Wrapping up another idle queue of video games.

Yes it is time to look at another queue of games looking for votes on Steam Greenlight and see which ones look cool-ish and manage to catch my interest. These games are trying to get voted through the Greenlight process so that they can be sold on the digital distribution platform Steam.

Now I always feel it the right thing to do to go over a few things before I get to the games. To start off this blog post will cover the games of December 21 to 23, 2016 and perhaps any game caught in my queue from before then. I also like to note that I do not include all of the games looking for votes and I am not trying to make a master list of must vote for games. That is because everyone has differing tastes when it comes to games and it is rather pointless to include all of the games when you can go to Greenlight and check them out for yourself.

I do have a few rules to help me figure out which games to include:

  • Games must have an understandable English description so that I can both write about them and include them in this list.
  • Reposted games that I’ve gone over in a previous blog post will not be included in this one.
  • Games must have a trailer to be included.
  • To be included games must look ready for Greenlight.


Here are the latest Games looking for votes:


Title: Grand Lukto

Genre: Sports, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down World

Synopsis: This game combines tennis with the arcade game Breakout and a touch of multiplayer mayhem and this is pretty much the game you get.

Game Play Style: Arcade tennis with Breakout elements.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The only sad thing is that it appears to be only local co-op no online multiplayer. But, other than that it looks pretty rad.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Coffence

Genre: Fighting

Art Style: 3D Side Scroller

Synopsis: A fighting game where you must attack your opponents cup of coffee while protecting your own from getting hit. It’s all about keeping the adrenaline caffeine pumping with coffee.

Game Play Style: It plays out a bit like fencing but you’re trying to his coffee cups instead of the body.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It’s a bit bizarre at least to me to watch the trailer and sort of stare at it trying to figure everything out.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Super Ninja Miner

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: This game takes the classic platforming puzzle game Ninja Miner with more content and gems to collect.

Game Play Style: Platformer with gem collecting puzzles.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It is a pretty straight forward platformer.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Mashinky

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: A take on the train tycoon style games where each time the world is procedurally generated so that things feel fresh. It also combines the building methods from older games with newer crisper 3D graphics.

Game Play Style: Strategic train tycoon simulation.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I like it, the visuals and building style work well.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Lorelai

Genre: Point and Click Adventure, Horror

Art Style: 2D Papercraft Side Scroller

Synopsis: When Lorelai losses everything she refuses to give up, charging forward so that even death won’t stop her.

Game Play Style: Point and click horror adventure.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The game doesn’t say much about its story in the description which is disappointing. I do however like the art style its very cool looking.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: War of Soul: Three Kingdoms

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 3D First Person with Virtual Reality Headsets

Synopsis: Set in the Three Kingdoms era of history, in this game you can take on any general or soldier learning how to best fight against them.

Game Play Style: Virtual reality arcade fights.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: Seeing just a section of the players hands in VR games always breaks the immersive aspect of that style game for me.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Project 5: Sightseer

Genre: Simulation

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: This game takes you from exploration to building up society and life by creating trade routes or going to war all the way to space. Your end objective is to get to space but you’ll have to gather the proper resources to be able to do it.

Game Play Style: Simulation society building.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I find that I’m not entirely sure what the game is trying to be. It seems like a good concept but I don’t know.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Kinky Island

Genre: Point and Click Adventure, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Pixel World

Synopsis: You are Joey Cormach a man who has arrived on Kinky Island only to find the place is a bit unusual. It’s a place where a power struggle is going on and all the women are mysteries for you to unravel. All of your choices will effect how the story plays out, so you can be the creepy guy or the not so creepy guy as you try to find out what’s going on.

Game Play Style: Point and click adventure.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: This game is a bit unusual, but also seems like it could be quite funny.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Yuppie Psycho

Genre: RPG, Puzzle, Horror

Art Style: 2D Top Down Pixel World

Synopsis: You have just joined at large corporation and it is your first day at work, when you discover that a witch has placed a curse on them. Can you survive the horrors that the witch is unleashing.

Game Play Style: Role playing horror.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I like the unusual look of it, very sort of creepy without trying too hard to be creepy.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Copoka

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: You are a bird trying to find the perfect spot for your next in a totalitarian city that doesn’t abide anything but complete obedience. You must collect twigs to build you nest, listening into the people as they starve and plot, or as the loud speakers blare messages from the ruler.

Game Play Style: An adventurous bird flying game.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It sounds pretty cool and intriguing to me. Certainly something that’s a bit different from the usual video games.


(Greenlight Page)



Genre: Arcade, Shooter, Shoot’em Up

Art Style: 2D Vertical Scroller

Synopsis: The Mayan civilization rules with an iron fist letting no one get in their way. You play as Axo a pilot in control of the ship Chukaru which has three different firing modes.You must take on the endless hordes of the Councils endless armada of ships all of which are trying to take you down.

Game Play Style: Arcade shoot’em up bullet hell shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks like a nice fast paced arcade shooter.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Runaway Train

Genre: Racing

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: The train is ready to depart the train station but there’s a problem, the track has yet to be built. It is up to you to lay down the track as the train steams ahead ready to crash.

Game Play Style: Racing against a train to lay train tracks.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It seems like an amusing time waster.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Rym 9000

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down Vertical Scroller

Synopsis: You have one job, reach the moon. This would seem a simple task except for the Marines and the Ciacades are trying to stop you with everything they have. You’ll have to travel at insane speeds to get through them.

Game Play Style: Breakneck speed arcade shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: This game has a real need for speed, and it will be hard to keep up with it.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Norco: Faraway Lights

Genre: RPG, Point and Click Adventure

Art Style: 2D Pixel World

Synopsis: You have returned to your childhood home to settle the estate after your mother has passed away. However things get a little weird when your brother leaves a voice message asking for help.So you along with the security cyborg that your mother harbored as it is a fugitive set out to find your brother in the broken industrial complexes that surround the area.

Game Play Style: Role playing point and click adventure in a cyberpunk world.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It has a very retro early feel to it, similar to the early point and click adventure games.


(Greenlight Page)



At last this list of games can come to an end. Thanks for reading through or taking a look around to see what my blog offers I appreciate it. I also like any comments, likes, or follows that you may want to leave as those help me know how I’m doing.

There may not be a blog post for Monday 26, 2016 as that is the day after Christmas and I’m not sure how many games will be thrown into the queue with the holidays so dominant at that point. But we will see, if there are some interesting games I may make a post.

Anyway if you’re looking to get in touch with me, there are three ways to do so. First is the comment section below, next is through Twitter @Snipehockey, lastly there is emailing me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com.

With all of that said and done with goodbye until next time.


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