Electronic Arts also known as EA E3 2015 Press Conference

EA Games, where its in the game, maybe. This post is for Electronic Arts June 15 E3 2015 and the games they talk about. Mostly its about the video game trailers shown, and a bit of what was said when trailers weren’t playing.


Mass Effect kicks off EA’s conference with a bang and a song from Johnny Cash. Titled Mass Effect Andromeda.

Cars, cars, and Need for Speed. Fast racing, customization of your vehicles, and cop chases are what this game is about. It will be 2X larger than Need for Speed Rivals and completely open world.

Star Wars the Old Republic is getting more story driven content with the expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. The story of two sibling and a faction in the game.

EA introduces a totally new game called Unravel a game with yarn and the protagonist unravels as they go through the level, in this puzzle platformer.

Zombies are invading the garden again in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. This time the plants are on the attack instead of just defending against the hordes. The manic ridiculous action of the first game returns.

And it’s sports time with a bit of hockey, NHL 16 to be exact. And golf in Rory Mcilroy PGA tour. The next Madden, NBA Live 16, FIFA. All the sports games.

There will be a Star Wars card game tilted Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

EA Sports brings out Pele to talk about soccer or better known as football. And talk about the changes they’ll be making to FIFA 16.

Do you have faith in Faith? Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will ask you to once again dive into her life in a world dominated by corporations.

And back to the sports with Madden NFL 16 has a new mode for those that love fantasy football. The entire passing game in Madden has been reworked because its a passing league. Defense hasn’t been ignored, where you can now play the reciever to mess with their routes.

Ending the show is Star Wars Battlefront and all of its beauty. Showing off the well known and loved battle of Hoth. And even some crazy Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker action.

Thus EA wraps up their conference.


Mass Effect Andromeda

Need for Speed

Star War the Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire


Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

EA Sports

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Madden NFL 16

Star Wars Battlefront

Whole EA Conference Video

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