The rise of a new video game queue.

A new queue of games has appeared on Steam Greenlight looking for attention and votes to be allowed onto the digital distribution platform. Well I’m here to give those games the once over to see what is what.

Before I can get to the games however, I have a few things that need to be written so that there are no people wondering what I’m doing with this queue of games.. First up is that this blog post will cover the games of November 12 to 14, 2016. Next this list does not include all the games up for votes nor should it. It is a list based around my impressions and what I find slightly interesting. I will include games that I don’t like because I can see potential in them. The games that do make the list are not to be considered the must vote for games and the only ones worth voting for. I understand that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to games, and I will probably put some games in my list that you don’t like.

There are also some rules to help me narrow down the list of games:

  • Games must look ready for Greenlight.
  • Reposted games that I have gone over in a previous blog post will not be included.
  • Any game that does not have a trailer will not be included.
  • Games must have an understandable English description so that I can write about and include them.


Here are the Games:


Title: Shuyan

Genre: Visual Novel, Brawler

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn World with 3D Fights

Synopsis: You play as the young and very bored princess Shuyan who wants more from her idyllic life. She has decided to become a kung fu master, and this game plays out her journey and fights to become one.

Game Play Style: A visual novel with some fights to learn kung fu.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: The game combination is interesting and isn’t one you might expect.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Robonauts

Genre: Platformer, Arcade

Art Style: 2,5D Side Scroller

Synopsis: This game is about exploring quick small planets which you jump around on and defeat any hostile enemies on. This game is crowdfunding on the website Kickstarter.

Game Play Style: Arcade platformer.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: A simple game, it probably won’t challenge you much but could be a simple fun time waster.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Baobabs Mausoleum Ep. 1 Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos

Genre: Arcade, Puzzle Horror

Art Style: 2D Pixel World

Synopsis: You are FBI agent Watracio Walpurgis who has wandered into the strange place of Flamingo’s Creek a supposedly haunted town where your car breaks down. Can you escape from this strange place?

Game Play Style: Advetnure horror that combines things like Monkey Island, The Legend of Zelda, Twin Peaks, and perhaps a bit of Quentin Tarantino’s style.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It definitely has a quirkiness to it, while remaining interesting.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Hex Locks

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D World

Synopsis: In this game you must get the triangle to the end red triangle. Sounds simple right? Well the more you advance the more things that get in your way that you have to move out of the way.

Game Play Style: Movement puzzle.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: A simple puzzle game that looks challenge the deeper you get.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Dungeon Quest

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D Top Down Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: A rogue-like adventure deep into a dungeon with many enemies and not much chance of survival.

Game Play Style: Turn based role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I’m not completely sure about the game, on one end it has sort of cute looking graphics. Yet, on the other end it looks a bit too soon to be showing off the game.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Nyheim

Genre: Strategy, Board Game

Art Style: 2D Top Down World

Synopsis: This is a game about survival, humanity has been mostly wiped out by a fast moving plague and left very few survivors. You are one of the survivors who must gather survivors and begin to rebuild in the city of Nyheim.

Game Play Style: Strategic board game.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: IT has a nice and different feel from the usual apocalyptic games.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Diox

Genre: MMO, Shooter

Art Style: 3D First Person and Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: Set in the future where climate change has rapidly altered the state of the planet to the point where it is hazardous to go into the waters and oxygen has become close to un-breathable. In this world you must scavenge, survive, and learn to build to create a safe environment for yourself.

Game Play Style: Massive multiplayer survival.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I have never been big on survival games, but this one has an interesting look and is a bit different from the rest.


(Greenlight Page)



A bit of a short list, but that is the way things go sometimes.

Another list conquered sort of. Anyway thank you for taking a look at my blog and the posts that occupy it. I appreciate any comments, questions, follows, or likes if you so choose to leave any of those.

If you’re looking to get in contact with me of course you can through a couple of different ways! There is the comment section below, or contacting me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or finally emailing me at

Thank you again for stopping bye and goodbye for now.

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