Captaining the way through the shipwrecked waters of video game news.

It is round up the week of gaming news and entertainment that caught my attention time! I’ll be crusing through the week of April 30, 2017 to May 6, 2017 to see what happened. I like to make not that this post doesn’t cover everything that happened this week. It covers that stuff that managed to capture my interest and made me want to write about ti.

Right on with the show –


Gaming releases for this week include: Prey, TumbleSeed

Prey –

Set in 2032 you play as Morgan Yu who has been recruited by your brother Alex to work on TranStar’s research team on the planet Talos I. As you’re undergoing testing for evaluations one of the testers is attacked by a Typhon which knocks everyone out. You wake up in your apartment only to discover that you’ve been on Talos I for three years testing out neuromods. You also find out that the Typhon have wiped out the space station and you are the only one left. Your choices will dicate your survival as you try and escape from being hunted. The game came out on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on May 5, 2015. This is a horror first person shooter game.


TumbleSeed –

This is an action puzzle game, where you control a vine that crosses the screen. On this vine is a seed which you must balance on the vine keeping it away from the holes that appear as ascend towards your goal. This game came out on May 2 for the PC, PS4, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.


In gaming news we have –

Darksiders III was leaked a bit earlier than some were anticipating. The 2018 scheduled game has the player controlling the new character Fury. She must fight through the seven deadly sins in this open world hack and slash game. Currently the game is being made for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. IGN has a full first look on their website.

The game is keeping its brawling hack and slash style around which should bode well for fans. There are some that are trying to stir up some nonsense because the new main character is female when it doesn’t matter at all. The trailer looks pretty good, though some actually game play would have been greatly appreciated. I will add that since the game isn’t going to come out until next year a CGI trailer isn’t a bad way to go.


The Legend of Zelda is getting a board game adaption but perhaps not one that people would expect; rather this will be a version of the famous Clue game. In this version of the game instead of finding who murdered who, you’ll be searching for the one that can defeat Gandalf. Along with what weapon, and where they’re establishing their secret base will win the day. The game comes out on June 30, 2017 but is selling very quickly. You can read about it here.

It’s a bit of an odd choice for a version of Clue or Cluedo, though with the changes it could be interesting. I’m no board gaming expert though, so it’s probably best to check out what the reviews say once it hits stores and you can find a copy.


Valve has announced that they’re changing the way games are gifted on their digital distribution platform Steam. One of the major changes is, if there is a major price difference and you’re gifting to a user in a different country, they will not be able to access it until they pay the difference. You can also schedule gifts by buying a game well in advance of its release. And finally, if a user declines a gift it will automatically be refunded. There is a small blog about it on Valve’s website.

These sound like good all around changes that had to happen to stop key resellers for ripping off everyone. Automatic refunds for declined gifts is also a great thing, though they really should make sure to notify you if a gift is declined so that you’re aware of what’s happened with your money.


In other Valve news the last of the writing team that worked on the Half-Life 2 series of games has left the company. Marc Laidlaw left last year, Eric Wolpaw left to go work on Psychonauts 2, and finally Che Falisek is the last to depart. There is still a writing team at Valve however because of a flat hierarchy and no real job titles its hard to know who is working on storylines. Endgadget covered the story for you to read about.

It’s sad to hear that essentially its an end of an era at Valve, which is not to say that they couldn’t rejoin Valve and work on the next Half-Life or Portal. Still, it appears that Valve doesn’t have many story driven games in development and that they’re pushing the Virtual Reality experience with three upcoming games as their main thing.



The non-gaming entertainment news –

Lots of worry about what would happen to television and movies if the writers were to go on strike has been mostly squashed. The writers union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have a deal for the next three years. All that’s left is for the Writer’s union west and east coast branches to get writers to vote for approval. again has the story covered.

There’s only one thing to really say and that’s good job. I’m glad that TV and movies won’t be interrupted.


The second trailer for the Christopher Nolan epic Dunkirk arrived on Friday May 5, 2017. Giving a greater glimpse into the surrounding stories that happen as the Nazi armies close in on the city trying to capture the English and French armies.

It certainly looks like an epic and sometimes claustrophobic movie. It isn’t a perfect trailer but it does a great job of bringing the world to life with a lot of tension.



That ends this week in video games and such stuff. Thank you so much for stopping by as I appreciate it. Also if you leave any comments, questions, likes, or follows those are well appreciated as well.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions I would love to hear them, or if you’re looking to get in touch with me, there are three ways to do so. You can leave a comment below, or email me at, or finally contacting me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.

Once again thank you and have a good night and week and life and so on and so forth.

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