Chaos and voting queues for video games.

What better way to celebrate the United State election day that to vote for something far more interesting… video games! Okay so it probably isn’t that much better, but there is a lot more choice and said choices don’t seem as icky as those running for President. Bad jokes out of the way, lets get to actually information relevant to this blog post.

First thing that needs to be said, this post covers the games of November 5 to 7, 2016.

I also like to make not of the fact that this list of games does not include all of the games, nor is it meant to be a list of the only games you should vote for. My reasoning is that everyone has differing tastes when it comes to games and it would be impossible to please everyone without including all of the games. I don’t see it as a feasible thing to do in listing all the games, and if I did there’s no point as you can go to Steam Greenlight and see the same thing for yourself.  What games are here, are put down because they managed to impress me in some form and follow a set of rules I’ve established.

Said Rules:

  • If a game does not have a trailer, it will not be included.
  • Games must look like they are ready to be shown on Steam Greenlight.
  • Games must have an understandable English description on their page so that I can write about them.
  • Lastly, reposted games that I have gone over in a previous blog post, will not be included.


Now it is time for those nasty little buggers known as votes to make themselves known to the Games:


Title: Swol Quest

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: This is a quest to get pumped, to get swol as they say and all to stop people from pushing you over. It’s a game about dealing with body image and masculinity.

Game Play Style: It is inspired by the likes of River City Ransom and Dragon, so action brawling.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks like a pretty quirky game that I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Shuffleboard VR

Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Sports

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective with Virtual Reality Headsets

Synopsis: This game challenges you to play the game Shuffleboard where you push pucks across a board to the end to try and score more points than your opponent while maybe knocking their pucks out of scoring position. This game will be free to play.

Game Play Style: Simulation sports with strategic puck placement.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks decent, though it also looks rather empty world wise. It needs a bit more sprucing up maybe?


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Children of the Galaxy

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 2D Top Down World

Synopsis: This is a space game all about exploration, colonization, and fighting out huge space battles with the fleets you build.

Game Play Style: Strategic space exploration and conflict with hexagonal movement.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It does look a lot like other space exploration and hexagonal games, but that isn’t a bad thing as long as the gameplay does something fun and interesting.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Cybermotion

Genre: Platformer, Simulation

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Your objective is simple, get your cyber creature to move its legs and walk from one end of the level to the finish line. You can even create your own animations for your walker.

Game Play Style: Side scrolling platformer.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I don’t think it’s for me.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: The Soul of Kung Fu Weaponary

Genre: Arcade, Simulaion

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective

Synopsis: Learn and master weapons kung fu to take on opponents and defeat them.

Game Play Style: Arcade simulation fighting.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I found the first person perspective a bit disorienting to watch.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 3D Top Down Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: This is an extension of the free to play game Alien Swarm. It brings more content such as aliens, weapons, maps, and modes to play through. It will also bring in support for Steam Workshop allowing for even more content from mod makers. This game will also be free to play.

Game Play Style: Action co-op shooter.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It looks like a pretty decent add on that can expand the original.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Age of Resurgence

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: In a bright and interesting fantasy world you take charge of one of four factions, set up your base and build it up so that it can withstand enemy factions. Then when you’re ready and have a good commander to lead your troops you attack to wipe out the other factions.

Game Play Style: Real time strategy gameplay with a focus on commanders.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I was originally a bit perplexed at what I was watching in the trailer, but that quickly faded once I read the description and then went back to watch it.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: VRSailing

Genre: Simulation, Racing, Sports

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective with Virtual Reality Headsets

Synopsis: You are in a fast sailing yacht racing against the wind and an opponent as you cut your way through the water trying to keep your ship from tipping or losing momentum. This game will be free to play.

Game Play Style: Simulation sail boat racing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: Seems like a pretty solid simulation.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: FerroDynamics

Genre: Simulation, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D and 3D Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: Build, test, and experiment with a rube goldberg like machine where you can move a ball along a set track that you design.

Game Play Style: A physics based puzzle game where you build the levels and see how things play out.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: It could be interesting, I’m not the greatest when it comes to these games but it would be cool to see what other people can come up with.


(Greenlight Page)



Genre: RPG, Puzzle, Horror

Art Style: 2D Pixel Top Down World

Synopsis: You are a janitor in Roswell, New Mexico working at a government facility when a U.F.O. crashes down. Things get weird when you discover a plot to bring back the Third Reich and that you may by involved though you have no memories of such things.

Game Play Style: Action horror role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I’m not a huge fan of the overly dark visuals that infest far too many horror games thinking it is a good way to keep things creepy and horrific.


(Greenlight Page)


Title: ShuffleBoard VR

Genre: Simulation, Sports

Art Style: 3D First Person Perspective with Virtual Reality Headsets

Synopsis: A shuffle board game, where you’re trying to slide you pucks down to the end of the board to score points. There is a strategic element as you take turns against your opponent trying to knock their puck out of the way thus removing any points that they might score.

Game Play Style: This version looks a bit better but then it is also not free to play.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game:


(Greenlight Page)


Title: Dark Descent: The Blue Rose

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Pixel World

Synopsis: Light and dark have fought for a long time at the gate of humanity, the demons trying to pry it open while the angels attempt to stop it. Finally one day the demons have gotten past the gate and brought the Apocalypse to humanity. Now you must battle to save the humans against the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Game Play Style: Action role playing.

Thoughts/Opinion of the Game: I think the visuals look pretty sharp, a new pixel looking without relying on the over pixelation that some games suffer from.


(Greenlight Page)



Thank you for coming around and taking a look at my blog, but that is it for this intrepid list of games campaigning for votes. I welcome any comments, follows, or likes that you might care to leave or not, which ever you prefer.

If you’re looking to get contact with me for whatever reason you have. You can leave a comment below, message me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or email me at I’m usually pretty good about responding to stuff.

Thanks again and good bye until next time where and when I mess this whole thing up again!


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