Rumbling and bumbling through a week of gaming related stuff.

A not very good week for me has come and passed rolling along like the fast moving waters of a river. And I have no idea what kind of analogy I was going for there but it’s said and written, so, yeah let’s get on with it.

So, you might be asking yourself what exactly is this blog post? Well it’s a run down of the games that came out and the news that happened for the previous week. In this case I’m covering March 19 to 25, 2017. I like to go over some of the big games that came out this week, some small games that need coverage. Then I go to the gaming news and my opinion on such matters. Finally if there is something non-gaming worthy to talk about, it’s usually the last bit with some opinion thrown on top. I will note that everything is subject to change and I’m not married to the layout so, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Also before you tune out, this is all stuff that caught my interest and attention. I’m not trying to make a grand write up covering the previous week in superb detail. Doing so is not my style nor am I capable or getting down to that nitty-gritty.


This week’s big games – Mass Effect Andromeda, Out of the Park Baseball 2018

Mass Effect: Andromeda –

We once again return to the world of Mass Effect this time in a space exploration race to find a new home. You are part of the Andromeda Initiative which is to lead humanity and other civilizations to build a new life in a new galaxy. Andromeda takes place between the second and third game in the series and features a more open galaxy to explore and help society find its new home. The game came out on March 21, 2017 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


Out of the Park Baseball 2018 –

The simulation franchise that has put baseball or sports management fans in control of a Major League Baseball team is back. You play as a general manager of a baseball team, making trades, signing players, drafting players, while trying to manage the team to championship to win it all. The game came out on March 24, 2017 on PC, Mac, and Linux.


We also have some smaller games – This is the Police

This is the Police –

In this game you are a police chief in a rundown corrupt city with a meager police force and you’ll soon be retiring. You have to lead the police force of Freeburg until your retirement with lots of opposing forces trying to make you do what they want. You’ll have to dispatch officers to attend to matters about city, or not sending them as you’re swamped with crime or just keeping your end of the bargain with the mob or other unsavory officials. This game came out last year on PC, Mac, Linux; but is now out PS4, and Xbox One. It came out on March 22, 2017.



The News of the week –

Nintendo unveiled a bit more about their upcoming fighting game ARMS show casing some of the fighters and the weaponized hands that you’ll use to fight. They show cased two trailers giving us a bit of a better look as to what to expect from the upcoming game that’s supposed to come out for the spring of 2017.

In typical fashion for Nintendo the game looks quirky and different from what is usually expected. It does look fun though silly.


A small indie game by the title Peregrin was announced for PC, Mac, and console. You play as Abi a young woman who has left her scavenger tribe of people to go on a grand adventure into the divide known as the wasteland. You’ll use animals to solve puzzles and get around the tough lands.

An interesting looking game visually that captures the imagination, well it captures mine. I also like the use they use animals,. it isn’t the first time a game has done it, but it looks pretty spiffy.


Good Old Games known as GOG to most people have taken their digital distribution platform out of Beta and are fully launching it. Known as GOG Galaxy it will allow for cloud saves as well much customization to the client. The client will official be out of beta in April You can read all about it on GOG’s website.

It’s always great to have more competition and one that isn’t relient on digital right mangement (DRM) that limits how and when you might be able to play a game you have purchased. It will be interesting to see if GOG can carve its way into Steam’s market share, or will it be another



The non-gaming section of news –

YouTube restricted is essentially a parental control for videos that you might not want people to see. It has garnered a bit of outrage as it filters out gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender content.

I can see people getting frustrated about getting filtered out, I can also see why parents would want to filter content. YouTube is caught between a hard rock and a sledgehammer heading right for their face and no matter what happens people will be disappointed. A tough situation for anyone.



That will wrap up this week of gaming news and games. Thank you for stopping by and reading, also appreciated are any likes, follows, and comments you might decicde to leave.

If you’re looking to get in touch with me there are three ways to do so. You can contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, emailing me at, or just drop a comment below. Thank you once again and goodbye until next time.

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