A new lineup of games knocking around on steam greenlight for votes.

And despite the holidays taking up much of people time, some people namely game developers have decided to post their games to Steam Greenlight in hopes of being voted through to be allowed to be sold on the digital distribution platform.

Since I think I’m getting sick I’ll keep it simple with few jokes.

This post will cover the games of November 24 to 26, 2016. Not all games up for votes are included and those that are there come from leaving an impression on me. I do that because it wouldn’t make much sense to include all of the games when you can just go look at all of them on Greenlight for yourself. And also because it gives games a chance to shine away from the dreariness that sometimes swamps over Steam Greenlight.

There are some rules to help me decide which games to include:

  • Games that do not have a trailer will not be included.
  • Games that do not look ready for Greenlight will also not be included.
  • Games must have an understandable English description so that I can write about them and include them.
  • Reposted games that I’ve gone over in a previous blog post will not be included.


Now to zee Games:


Title: Snowflake’s Chance

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: You are the hapless bunny Snowflake who is desperate to escape. You have 99 lives to run, hide, and sometimes fight. With every death however the evil version of Snowflake grows stronger and will take over.

Game Play Style: A side scrolling puzzle platformer.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I like the game. There are a few things however I didn’t like; the zoomed out perspective and the sound effects didn’t sound great.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Bomb Squad Academy

Genre: Simulation, Puzzle

Art Style: 3D World

Synopsis: In this puzzle game challenges you to solve how to disarm a ticking time bomb which will shortly go off.

Game Play Style: Bomb puzzle.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It seems like an interesting puzzle game which should explode.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Putrefaction 2: Void Walker

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective

Synopsis: After the last game you have been transported to a new planet, becoming a Void Walker, a person who seeks the ultimate enemy. Can you find it on this new planet?

Game Play Style: Arcade shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The graphics look a little goofy, specifically the gun looks a bit too big.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Darkarta: A Broken Heart’s Quest

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn World

Synopsis: Mary has lived a good life despite being an orphan and having few memories from that time. That is until a strange letter arrives waking up some memories and her daughter Sophia is about to be used for evil.

Game Play Style: point and click adventure.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The game does have a great art style.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Process Of Elimination

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D World

Synopsis: It’s 1928 and the roaring 20’s are still roaring away. You have been invited to a dinner party for New Years Eve. At that party as everyone gets ready to celebrate the lights go out, a gun shot goes off, and there is plenty of screaming. When you light a candle you see your host has been shot and a servant who been looking into the room has been stabbed by a dinner knife. Someone amongst your group is a murderer and didn’t want witnesses.

Game Play Style: Puzzle crime solving.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It is intriguing though it does come across as a bit of a dinner theater murder party.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Mystery Mine

Genre: Platformer, RPG, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: You play as an aborigine who has gotten in trouble and to get out of it agrees to help an ancient spirit. Things don’t go exactly as planned as you try to save your village.

Game Play Style: Side scrolling platformer with role playing elements.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It has a fun vibrant look to it.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: ElectriX

Genre: Simulation, Horror, Puzzle

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective

Synopsis: You must put together electronics soldering pieces together and getting things to work. However there is also a dark twist to it all, as weird things happen to your completed projects.

Game Play Style: Puzzle game where you disassemble and reassemble electronics only to have them have weird creepy things happen.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: An odd game that has me curious to what the horror element is.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Technoball

Genre: Arcade, Sports, Music

Art Style: 3D Top Down World

Synopsis: This game plays a bit like pong except with power-ups and obstacles that might block your shot.

Game Play Style: Arcade sports game that also plays out with the beats of the background music.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It is a very fancy version of pong, though if it manages to be fun and different enough I don’t think that will matter much.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Totemori

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 3D Isometric Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: This free to play multiplayer game is all about building your tower while trying to destroy your competitions tower to win the game.

Game Play Style: Arcade multiplayer chaos.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It is a bit sad that it is only local multiplayer action, but otherwise a decently fun looking game.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Under Leaves

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn World

Synopsis: A hidden object puzzle game where you’re finding things for various animals at each location that you visit.

Game Play Style: Hidden objects picture puzzle.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The visuals look stunning however the game isn’t for me.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Ambition of the SLIMES

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Art Style: 2D Isometric Pixel World

Synopsis: The slimes are weak but they’re also tired of being pushed around and have decided to fight back. To do so they will use their strange ability to claim humans to have them come over to their side and fight for them.

Game Play Style: Strategic role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The large pixel visuals might take some getting used to.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Legion Tale

Genre: Strategy, RPG

Art Style: 2D Isometric World

Synopsis: Evil is trying to take over the kingdom, it is up to you with your friends to fight back and wipe them out.

Game Play Style: Strategic role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It isn’t a game that seems to mince about with ideas of a story, so its going to be reliant on strong game play. I’m not sure if I see anything in the trailer that it does differently than any other similar game.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: OverBite

Genre: PLatformer, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: Dracula was defeated by the Van Helsing family, but he had a back up plan, sleep until the day the Helsing family was no more. Now it is modern day and he has awoken to find that no one is afraid of him and that he’s a part of the culture where things with his likeness are easily sold. Strike back at the people returning their fear.

Game Play Style: Arcade side scrolling platformer.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks quirky and all that jazz, but I’m not completely sold on it.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: One Eyed Kutkh

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn World

Synopsis: A traveler has crashed on a strange planet and to get home must get to the ninth heaven as well as convincing the sun and the moon to give up their space boats.

Game Play Style: A weird adventure based on the indigenous people of the north.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It’s a game that’s hard to describe because it looks so unusual and different.


(Greenlight Page)



What once was started is now finished. That’s the last game for this queue. Thank you for coming to visit my blog, or for commenting, leaving likes, or follows. All of those things are greatly appreciated and let me know if I’m doing anything right or wrong.

If you wish to get in contact with me there are three ways to do so; through the comment section, on Twitter @Snipehockey, or emailing me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com.

Thanks again and have a nice day.


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