A madhouse of stuff to wander through and remember for the latest weekly breakdown.

Welcome to another wild ride and review of the week that happened in video games. This is the blog post where I look at the games that came out, the news that caught my interest and put my opinion on, and finally a bit of non-gaming entertainment news.

This blog post is made completely from my opinion and will cover what happened for April 2 to 8, 2017 in the gaming world. I do keep an open mind to writing this so if you have any suggestions when it comes to improving please feel free to leave them below.


Now for the games that came out this week (both big and small) – Persona 5, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

Persona 5 –

A Japanese RPG that puts you in the role of a silent protagonist who has been accused of an assault that he didn’t commit but has been placed on probation and sent to Tokyo. During this time you make friends, and awaken your Persona powers creating the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” who explore the supernatural Palace realm where you will try to steal ill intent from the hearts of adults. The game came out for the PS3 and PS4 on April 4, 2017.


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment –

A DLC for the popular indie action platformer Shovel Knight. It is a prologue to the events that happen during Shovel Knight that features Specter Knight and body swapping. Originally it came out for the Nintendo Switch first on March 3, 2017. It is now available for free to those who owned the original game on PC before the release on April 5, 2017 otherwise you will have to buy


Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition –

A remaster of the original 2011 first person shooter. The graphics have been updated, there has been some editional content added to the game. For those wondering why this won’t be a free update for those that owned the original game; it’s because the rights are still owned by EA while the new version is being published by Gearbox. The remastered edition came out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 7, 2017.




Gaming News of the week –

ReLogic’s Terraria: Otherworld is further away than ever after the developer decided that the game development was not going the way they wanted it to. ReLogic has gone from one developer partner (Engine Software) who they have decided they no longer want to work with to a new partner (Pipeworks Studio) who have worked on the console and mobile ports of the game. You can read all about it on ReLogic’s forum blog post.

It’s sad to hear that the game is well being delayed. Terraria is such a fun and ridiculous game once you get past the first wave of difficulty and understand the mechanics. I’ll continue to hope for the best for the new game for when it does come out.


NBA Playgrounds returns basketball to an arcade cartoony style of game play where you’re juking and driving for the basket with ridiculous moves. The game is set to drop on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch next month. The game will sell for 20 U.S. dollars. You can read a little bit more about it here.

It does have a very silly look to the game, it’s one that I’m not sure if I like it or not. The game however should satisfy an itch for those looking for an NBA game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all about honing it around a park court.


Microsoft next console which is currently called “Project Scorpio” had its specs revealed showing lots of numbers and unless you’re way into tech. Thankfully the people the got the numbers broke it down into a bit easier to understand format. The numbers. Scorpio has a 2.3GHz CPU, a 1172MHz GPU, 12GB of GDDR5 ram memory, a 1TB Hard Drive, a 4K Blu-ray Player as well as support for 4K TV’s, and lastly VR support. You can find out all about it on Digital Foundry’s website.

It does sound like a pretty strong console, just from the numbers, which is great for competition and pushing gaming further and further along. I will say that it does feel like just yesterday that people were getting up in arms about the Xbox One and the way people wouldn’t have been able to sell their games. Just as a reminder the console did come out in November of 2013 so this is the normal rate at which a console will be replaced.



Non-gaming entertainment news of the week –

Invader Zim is returning to the small screen known as television for a TV movie on Nickelodeon with creator Jhonen Vasquez. There hasn’t been a date announced for when it will air, but there was a small teaser trailer. There isn’t anything to actually watch as it is a mostly voice oriented teaser. There’s also a second teaser trailer mostly of manically laughter from Zim and Gir.

When I watched the teaser I was a bit apprehensive the voicing sounded weird but it turned out just fine and funny. Of course since it’s been over ten years since the series last aired, the voice actors voices have aged and you can hear it a bit. That said, the show seems like a nice bit of nostalgia to check out.


Another teaser that dropped this week was the Netflix Defender’s teaser. It also keeps things pretty simple, showing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all standing in an elevator. The show will premier on August 18, 2017.

I watched the teaser and well it doesn’t look like a series for me. It gave of a bit to silly a look  thanks to Iron Fist looking out of place and in the kindest terms a bit spastic.


YouTube has also launched their version of TV on their website. A 35 dollar a month endeavor that has a variety of TV channels live streaming plus you can record any show you want. There is a one month free trail for those interested. It is currently only available in select U.S. cities. You can find out all about it by visiting YouTubeTV.

It looks like a pretty good deal to me, I’ll probably test out the free trial to see if it’s up to snuff and if there are any hitches or hiccups when it comes to the streams.



That is this week wrapped up in a horrible mess that isn’t as neat and tighty as it should be. But that’s life. Thank you for stopping by and visiting I much appreciate it, as well as any likes, follows and comments you might decide to leave.

If you’re looking to get in touch with me, there are three ways in which you can do so. There’s sending me a message on Twitter where you’ll find me at @Snipehockey. Or emailing me at Lostvideogameblog@gmail.com. Finally, there is the good old comment section below where you know what to do.

That’s all for me folks, until next time.

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