The Greenlight voting queue to not rule them all. But is still a pretty good list.

We are gathered here today to eulogize a new list of Greenlight game for September 4 to 6, 2015. Hmm. That may be to grim and depressing a start for a post, but eh I’m leaving it.

A few things to go over before we can can get to those lovely games. Such as the rules I go by.

  • Games Must have a trailer.
  • They must both look ready for Greenlight and not look like a joke submission.
  •  The games must have an English translation.
  • Games that have been reposted to Greenlight and I’ve previously talked about will not be included.

This list is also only meant to give you a quick idea about the games that have been posted. I highly suggest you visit the Greenlight pages of all of the games to get a greater idea if the game appeals to you. Finally, try as I may to include games this list comes down to my opinion, which can result in games not making my list. I try not to let this happen, but it will happen.

Okay, enough of that and on to the Games:

Title: Grain War

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Isometric Pixel

Synopsis: The world is filled with arenas that are fighting stages to take on various creatures. You  that have artifacts and to be able to feed your family. The better you do will mean more food for you family.

Opinion: I like the visual style, and the game does put an interesting challenge to you of feeding your family.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling

Genre: Arcade, Sports, Fighting

Art Style: 2.5D Side Scroller Arena

Synopsis: Arcade wrestling at its most ridiculous and funny. Brawl it out versus other wrestlers with no limits.

Opinion: It reminds me of the old Nintendo 64 wrestling games, a fair bit of cheesiness along with fun. I would like to see the visuals cleaned up a little bit more though. Right now it looks like the wrestlers aren’t really grappling one another.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: CyberZone

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 3D Neon First Person World

Synopsis: A game in which you manipulate time in its various forms to be able to kill enemies. Who are you? Even the protagonist doesn’t know, and likely doesn’t care. This game is crowd funding on Indiegogo.

Opinion: I like the look of the game and the over the top shooting with the generally crazy atmosphere with bullets flying everywhere.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Crypt of the Serpent King

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D First Person Dungeons

Synopsis: You have loccated the dungeon of the Serpent King, what else is there to do but explore and see what it has to offer? It won’t be an easy trek through the maze.

Opinion: The visuals need to be a bit better to really sell this game.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Klepto

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Art Style: 3D Open World VR Headsets supported

Synopsis: You are a burglar in an open world rob houses as you see fit. Go in sneakily as a repair man, or in the night when the family is nowhere around. This game is crowd funding on Indiegogo.

Opinion: It could be an interesting game, it looks like it still needs a bit of work though.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: BroBots

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down Arena

Synopsis: Lil Bro is an indestructible force to be reckoned with, however Big Bro is gentler and can be hurt. These two robots have crash landed on an alien planet and need to work together to survive.

Opinion: It isn’t a game for me.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: CDF Starfighter

Genre: Simulation, Shooter

Art Style: 3D Open Space VR Headsets Supported.

Synopsis: Your job it to fly starfighters to protect your mothership from any attackers and potential threats to the ship. This game concentrates purely on space combat.

Opinion: The trailer dialogue is one long cliched speech. Otherwise the game look pretty solid.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Nanomedix Inc.

Genre: Tower Defense

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: In the future nano-machines have been installed into people to help fight off diseases. You must help those machines by choosing where they set up on the lanes to stop terrible things from happening.

Opinion: Interesting take on tower defense.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Ampersand

Genre: Racing, Arcade

Art Style: 3D Race Tracks

Synopsis: A futuristic racer with high speeds and crazy vehicles to use.

Opinion: The frame rate in the trailer hiccups a couple of times, which makes it hard to watch. The game has potential if they can get a solid frame rate out of it.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: ARC Continuum

Genre: RPG, Shooter

Art Style: 3D Third Person Perspective World

Synopsis: You play a wanted man who is searching out the ancient weapon ARC in order to use it’s powers to overthrow the overlords. Each action though will cause a greater reaction throughout the lands.

Opinion: I like the visuals and the concepts. I don’t however feel sold on the game.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Zero Punctuation: Hatfall

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 2D Screens?

Synopsis: This is a game about collecting hats and making sure that they fall onto your head. There’s a variety of other things happening like deadly objects falling from the sky along with hats, and a mean wizard. Mostly its about hats.

Opinion: It looks like an amusing time waster if its the right price.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Smash!

Genre: Racing, Arcade, Sports

Art Style: 3D Top Down Arena

Synopsis: Demolition derby of destruction. Destroy your fellow competitors before they knock you out of the carnage.

Opinion: Arcade crashing is always a fun way to use your time and can be satisfying to send a competitor flying across the stage.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: FallenGrid

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down Space Vertical Scroller

Synopsis: A bullet hell shoot’em up inspired game that challenges you and wants to bring you back to the old school feeling.

Opinion: It does remind me of the old spaceship shooter, though it seems a bit looser as the player controlled ship seems to move pretty fast.


(Greenlight Page)

Title: Supiningu Bokkusu

Genre: Puzzle, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: A puzzle game where you must make your way through without touching the bouncing balls in each section.

Opinion: It is a very brightly colored game. Fair warning to anyone who suffers seizures easily this game may set you off.


(Greenlight Page)

Sadly that appears to be it for this queue of games that want votes. Thank you for reading through or glancing through. Comments, quetions, criticisms, corrections or anything you’d like to say is welcome in the section below. You can also get in contact with me on Twitter @snipehockey.


One thought on “The Greenlight voting queue to not rule them all. But is still a pretty good list.

  1. Hey Michael, thanks for listing our game – Smash! Demolition Derby – we appreciate it!

    We’re tracking well so far, reached Rank #34, vying for that Top #25 position now – our page link again:

    We’re also trying to get players to head over to our Square Enix Collective page and Vote for us on there too – every little bit helps 😉

    Thanks again,

    Andy @ BPA

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