Sailing into the sunset of video games via steam greenlight.

Another queue of video games is mounting up and preparing to assault… well everyone in order to get some much needed attentnion and votes. They are of course doing this so that they might be allowed to be sold on Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam. I’m here to go through and see which games manage to catch my interest in some fashion and tell you about them.

This blog post will cover the games of January 20 to 22, 2017.

Now there is a few things I like to say before getting into the games. First this list is in no real order as I post about the games as I see them. Next, I do not include all the games looking for votes nor am I trying to make a list of games that you really should vote for. I get that everyone has differing tastes so a must vote for list is close to impossible. And to me including all of the games is rather a silly endeavour that just wastes everyones time. To say it another way, this blog post is the games that looked fun, cool, or just caught my interest.

To help me out I have created a few rules”

  • Reposted games that I have gone over in a previous blog post will not be included in this one.
  • Games must have a trailer to be included.
  • Games must look ready for Greenlight to be included.
  • Games must have an understandable English description so that I can write about and include them.


Now for the zee Video Games:


Title: Tiny Toast

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 2D Pixel World

Synopsis: You are the tiny end piece of toast who has one goal, survive against the endless sandwich fillings that are attacking.

Game Play Style: Arcade fight for survival.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I’m not sure if there is enough content here to get people satisfied, though if the game does get expanded it could be some silly fun.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: One Star

Genre: Arcade, Shooter

Art Style: 2D Top Down World

Synopsis: In this spaceship adventure you want to make your spaceship better but to do so you’ll have to take out enemy ships and space stations.

Game Play Style: Arcade space shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks alright.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Heat Guardian

Genre: Shooter, Horror, Stealth

Art Style: 2D Top Down World

Synopsis: A freezing cold has wiped out most of earths civilization leaving a few survivors to struggle against the elements and mutants that have evolved from the cold.

Game Play Style: Survival stealth horror shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks hard to see what’s going on and potentially what’s coming for you. That said, it does look like a tense harsh adventure.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Azure Saga: Pathfinder

Genre: Strategy, RPG

Art Style: 2.5D Isometric Pixel Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: You play as Synch who along with his droid assistant NOiDE find himself on a strange planet with the task of figuring out a way home through the hostile environment.

Game Play Style: Turn based strategical role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: A pretty nice looking game.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Dark Grim Mariupolis

Genre: Point and Click Adventure, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D World

Synopsis: Set to a Greco-Roman-Mythical world in which you are some sort of detective and strange and unusual things are happening all around.

Game Play Style: Point and click adventure with puzzles.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It is a very unusual looking world that the game developers have created.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Distorted Reality

Genre: Puzzle, Horror

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective

Synopsis: You awake to find yourself in a semi-abandon medical facility unsure of how you got there, but sure that you want to get out.

Game Play Style: First person horror.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I’m not big on horror games because they unusually rely on heavy just scares and too dark environments. This one doesn’t feel like much of a departure from that but shows some promise.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Shotgun Legend

Genre: Shooter, Adventure

Art Style: 2D Pixel Top Down World

Synopsis: You play as Eugene a man who has accidentally stumbled through a portal into another world with only his trusty shotgun. He finds that an alien race has taken over this world and figures that the only way back home is through them.

Game Play Style: An adventureing game with a shotgun. The game is meant as an homage to the Legend of Zelda.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks rather amusing to play.


(Greenlight Page)



A shorter queue but thank you for stopping by my blog and with that however, I’ve come to the end of another queue. Any follows, comments, likes, or views are greatly appreciated.

For those looking to get in touch with me you can do so through three different means. There is emailing me at, there is also the comment section below, or contacting me on Twitter @Snipehockey.

Thank you once again and have a goodnight!



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