Exploring the week of games and gaming news.

Video games have come out in full force this week to keep us entertained about potential future releases as the lull of games coming out begins to kick into effect for the summer season. I’ll be blogging about this weeks fabulousness in news that I thought would be interesting to talk about. I will note that this blog does not cover all of the news, it is just the stuff that I thought worth talking about. Also I’m blogging about the week of May 7 to 13, 2017 for anyone wondering.


The games that quietly came out this week include: NBA Playgrounds, Strafe

NBA Playgrounds —
Arcade basketball returns with an over the top slam dunk action along with a few three pointers displayed as you play as classic and current NBA players. The game came out on May 9, 2017 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC from developer Saber Interactive and published by Mad Dog Games.

Strafe –
A first person shooter where you play as a scrap collector sent to the far reaches of space to join the ship Icarus. When you arrive however things seem very wrong and you have no real way to communicate the issues back home because you’re so far out. The game came out on May 9, 2017 for Mac, PC, and PS4. It was developed by Pixel Titans and distributed by Devolver Digital.


Gaming news of the week –

Risk of Rain is getting a sequel (Risk of Rain 2) with some major changes. Namely it’s going from a 2D pixel environment to a 3D low poly style action shooter. The shooting and mayhem around you will be even more chaotic. The game is still early in development so no platforms or a release date are known. You can check out more on developer Happo Games Blog.

This is certainly very different from what one usually thinks of when the hear sequel. It could be a good thing for a bit of a change of pace from the original title, however this also brings new challenges to overcome in getting the game to feel right. I have a feeling it will be a while before the game does get a release.


A new Need for Speed will be racing its way around some crazy locations before the end of 2017. Customization of cars is set to return, along with being chased by cops, and a bit of sideways drifting as you burn copious amounts of rubber. This game is being developed by Ghost Games with as usual EA Games acting as publisher. You can check out the Need for Speed blog post for more information.

Ah, Need for Speed a usually decent racing arcade game,, this time the single player at least allows for offline play. At least that’s what being promised. It’s tough to talk about a game when there hasn’t been a trailer or many pictures out of it.


Ancestors from publisher 1C and developer Destructive Creations has been announced in a neat non-game play trailer. The game will be a squad based Real Time Strategy in which you fight it out as four different medieval factions. The game takes place around the 10 and 12 centuries. You can follow the game more closely by checking out Destructive Creations blog post.

While the game has my attention from the brutal looking trailer, I’m also a bit wary as I want to see the game in action. I’m keeping this one on the radar but lower down because it hasn’t wowed me just yet.


PC fans will once again be very happy with Sega and Platinum Games as they have announced that a port of the Xbox 360 and PS3 game game Vanquish will be happening. The slip and sliding third person shooter with tons of robots and creatures to shoot arrives on May 25, 2017. You can read about it on Platinum Games blog post.

A welcome edition to many PC gamers library of games. My major concern for the game is hoping that the developers get the frame-rate right for this game otherwise it will look like a fairly big mess.


Developer Haemimont Games along with publisher Paradox Interactive have announced a new city building game with a bit of a twist. You’re on Mars and must build a colony to help settle civilization and humanity on the rocky surface. There will be plenty of obstacles in your way as you explore and find out what secrets are on the planet. The game titled Surviving Mars will be coming out in 2018 on PS4, Mac, Xbox One, PC, and Linux. You can find out a bit more on the website survivingmars.com,

This certainly looks like a game worth a bit of attention and with an amusing trailer I can see it achieving that attention. This however, is another trailer where I would love to see game play in action, even though it might not be the most interesting of things to see. It does look like it will be worth keeping an eye on to see how it comes out though.



The entertainment non-gaming news this week is –

Well its pilot news week for television shows hoping to be picked up and a slate of shows have been announced for Network television (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and others). This comes along with a slate of renewals and cancellations for shows wandering the ratings bubble.

I always found the fandoms around TV shows rather interesting, especially on the internet where they tend to get a bit crazy when shows come close to cancellations. For example, Brooklyn 99 and Agents of Shield both were on the bubble either could be canceled or renewed. Both scored renewals and waves of happiness hit social media as a result. On the other hand you still have some people bitter that a show like Firefly only managed to get one season. The dichotomy that cancellations and renewals brings is just fascinating. For me, I’m happy if a show gets a season or however many episodes it gets. I try not to get carried away hoping or praying for series and embrace that I got to watch something good from the creators and all those who worked on the show.



On that last entertainment note the rest of the blog is canceled… nah its just the end of this weeks wrap up. So, thank you for stopping by, leaving a like, a comment, or a follow as those are all greatly appreciated.

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Also before I go, if you have any recommendations, changes you’d like to see, or anything really I’d love to hear about it through one of the three ways I mentioned above.

Right now that will be all for this blog. Thank you and goodnight until the next blog post comes to rain on everyone’s parade.

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