Bringing about the latest in gaming and entertainment news for this week!

Weee a new week rolls around in the mud attracting all the attention it deserves. Once again I’ll be talking about the video game releases and news of the week. There’s also some potential entertainment news to cover. I’ll be going over the happenings of July 23 to 29, 2017, but not all of the news of the week. It would take far too long to cover all that happens in a week, so I cover the things that I find interesting.


Game releases:


From developer Supergiant Games, this is a role playing sort of sports game where you have been exiled into purgatory where you find three other souls similarly exiled. Joining together the foursome must cross purgatory defeating others that have been exiled as they seek a way to redeem themselves. The game came out on July 25, 2017 on PC and Playstation 4.


The Darkside Detective

You play as detective Francis McQueen who works the underfunded Darkside Division solving cases involving darkness and the occult. This is a pixelated point and click adventure game from developer/publisher Spooky Doorway. It came out on July 27, 2017.



A multiplayer real time strategy simulation game where you take on the role of a signal solider in a persistent battle over territory. You build defenses and attack enemy positions where you think they’re the weakest trying your best with your comrades to defeat the other team. Released to PC on Steam Early Access it was originally a Steam Greenlight game that passed through the voting process. The alpha build released for purchase on July 27, 2017. The game is being developed and published by Clapfoot Inc.


Game news:

Techland the developers behind the game Dying Light are creating their own digital distribution platform. The platform will be called Gemly, which will be all about bringing the developer and community closer together. Currently, Gemly is only a website and not a separate application like Steam. PCGamer has the news story and you can check out itself to get a feel for what it offers.

I like competition over digital distribution, Steam has the crown but is falling behind in customer care and connecting the community. If Techland can bridge that gap and really connect developers to their community, they can potentially care out a real nice niche for themselves.


Ancestors from developer Destructive Creations got its first game play trailer. It shows off the strengths of the engine and how your strategic battle might play out. The game is currently planned for PC with no set release date other than 2018.

I rather like the look of it because it reminds me a bit of Age of Empires and the Total War series. The engine also looks pretty strong, with the soldiers actually looking like they’re fighting and defending themselves at times.


The newest Need for Speed, NFS: Payback, has gotten a new trailer centering around the customization and how it is a bit different from the previous games. For one thing you can now travel around looking for old wrecks to fix up, or unlocking parts from winning, or rolling up to a tuning shop to spend some of the cash you win. Each part is customizatble to your taste, with a wide variety parts. Payback will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 7, 2017,

Some people have been negative on the new NFS since they feel the games haven’t lived up to their nostalgia driven trip from their favorite take on the game. For me, as long as the driving feels fun and its a bit silly arcady then its all good. Being able to customize things to this degree is just a nice add on.



Entertainment news:

The CW has a new DC animation planned, titled Freedom Fighters: The Ray, it is set in an alternate history timeline where the Axis won World War 2. It follows a group of superheroes who are fighting against the axis in the United States and the Axis’s superheroes. The show will be coming to CW Seed, the digital form of the TV channel. Currently there is no set release date for the show.

The animation looks a bit generic from the trailer and doesn’t really pop to life which to me puts this show a bit on the back foot. The premise sounds intriguing but it also doesn’t seem like it could last for a long time as a show.



Thank you so much for stopping by but you have reached the end of this blog post. So, thank you for any likes, follows, comments, or just views as I love them because they help me know how I’m doing. If you wish to get in touch with me for any reason there are three ways in which you can do so. There’s emailing me at, or contacting me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or of course the comment section below.

Welp ciao for now! See you next week.

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