This week more gaming news happens and the world keeps turning.

This week in gaming is a bit off mostly due to the long Independence day weekend that has caught up some of the gaming world, at least in the United States it did. Still, there is some gaming news to be had, and some entertainment news even if there aren’t exciting games coming out this week. First things first, this will cover the week from July 2 to 8 of 2017.


Gaming News:

A newly formed studio, Green Tree Games, has announced their first game which will a tactical RPG set during World War 2. Titled Burden of Command you are a commanding officer of a small unit who starts off their campaign during Operation Torch, the British American invasion of French North Africa. You must guide your soldiers, making tough decisions about how missions play out and your willingness send your soldiers out on difficult mission where they potentially may die. This will be a 2018 release and looks to be based around Hex style movement game play. Check out the trailer below and then the website announcement from Green Tree Games.

This game has caught my interest a bit, with the whole idea of exploring the issues of following orders and the risks that entails intrigues me. My only issue so far is that I’m not a big fan of the art style it could take some getting to used to.


Rebellion Studios the crazy minds behind the Sniper Elite series has released a video talking about their upcoming games that they did for E3. But the one announcement that caught some attention is all about being evil, in fact so evil that you build a secret lair with traps. The game in question? Evil Genius 2.

Geniuses are terribly evil and that’s a good thing. I only remember playing the demo of the original game but what I did play seemed fun at the time. Now the devs need to nail the nostalgic feel while evolving the game for its newer audiences. I look forward to seeing the game when they finally release some footage.


OpenIV has been working again on GTAV for about a week now with Rockstar apparently telling Take-Two to not go so harshly after such modders. However, as a result of the shutdown the creators behind OpenIV have shut down their total conversion mod of Liberty City. PC Gamer has the full story for you to check out.

While I’m glad that OpenIV is once again working and being updated to run the latest version of GTAV. That said, the ending of the Liberty City mod is disheartening if it is linked to the recent issues the creators had with Take-Two. One hopes that it turns out to be some other issue not that some other issue is that much better of a scenario to run into.


The Total War series is getting a potential spin-off series based on historical events that happened around the world. This new series will concentrate on small events instead of showing a grander era that the series has become known for. The new spin-offs will keep the same turn based over-world and real time tactical battles. The Total War website has the neat little announcement in the form of an interview on their blog.

This sounds like potentially great news, and we might finally get a game based around the U.S. Civil War which could be interesting. Or perhaps the English civil war, or the colonization wars in Africa. The potential for little events that had big consequences should make for some fun games. Now it’s just up to Creative Assemble to deliver on these ideas.



Entertainment News:

Adult Swim is helping to bring back a show that helped solidify its creation on Cartoon Network 15 years ago. That show is the anime FLCL, also known as Fooly Cooly, or Furi Kuri. There will be two seasons set for release in 2018 and they have been titled FLCL2 and FLCL3. The original was a coming of age story about Naoto Nandaba who lives in a town surrounded by fog and he also gets attacked by an alien. As a result he finds himself struggling to deal with a life spiraling into insanity and a robot that came out of his head. The new story revolves around a young girl by the name of Hidomi who is just living her life when one day the alien Haruko reappears in the crazy town where Naoto and her had a crazy adventure and now the town has once again under attack. The trailer came from Anime Expo and has a full story.

I like the trailer and the animation, I also love that The Pillows are back doing the music for the series. What I fear that the series won’t be able to capture the insanity and utter chaotic perfection that the first season was. I’m also a bit sad that Nanoto isn’t going to be a part of at least the second season, he’s what made the series work so well by mostly keeping the insanity balanced. I’m curious about how things will play out and mostly skeptical of what these new versions will achieve that same high loveable insanity. I am hopeful and I will check it out, but I’ve lowered my expectations to the floor so that I don’t get to caught up in the hype.



The week ends and now so closes another blog post. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a like, or following, or commenting on a post. It is all greatly appreciated. If you’re looking to get in touch with me there are three ways in which you can do so. There is the comment section below, emailing me at, or you can find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey. Also if you have any comments for improvements or suggestions those are also welcome through any of the aforementioned ways.

Right, thanks and night night for this week. I’ll be back with perhaps a few terrible jokes and more news wrapping up another week in video game news that caught my attention.

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