Catching up with the latest in the gaming world and the entertainment world as well.

The weekly round of gaming releases, news, and entertainment news is here covering the week of July 16 to the 22, 2017. Welcome to the mad house where I talk about and give my opinion on what’s happening in the gaming world. As a note I do not cover all the news that has happened as it would take forever and well I like to talk about things that interest me. Let’s get on with it shall we?



This week in game releases:

Splatoon 2

The colorful Nintendo multiplayer shooter returns for a second go around. You once again must paint the floor in 4 vs. 4 matches seeing who can cover the most ground in their paint to decide who wins. But don’t forget to keep your head up as you can be temporarily taken out of the fight when hit by enemy paint. There is a single player mode, and an occasional co-op mode known as Salmon Run. The game came out of July 21, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch its developed and published by Nintendo EAD.


A fast paced multiplayer shooter where you and your team take on the roles of heroes fighting alongside a guardian to defeat the other team. It’s a five versus five match that goes until one side manages to destroy the others guardian. The game came out on July 20, 2017 for PC on the Windows 10 store and Steam, as well as on Xbox One. The game is published and developed Perfect World Entertainment.

Kingdoms and Castles

A city building game where you start off building a small hamlet of a town and slowly expand out to build an imposing castle city. This strategy city builder requires you to keep your citizens happy, but also to fortify your town against invading vikings and an occasional dragon or two from wreaking havoc. The game was created and published by Lion Shield, LLC on July 20, 2017 for PC.


The gaming news of the week:

Titanfall 2 is getting a new game mode for players to play around with. This new mode will be four player co-op. Like the other DLC for the game, this to will be free. EA Games has a full breakdown of this new update, Operation Frontier Shield, for the game on their blog.

A good horde mode is almost always welcome in games in my opinion. They make for some great co-op action and perhaps some silly fun with friends. I look forward to seeing some frantic frenetic action from the new mode.


Telltale Games have announced their upcoming slate of games for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. First up was Batman: The Enemy Within which will be the second season of the franchise. It will be released on August 8, 2017. There was also the announcement that The Wolf Among Us will finally be getting a second season. Based on graphic novel, Fables, it puts you in the role of Bigby Wolf aka the Big Bad Wolf as he tries to solve the issues that fables are having in the real world. Then there is the news that in 2018 they will be bringing an end to their The Walking Dead series of games with a fourth season.

These all seem like they’ll be good games, if they can keep the original feeling and mystery throughout. My general fear is that Telltale Games hasn’t really delivered a great game in while. Adding in the aging issues with their engine which people are starting to say are holding back these choose your own adventure style games and you get a nervous audience. Out of these games I’m curious about The Wolf Among Us, I loved the first season and I wonder if they can bring back that feeling I got from the 2013 game.


SCS Software the makers of the ever popular Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator (ATS) are doing something pretty neat. Recently in California there has been a landslide that has cut off part of Highway 1. Well, the developers have decided that in ATS that road will be cut off and un-driveable at the point where the landslide is. You’ll now have to make sure to plan your trucking adventures around this obstacle. You can check out SCS blog post about this new feature.

While I don’t own ATS this is a pretty cool thing to do. I lends the game a bit of challenge and real world feeling. If they can adopt more of this then potentially they can make their game worlds feel even more alive.



The entertainment news of the week:

On Sunday July 16, 2017 the BBC announced who the new doctor will be on their much beloved Dr. Who television show. For the first time in the show’s history the roll will taken over by a woman. Jodie Whittaker has been tasked with taking over the iconic role. She’ll be helped along by show’s new show runner Chris Chibnall who she also worked with on the show Broadchurch. BBC of course has the announcement for you to check out.

I welcome the new doctor to the show, but I also have a bit of hesitation about her casting. Firstly, while she was impressive for the first couple of episodes of Broadchurch I never felt her return to that greatness in the role. She often came across as more of a side character through the many episodes with little making her stand out. My other fear is the new show runner might not give the right material to let her shine. Also there will be a lot of pressure on her to make the character feel like the doctor that so many have come to love. There was some change needed for the series as it had started feeling stale to me, but only time will tell if they made the right changes.


HBO has announced they’re creating a new drama based around an alternate history world where the south won the U.S. Civil War and thus slavery is still a thing. The show, titled Confederate, is being created by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff who both worked to make Game of Thrones. Worth noting is that the show is potentially scheduled for as far off as 2020 as the two intend to see Game of Thrones through its last season which could happen in 2018 or 2019. You can read about the new show on Variety.

The announcement has caused quite a bit of a stir with many calling it a controversy. I don’t really see it either way because we won’t see this show for a long time so we really have nothing to judge it on other than a few words. Is the show one that could potentially cause discomfort? Sure, but that isn’t a bad thing. To me this might be another show that lets us examine ourselves outside of how we usually see what we want to see.


Of course it is also that time of the year for the International Comic Con out of San Diego. There’s a lot going on this weekend so its hard to keep track of what news and previews are flying around. Some honorable mentions are from Nickelodeon for their Rocko’s Modern Life TV movie and the Hey Arnold: The Jungle TV movie. Down’s so far comes from Disney who released a clip of their upcoming reboot of Ducktales. Movie wise the fairly long Justice League teaser looked good but Ready Player One trailer felt weird.

I liked Hey Arnold and Rocko’s because they managed to keep the feeling of the originals while pushing into new territory. It felt like you were revisiting a classic that you had only just stopped watching even though you stopped years ago. The Ducktales clip on the other end sounded terribly off with the exception of Scrooge McDuck. It felt like the cast didn’t really harmonizing with one another, or maybe I’m mis-remember how the original show went. On the movie side of comic con Justice League had another very good trailer, with both Aquaman and the Flash looking like fun renditions of their characters. Ready Player One though felt too reliant on CGI which I couldn’t get into it as it made the whole thing feel fake and lowers the consequences. Granted it is still an early look, but so far when this comes out its a hard pass on it to see it in theaters.


I wanted to give a small shout out to the new Amazon show Niko and the Sword of Light which was released on July 21, 2017. It’s a children’s show about battling darkness with light through a young hero who has just started off on his adventure.

It is a fun little show to watch, though not a terrible deep one because it’s a kids show. What I’ve seen so far of it though its fun simple and easily enjoyable. To me it’s reminiscent of Samurai Jack and Avatar the Last Airbender doing a pretty good job of combining concepts those two shows put forth. Even if you’re an adult I recommend checking out for a really chill show to watch.



That will end/destroy another crazy week of gaming releases, news, and some entertainment news to go along with it all. I’d like to say thank you for stopping by and visiting, and for any likes comments, or follows you decide to throw down. Comments and suggestions are appreciated to let me know how I’m doing or if something needs to be fixed. You can do so through three differing ways, of course there’s the comment section below, or contacting me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or emailing me at

With that, peace until next week where I go through all of this again for your entertainment.

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