pray that the final product doesn’t turn out as bad as Duke Nukem Forever which spent forever in development hell.


A teaser trailer for the alternate history game Iron Harvest came out, showing off its version of a 1920’s world. This is a real time strategy game where after the first world war iron was found from bullets, heavy ordnance, barbed wire, and weapons leading the world to use the scrap to rebuild and create new weapons like mech-walkers. The game is being developed by KingArt Games and you can check out some of the neat concept art on their webpage.

This game has me intrigued by its looks and concept. It could be a fun yet different style experience. That said the early visuals do still look rough and in need of that extra little touch to make’em come to life.


The survival game We Happy Few has announced that they will have a season pass for 20 usd. The game is still very much in early access and doesn’t plan to leave until April of 2018. The season pass will come into effect when the game fully launches next year. Meaning all updates will be free until the game is out. Also the game is now going to be coming to the Playstation 4 as well next year when the game launches on April 13, 2018. Once again this news comes for the developers Steam page.

It’s a bit odd to announce the season pass so far out from the games launch, espically with it being an early access game. Generally that tends to make people a bit uneasy with the developer. Though it is good to get the information out there early as well, to make sure that customers are aware of what you’re doing.


AMD has released its newest graphics card the Vega series to a bit of a mixed reviews. It does its job competing with Nvida’s cards, but once again AMD struggles to create a product to overtake its competitor. There is also the downside of the power consumption on the high end Vega 64 both air and water cooled editions. You’ll also have to contend with miners who love to snap up graphics cards to get their digital currency of choice. There’s a nice review round up hanging out on Wccftech.com so that you can gets lots of feedback on what to expect.

While its disappointing that AMD hasn’t managed to blow the doors off the competition it still bodes well for them. They’re working hard and getting some results that they can potentially grow on with the goal of getting better and better.


Intel might be introducing their newest version of the famed I core series of CPU’s. Code named, Coffee Lake, it sees a bump up in cores across the board. The i3’s will become quad cores, the i5’s will have six cores, and the i7 will have six core with twelve threads. You can read all about the leaked slide covering the new chip set on Tomshardware.com.

The first words out of most peoples mouths when they heard about the leak was either, well these chips have been planned for a long time, or AMD has pushed Intel to get their next set of CPU’s out to be better than AMD.



Entertainment News:

Iron Sky is expanding its crazy film world into a pen and paper role playing game. Titled, Iron Sky: The Role Playing Game, it lets you create a character from any point in the film series timeline and go on and adventure with them. Also, must like the original film, this game is crowd funding its way on Kickstarter and looks well on its way to making its goal. You can head on over to their Kickstarter to see what it’s all about.

I have never played a pen and paper style role playing game with a bunch of friends huddled around a table. But this could certainly be an interesting little game in an odd yet crazy world that the films have created for you to explore.



That’s all that needs to be written about this week of oddballity (whee created words). Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around at my blog, or for leaving a like, follow, or comment. I much appreciate those little things. For those looking to get in contact with me, for corrections, suggestions, or anything else, there are three ways in you may do so. There is emailing me at: Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or contacting me through Twitter at: @Snipehockey, or just contact me using the comment section below.

As they say in bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, “Hasta la vista, baby” and goodnight!

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