The July 21 to 23, 2015 Steam Greenlight voting queue of cool games, maybe.

It’s time for the July 21 to 23, 2015 Steam Greenlight sorting queue of sorts. Welcome back, or just welcome. I have some rules for the games listed.


  • A game must have a trailer.
  • A game cannot look like a joke submission.
  • If a game doesn’t look ready for Greenlight, it will not be included.
  • The game’s Greenlight page must have a translation into English. I can’t write about games in a language I don’t read.
  • And for the last rule, if I have previously posted about a game and it has been resubmitted, it will not be included.


Right onto the interesting stuff, Games:


Title: Crazy Pixel Streaker

Genre: Beat’em Up, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down Pixel

Synopsis: You are a streaker set to run out in the middle of the World Cup final, which of course you do, and mayhem ensues the army comes and then aliens. It is a good day to be a streaker. Through all of this you’re creating more madness and maybe picking up a follower or many.

Opinion: It looks action packed and with rogue-like elements. I’m not a huge fan of the graphics, but they do look good.



Title: Tsioque

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn

Synopsis: When your family goes off to fight an evil force in a far away kingdom, you the princess are left alone. All is not well in the kingdom though as the wizard takes control and locks you away. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.

Opinion: The game looks gorgeous and light hearted. It seems like it could be good fun.



Title: Brodding

Genre: Fighting, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Stick Figures

Synopsis: A four button multiplayer fighting game. It may be simple, but it has depth to it. The game will be free to play.

Opinion: It looks good and at free to play its hard to not like it.



Title: Ice Lakes

Genre: Sports, Simulation

Art Style: 3D Top Down Open World

Synopsis: An open world fishing game set on frozen lakes. You must drill into the ice to catch your fish. And several different modes to play including a competitive one against other online players.

Opinion: It’s a game for those that love fishing or Ice fishing or they’ve always wanted to try it but not put up with the freezing cold. It looks good, simple, but solid.



Title: Phlyndir

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D Top Down

Synopsis: A great evil has descended on the land and you along with your allies must fight it back to where it came from.

Opinion: The trailer does little to inspire confidence in me.



Title: Rise of the Setting Sun

Genre: Visual Novel, RPG

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn

Synopsis: A coup has started and you a distant relative of the crown have been installed to power. But fake power, you can’t really do anything. Or perhaps you can do a thing or two?

Opinion: I9nteresting. I don’t know what else to say about this game than it seems interesting.



Title: Magic Cannon

Genre: Puzzle, Shooter

Art Style: 3D Puzzle Area

Synopsis: You aim your cannon and fire, trying to put the cannonball into a barrel.

Opinion: Eh. It’s not for me and there doesn’t appear to be much here to entice me.



Title: Survivors: Unleashed

Genre: Shooter, Horror

Art Style: 3D First Person

Synopsis: In 1945 a deadly creature of mass destruction was created. Now you must find it and destroy it before everything gets out of hand.

Opinion: The gameplay trailer, all I could think of was the squeak noise during the music that kept coming up. There isn’t much to judge the game on otherwise.



Title: Elements of Power

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Top Down RPG Maker Engine

Synopsis: The world is at war, and the powers of those using shadow magic is growing and defeating force after force. You must protect your kingdom with brute strength and the help from three ladies who hold the power of Fire, Water, and Earth. The game will sell for $0.99.

Opinion: It’s cheap which is always a selling point for a game, whether that’s good or not will have to wait and see if the game gets Greenlit.



Title: The Last Dream: Developers Edition

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 2D with a mix of 3D Screens

Synopsis: Your wife Elizabeth died in a car accident, yet every night you have dreams about her. One night however at the beginning of a dream, you receive a clue as to why you’re dreaming about her.

Opinion: It is a bit odd to call the game the Developer’s Edition, because it makes it sound like the original game was not the developers work at all.



Title: The Truth

Genre: Horror, Adventure

Art Style: 3D World

Synopsis: A game that mixes reality with game elements in order to question what we know.

Opinion: I’m pretty confused by this game. I kind of get what they’re saying on their Greenlight page but at the same time, to me, it’s a complete mess.



Title: Protoshift

Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Guide your dot through an increaingly difficult puzzle. It’s a fast based puzzle game based on twitch movements.

Opinion: I don’t think there is enough content for me.



Title: High in the Sky

Genre: Puzzle, Arcade

Art Style: 3D Puzzle Maps

Synopsis: A game that wants to get back to the old days of mindless arcade games. You guide a ball through increasingly difficult levels with twists and turns to the end goal.

Opinion: It doesn’t remind me of old mindless arcade games. But maybe I’m thinking of the wrong games.



Title: Die for the Empire

Genre: Shoot’em Up, Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down Vertical Scroller

Synopsis: A mysterious force has invaded the Terran Empire and you must fly your spaceship shooting down hordes of bad guys to put a stop to it.

Opinion: The trailer doesn’t look bad, it does look a bit dull along with the sounds. But it has some promise to it.



Title: Block Crossing

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 3D Puzzle Arena

Synopsis: Cross the challenging platforms in this simple looking puzzle game. It will be free to play.

Opinion: On the whole it looks too bland for my liking.



Title: Forts

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn

Synopsis: Build your fort to face off against an opposing fort who have built there’s next door to yours. Destroy their’s before they can destroy your fort!

Opinion: It looks like fun with a variety of weapons and defenses. Hopefully it doesn’t get too repetitive.



Title: Kill the Plumber

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Ever wanted to play the villain instead of the hero of a platforming game? Well this game will let you. All you have to do is kill the plumber trying to make his way through the level.

Opinion: Funny and amusing looking.



Title: The Rise of Chubtan

Genre: Fighting

Art Style: 2D Arena

Synopsis: At the end of the world two Mayan gods fight over humanity.

Opinion: A fighting game with power ups sounds interesting, if they keep everything balanced.



Title: Shroom

Genre: Simulation

Art Style: 2D Screen

Synopsis: You play as a mushroom trying to survive in the world. To do so you must collect resources and fight off other plants.

Opinion: An odd experience for a game, but that’s what games are all about bringing you odd interesting experiences that are fun to play.



Title: Metro Nexus

Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: A platformer/runner game made to look like a modern take on a classic game. You must fix the transit system in major cities all the while rushing to make sure trains don’t derail. Also each level is done in its own art style by different artists.

Opinion: It looks great in the trailer.



Title: Solitaire 220 Plus

Genre: Card Game

Art Style: 2D Cards

Synopsis: A game that has over 220 varieties of solitaire to choose from.

Opinion: It has a lot of solitaire choices but the big question will be is it priced correctly? Most people won’t spend a lot of money on a solitaire game.



Title: Fl337 “Fleet”

Genre: Arcade

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn Side Scroller

Synopsis: You’ve been betrayed and beaten up. Now you must fight through waves of enemies to keep your life.

Opinion: The animations in the trailer look a bit wonky and I’m not terribly impressed with the graphics. Could be okay though.



Title: Shmadow

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: You are a ball of light which lights the way through a bullet hell.

Opinion: As an endless game it doesn’t appeal to me, and it looks a bit too simplistic.



Title: Legacy of Svarog

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D Open World

Synopsis: An action RPG set around the time balance of a year and any actions you take during that time. Explore the world to find out what it has to offer.

Opinion: The trailer didn’t do a great job of selling me on the game, but I feel the game is far enough along to be worth mentioning.

(As noted in the comment section by the developer, they have a new video of the game up on their Greenlight page. Which you can check out.)



Title: Get The Gun

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 3D Arena’s with a Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: A squad shooter with various weapons and fast gun play to keep you busy. It will be free to play.

Opinion: I like the art but at the same time I’m not the biggest fan of it. I’m on the fence about this game as a whole.



Title: Galaxy Hunter

Genre: Shoot’em Up

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: A mix of old Shoot’em up’s an RPG. You battle through space fighting and getting more powerful to take on the bosses.

Opinion: It looks decent, not for me, but good for shoot’em up fans.



Title: Full Ride Simulator

Genre: Simulation

Art Style: 3D Amusement Rides

Synopsis: You build and operate rides for amusement parks.

Opinion: While I don’t want to say this is a bad idea for a game. I had the same impression of Euro Truck Simulator 2 until I played it. It’s one of those odd games that will have its hardcore niche. Also the trailer is a bit noisy, so you may want to turn your sound down, way down.



Title: Kart Racing Pro

Genre: Racing

Art Style: 3D Kart Racers and Tracks

Synopsis: A full on realistic kart racing game with the intent of helping pro kart racers with this training tool/game.

Opinion: It looks good and fun.



Title: Shu’s Garden

Genre: Simulation

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn

Synopsis: As the bouncy space cactus Shu, you go from planet to planet spreading life and making friends.

Opinion: It is a colorful and bizarre looking game. It certainly captures the imagination.



That’s it for this queue of games on Greenlight. Thank you for reading through, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, or anything to say at all, please leave it in the section below. You can also get in touch with me on twitter @snipehockey. Thanks.


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