Escaping and running away with another recap for this week in video games.

Welcome to a new week of video game releases, news, and rundown of what’s happened. This week was rather quiet news wise, which it may remain that way until right before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) rolls around in June. Still, there is a bit of stuff to talk about, namely the games that came out for the week of April 16 to 22, 2017.


The games that came out this week (Both big and small) – Full Throttle Remastered, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Voodoo Vince Remastered, City Skyline: Xbox One Edition.

Full Throttle: Remastered –
A remaster of the classic point and click adventure game created by Tim Schafer. You play as a the biker Ben who finds out about a dasterdly plan to kill the CEO of Corley Motors ( Malcolm Corley) but he’s too late and winds up framed for the murder. The remaster features updated graphics and sounds along with a developer commentary. The game came out on PS4, PSVita, Mac, and PC on April 18, 2017.


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series –
An episodic point and click graphic adventure that involves the Guardians of the Galaxy as we find out what connects these Guardians together in this original canon story. Yes, the game has nothing to do with the first movie. This is only the first of five episodes with the rest coming out over the next few months. It came out on PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One on April 18, 2017.


Voodoo Vince: Remastered –
A platforming adventure game where you play as the voodoo doll Vince. He’s been brought to life by zombie dust that hit him during a robbery at Madam Charmaine voodoo shop. It’s up to Vince to help wrangle up the loose zombie dust which is bending and warping reality and save the shop keeper who has been taken to the evil boss Kosmo the Inscrutable. The remaster features upgraded graphics but the game play will remain untouched. If the game sells enough the developer say that a sequel may happen. The game came out on April 18, 2017 on PC and Xbox One.


City Skylines: Xbox One Edition –
The strategy simulation city builder puts you in charge of creating and building a city from scratch. You’ll have lots of choices as to how to layout your town, but it won’t be easy to keep it growing without flexibility to change your plans to keep things moving. The game came out on Xbox One on April 21, 2017 a two year difference from the PC release on March 12, 2015.


Now for the gaming news of the week –

AMD has released a slightly (6%) upgraded graphics card the RX 500 series to go along with it’s new Ryzen 5 CPU. The move is not to create a totally new GPU, but to give PC builders a bit of choice if they were to opt for an all AMD build. There are some reports out there that people have managed to flash the BIOS of their RX 400 series card, effectively making them into 500 series GPU’s. You can read a review round up and find out about flashing a RX 400 series GPU.

While this is great for AMD to have those options I think most people who build PC’s are still waiting to see what’s up with the Vega lineup of GPU’s from AMD.


Activision has decided it is time to step away from the futuristic shooters with their next Call of Duty game. Instead the game is going to take place during World War 2, bringing the series back to its roots and origin. The world reveal will be happen on April 26, 2017 at 10 am PST. You can check out the website to stay up to date.

I haven’t played any of the new COD games at least sine MW2 so I’m not really the person to judge if this is a good move or not. What I’ll be paying attention to though is if this is a really going back to the roots, or will it feel more like a modern version of COD just set in WW2.


Non-gaming news of the week –

While a trailer came out a while ago an international trailer for Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri came out. It is a dark comedy all about a mother who wants justice for her murdered daughter but feels the police aren’t doing enough. To get that attention she feels the case requires she has three billboards put up questioning the police and their work. The movie is due to be released in theaters on October 13, 2017.

I’m a pretty big fan of the director’s other work In Bruges so I’m looking forward to this film. I just want to make sure that it gets some attention as it looks pretty ridiculous.



Well that’s that for this weekly runaway rundown of games. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting I greatly appreciate it along with any likes, comments, or follows you might decide to do. Also if you have suggestions for improvement please feel free to contact me.

f you’re looking to get in touch with me there a three ways which you can do so. Email at Twitter at @Snipehockey. Or leave a comment below.

Goodbye until the next post.


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