Ubisoft’s E3 2015 Press Conference

Since it’s E3 and video games are bound to be shown, Ubisoft once again has joined the parties showing off what they have coming in the future. This post will breakdown the games and what the hosts of the conference had to say about then. At least the important bits.


An epic RPG is back from 2014…oh no South Park is getting another ridiculous RPG which is great. This time its A Fractured but Whole, but this time its superheroes.

Aisha Tyler is back hosting Ubisoft’s conference introducing us to what’s to come. And of course to bring CEO Yves Guillemot onto the stage to introduce a totally new game.

Medieval warfare with lots of swords, axes, and weapons of killing. The game is For Honor and it lets you be a Viking, a samurai, or a knight. Multiplayer sword hacking fun for all to be had.

The Crew is getting a bit wilder and crazier with monsters trucks, with the DLC The Wild Run.

Trials Fusion is getting a dlc pack as well, the Awesome Levels Max. Unicorn’s that breath fire? Okay.

Next we quickly move to the open world co-op experience Tom Clancy The Division. Where you get to go into the dark zone an area of fear where people will turn on you in a second. It will be coming out on March 16 2016.

Build cities in other worldly places in Anno 2205 . Sadly you start on earth building, but you do build your way to the moon at least.

Dance your way in Just Dance 2016. Something, something, dance. I don’t know what else to day about this game.

From happy to tense with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with permanent death for the team members of the team. Terrorhunt a popular game mode in previous versions of Rainbow Six will be making its return. The game remains a tense strategy gun fight with reliance on teammates to do their part as quickly as possible.

Trackmania and its crazy racetracks is making its way to consoles for the first time. Arcade racing will never be the same for the console. This version will be titled Trackmania Turbo.

The creed is still strong with the Assassins. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the latest title taking place in 1860 taking the city of London by violence. The industrial revolution allowing for the first modern Assassin’s Creed.

Yves takes the stage one last time to present an open world Ghost Recon game titled Ghost Recon Wildlands. Take on the drug cartels in South America and do it how you ever want to.

That is the final game of Ubisoft’s conference.


South Park: A Fractured But Whole

For Honor


The Crew: Wildrun


Trials Fusion: Awesome Levels Max


Tom Clancy The Division


Anno 2205


Just Dance 2016


Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege


Trackmania Turbo


Assassins Creed Syndicate


Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands

Whole Ubisoft E3 Conference (The conference starts at the 28:15 Minute mark.)

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