Blasting and rocking through a week of gaming related news.

Last weeks hecticness is far in the rear windshield now, because this week was a rather melodic calm in comparison. Still stuff has happened so lets cover what’s happening in the gaming world for August 6 to 12, 2017. One note to keep in mind I do not cover all the news that happened as I’m lazy. That and I like talking about stuff I found interesting and is worth getting out there once more in case someone missed it.



Gaming releases:

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

You play as Sanua a woman on a personal journey through a hellish landscape of an underworld that has been created by her psychotic manifestations of her mind and dreams. The game play centers around action hack and slash fights. Developer Ninja Theory based the game around Norse and Celtic mythology. It came out on August 8, 2017 for PC and PS4.


Early Access releases:

All Walls Must Fall –

A tactics heavy in which the cold war never ended and it is now 2089. A nuclear bomb strike threatens to throw everything into chaos forcing both sides to send agents back in time to figure out who set off the bomb. The game came out on PC on August 8, 2017 after completing a Kickstarter campaign and managing to get through Steam Greenlight. This game is a turn based strategy where you’re fighting against time to solve the mystery and is being developed by inbetweengames.


Tiny Rails –

You have been handed the keys to your grandfathers train line a modest little company which you must then expand to create something spectacular. The game, from developer Tiny Titan Studios, went through Steam Greenlight to be released on Steam Early Access on August 8, 2017. A mobile version of the game was released in January of 2017.



Gaming news:

Valve has unveiled their latest game and its a DOTA 2 related card game. Titled, Artifact, it is aiming for release in 2018. Other than that little is known about it.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised that this is Valve’s newest offering as they’re really not that big into developing games anymore. This feels more like another way to sell virtual items and make probably heaps of cash.


The web comic Cyanide and Happiness which was turned into a bit of an animated show is making its way into the gaming world. There will be a crowd sourced fund raising effort on Kickstarter for a point and click style adventure game. which is set to begin on September 5, 2017.

I’ve become more wary of games on Kickstarter or crowd funding in general as it becomes so hit or miss. That said, if they can make this world come to life especially with the crazy humor and animation it will definitely be worth at least checking out to see what they’ll be doing with their crowd funding. It is worth noting also that the creators of Cyanide and Happiness have run to previous Kickstarter campaigns. The first was to be able to make the animated show, while the second was to make a card game, Joking Hazard, similar to Cards Against Humanity. The major difference between the two is that with your cards you’re creating a comic strip with the cards you play.


The game We Happy Few has rustled some feathers with the announcement that the games price will soon be rising from 29.99 to 50.99 USD. The developer, Compulsion Games, have said that they don’t want to feel like they are short changing those that backed the game on Kickstarter or purchased it on Early Access now that the game will soon be coming out. Compulsion Games announced this on their Steam page, though they didn’t dig too deeply into the subject.

At first when I saw the game at E3 2016 I thought it looked like one of the show pleasers that was really buzzy and fun. However, the more game play I saw the less interested I got and for me this game should not be anywhere near the 50 USD price point.


AMD’s latest CPU the Threadripper is now out in stores. It’s contains a 16 core/32 thread CPU meant mostly for multitasking work stations that work heavily in creation tools. The reviews are generally pretty positive though many will point out that this isn’t much of a gaming CPU. You can find a review round up on Reddit.

Another CPU that seems to catch up to but not surpass that off Intel’s offerings, but at a cheaper price. The big issue for AMD is going to be where this fits market wise and if it can break through to the companies and consumers looking for a chip that’s just below server level CPU’s. The other big issues will be cooling the thing, as currently there are no real offerings that fit for water cooling. Then you have the power consumption which is high to say the least which is 180 watts stock. This really will be a mostly workstation exclusive chip at that rate consumption and need for cooling.


Raid: Word War II a co-op shooter in which four men are sent into Nazi Germany to create havoc, assassinate, and generally disrupt the government. They’re a bit odd group to fight together but they mostly get the job done. The game will be coming out on PC on September 26, 2016. A console version (Xbox One, PS4) will be following on October 10 in the U.S. and the October 13, 2017 in Europe. The game is being developed by Lion Games Lion and published by Starbreeze Studios.

I’m not sure how this game slip so far under the radar for me, as it seems like a game I would be greatly interested in. However, I do wonder what the co-op will be like or if you can truly play solo with bots filling in for your compatriots.



Entertainment News:

The Death of Stalin an upcoming comedy released its first trailer. Starring Jeffery Tambor, Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin, Jason Issacs, among many more. It revolves around the death of one Joseph Stalin and madness that loosely follows afterwards. The movie is written and directed by Armando Iannucci who many might know as the creator of the television show The Thick of it, the movie In the Loop, or his other big television show Veep.

The trailers is both oddly satisfying and completely off the rails like most political movies should be. I’m going to keep an eye on this one to see how it does review wise.



Well it wasn’t as busy this week but plenty happened to keep the gaming world mostly entertained. However it’s time to wrap up this blog post, so thank you so much for stopping by. Comments, questions, follows, and likes are all welcomed with open arms and a few peace signs thrown in, though you’ll have to make said signs yourself. For those looking to get in touch with moi you can do so through three ways: Email at, Twitter at @Snipehockey, or just use the comment section below.

Danke and goodnight!

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