The death bells of Steam Greenlight are ringing out announcing it will soon be over.

As you may have heard Steam Greenlight will soon be kaput. The planned shut down is on for Spring 2017 but no firm dates have been said. The service allowed small indie developers to put forward a game which the users of Steam could then vote on whether they would purchase it if it was sold on the store. Well, Valve has decided to go a different and easier route to getting games publishing on their platform. Any developer can pay a recoupable fee, which hasn’t been decided upon yet but will range from 100 U.S. dollars to 5,0000 U.S. dollars and has the proper paper work will be able to sell their game. This new plan will be called Steam Direct.

No more public votes. It’s all up to the developers paying a fee per game to get onto Steam.


Now for my dreaded thoughts on what it all means.

I’m a fan of Steam Greenlight. It helped me discover games and to see a lot of different projects that I might not otherwise had the chance to see. I likely wouldn’t have seen because trying to find a game on any other part of Steam is a horrendous mess and Steam Direct will likely add more and more to a messy front page.

I do not think that Steam Direct will be the answer that Valve is looking for and that it will only make consumers complain that much harder that they aren’t being listened to. Valve’s hands off approach when it comes to customer service and taking care of the store is abysmal. It’s why Steam Greenlight joined other failed aspects of Steam that just sat around never being improved. The likes of Steam Machines, Steam Big Picture, and Steam Curators which have all sat on Steam largely ignored after being introduced.

In the end I can’t say that I’m very surprised that Valve has decided to cut Steam Greenlight with their hands-off approach. It’s was original but left alone it was never given the proper care it needed. Valve simply doesn’t have the man power to keep something interesting around.


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