The latest Greenlight voting game queue. July 6 to 8 2015 Edition.

Welcome to a post about Steam Greenlight games that want votes. I’m going through games that have been listed between July 6 to 8, 2015. There are a few rules I go by for these posts in order to make the lists easier for both you and me.


  • Games must have a trailer.
  • Game cannot look like a joke submission.
  • I will not include game that don’t look ready for Greenlight.
  • Finally, if a game has been reposted to Greenlight and I’ve already talked about it in a previous post. That game will not be included in this one.
  • And a new rule: If it isn’t in English, I’m sorry but I can’t really post about games that aren’t in a language that I read.


I have continued to tweak the way these posts go, so if you have any suggestions or things you don’t like, please let me know.

Now to the stuff you care about Games:


Title:  Project Genom

Genre: RPG, MMO, Shooter

Art Style: 3D Alien World

Synopsis: You are on an alien planet free to explore it, fight off the alien creatures, build up your spaceship, and change your own genom with alien bits.

Opinion: It has an interesting look that reminds me a bit of FireFall. Early access is scheduled for October 2015 which is good, shows that this more than a game being thrown onto Greenlight to see where it goes.



Title: .Age

Genre: Strategy, Town Building

Art Style: 2D Pixel Top Down

Synopsis: It’s a game about building up a town, planning out how you want to grow out and surviving the many bad things that can happen.

Opinion: While there are a lot of town building games that have popped up recently, .Age definitely has its own look and feel. PLus, and this is always a plus there is a demo to try out.



Title: Primate

Genre: MMO, Survival

Art Style: 3D Open World Jungle

Synopsis: Survival is not easy, in any survival sort of game. In this game survival will rely on your tribe as others encroach on your area, and you have to deal with various species that want you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Opinion: There are a lot of survival games out there and on Steam Greenlight. The game faces an uphill battle to set itself apart, and the reliance on tribes will hurt anyone who wants to play solo.



Title: Mosh Pit: The Ultimate Showdown

Genre: Shooter, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Build your base, gather your army, and attack the enemy. Free to play.

Opinion: It looks chaotic, which I’m sure the developer was going for. There also doesn’t seem to be much else beside build and attack.



Title: Chronicles of Witches and Warlocks

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Screens

Synopsis: Kathleen Wilson’s beloved has been arressted under suspicious reasons. Now she must figure out what’s going on.

Opinion: I don’t know how the game’s title and the game go together. This game is a bit of a tough sell as not too many Steam gamers on Greenlight like games where you’re searching pictures for lost objects.



Title: Zombie Birds

Genre: Shooter, Horror

Art Style: 2D Screens

Synopsis: Shoot the zombie like birds as they fly across the screen.

Opinion: Simple shooter, simple fun? Could be an interesting game.



Title: Goblins and Grottos

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: You are a goblin in a dungeon full of greedy adventurers. Of course you want to get out, but sometimes the only way is to stealthy rid yourself of pesky adventurers.

Opinion: It has a nice vibe, colorful look, and humor. Worth watching the trailer and checking out the demo.



Title: Sentry Knight Tactics

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Take charge of your cartoon heroes and lead them on an adventure. The game is part of the Sentry Knight series, and its story is intertwined into the two other games of the franchise.

Opinion: Cute? Definitely a cute looking game. Maybe a bit simplistic in the strategic fight but an interesting game for those that love SRPG’s.



Title: The Prism

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Art Style: 2D abstract Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: Guide cube’s through platforming levels that want you to think abstractly to solve puzzles.

Opinion: It is a very boxy game and uses its abstract art style to draw you in.



Title: Grip

Genre: Racing, Arcade, Shooter

Art Style: 3D Race Tracks

Synopsis: Combat racing, where destroying your enemies is just as important as say winning the race.

Opinion: It looks very good from the trailer. Everything looks right about it, have to wait and see how the gameplay turns out.



Title: Experiment 101

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 3D Puzzle Levels

Synopsis: You must figure a way to get to the exit of each level which gets harder as you go.

Opinion: It has the potential to be an interesting puzzle game, the visuals however are a bit bland. It’s one of those games that you’ll probably be on the fence about, it has promise but the visuals don’t quite match what you think it should.



Title: Escape From – Utopia 9 – A Volatile Vacation

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 3D Top Down

Synopsis: You go on vacation to Utopia 9 and the travel agent promised it would be the best vacation ever. Yeah, it doesn’t work out that way.

Opinion: Solid looking twin stick shooter. Lots of things to shoot and enemies who don’t mind being shot.



Title: UNION Spaceship Command

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Art Style: 3D Spaceships

Synopsis: With three other players you take command of a spaceship bridge and fly through space.

Opinion: An interesting idea for a game, bit disappointing that it seems to be third person spaceship and not directing from the bridge.



Title: sphereFACE

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 2D in a 3D Sphere

Synopsis: A vector inspired 3D shooter. It’s about wrapping your mind around the idea of being 2D while dealing with 3D elements. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.

Opinion: The visuals take a bit of getting used to and look a bit blurry.



Title: Family Man

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Art Style: 3D Voxel World

Synopsis: When you lose your job, and are forced to make ends meet in anyway possible. How far down are you willing to go?

Opinion: A game that makes you question a lot of things. It creates the ever present question of, what will you do to keep your family?



Title: Cross Reverie | The Trial of Nightmare

Genre: Strategy, RPG

Art Style: 3D Fantasy Nightmare

Synopsis: Eight heroes of Xylera have descended into madness and must fight there way out in what’s known as the Trial of Nightmare. This game is crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Opinion: Inspired by the greatest JRPG’s, it looks good and fun.



Title: Warmode

Genre: FPS, Shooter

Art Style: 3D FPS

Synopsis: A multiplayer free to play first person shooter. It’s a battle between two sides, the government heavily armed police and armed mercenaries.

Opinion: It looks to be a bit of a mash up between Call of Duty multiplayer and Counter Strike.



Title: Gunman Clive 2

Genre: Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Clive has returned to town only to find it under attack from bandits. Fed up with them, he chases their leader across the world to get them to stop.

Opinion: I have to say that its a very resourceful bandit leader if he can run all across the world to get away from Clive. And an even more resourceful Clive to chase him.



Title: Adventure Beaks

Genre: Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: With elite penguin adventurers take on the tall task of beating hazardous levels that require some fluidity.

Opinion: It is a port from mobile platforms which will turn off some PC gamers. That said it looks good and challenging and if there’s anything a gamer likes, its a good challenge.



Title: Vanaheim Tales

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Pixel Top Down

Synopsis: Leo is Alchiemist who wants to create a homunculus and gets a succubus to give him the knowledge to do so. The world however is not at easy and things quickly become a mess when a country invades. The gmae is crowd funding on Indiegogo.

Opinion: It looks pretty much like your typical RPG Maker style RPG. The story is what’s going to sell the game.



Title: Clash

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 3D Third Person Tank

Synopsis: A free to play multiplayer tank game. Shoot your opponent before they get you.

Opinion: The visuals are a bit muddy and it makes everything look a bit too much the same.



Title: One Dreamer

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: A narrative experience, where you explore both your awake state and your dream state as Frank. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.

Opinion: The game looks great, and sounds interesting. My fear is the promise that this will be an unrepetitive experience that mashes together many genres. Promises like that never bode well, as developers can rarely live up to expectations.



Title: Beglitched

Genre: RPG, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Pixel Screens

Synopsis: A game about exploring computer networks and hacking them in a puzzle like manner. The developers are combining roguelike, match – 3, and deduction based skills for this game.

Opinion: It’s colorful. Very much so. The trailer is a bit hard to follow, but the Greenlight page does a pretty good job of getting the idea of the game across.



Title: War

Genre: Tower Defense

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: In War you build your base and tower defense by gathering resources. There are two ways to get said resource, gather it yourself or attack other players. This is a free to play game.

Opinion: I don’t have much of an opinion on this game.



Title: Space Food Truck

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Search the galaxies for food supplies and then craft the recipes. This game is meant to be like a board game with up to four players working the truck and you can play solo if you want. But be careful as your truck will fall apart in the harsh space out there. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.

Opinion: It looks like a fun mix of a cooking game and FTL.



Title: Theater of Doom

Genre: Horror

Art Style: 3D Top Down Dungeon Crawler

Synopsis: You’re in a fight for your life against a puppet master who controls demons and baddies with puppet strings.

Opinion: There isn’t any story line to speak of on the Greenlight page. But it does look pretty cool.



Well, we are at the end of the latest queue of Greenlight games looking for votes. Thanks for reading through. Comments, questions, or corrections are welcome in the section below. You can also get in touch with me on Twitter @snipehockey.


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