Bethesda’s First Ever E3 Conference Kicking off E3 2015

Today is a new day in the history of E3. It’s the first time that Bethesda Softworks, known for games like Fallout 3, Skyrim, Dishonored, will be holding a conference for E3. This post will be collection of what’s said during the show and the game trailers.


The conference kicks off introducing Pete Hines with the Skyrim music in the background. With the promise of blood and guts, and explosions as well.

DOOM is the first game to be talked about. Built on the IDtek 6 engine. With Marty Stratton taking the stage to present it. Doom keeps it simple, fast shooting, lots of killing of aliens on Mars and gruesome deaths for all those involved. Multiplayer is still an important aspect of the game with a variety of modes and levels. Doom is coming in the spring of 2016.

Doom Snapmap is a creative way for Mod authors to make modes and gameplay. And best of all they’re keeping it simple so that you don’t need to have lots of experience modding to get into it. is Bethesda sharing tool for ever game built by them.

Battlcry an online multiplayer game is next, in which the beta will soon be available worldwide on Sign up before June 18 for priority beta access. Expect lots of fast action gameplay.

Arkane studios comes to the stage to present us with Dishonored 2. Where you take up the mantel of the assassin when the empire is thrown into disarray. You must fight your way through it or stealth through to find out what’s going on and do it as two playable characters Emily the princess from the first game or Corvo, the original protagonist.

There will also be a remaster of the original game Dishonored available this fall. It will be titled Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is continuing to evolve as a game with new content for fans.

The next Elder Scrolls game is Elder Scrolls Legend which will be a strategy card game that tells us more about the lore of Skyrim. It will be free to play on Ipad and PC later this year.

The final game for the night is Fallout 4. Everything about Fallout is meticulously planned and thought out, to each button and blinky light. This time interestingly the game starts before the war began. You have entire control of have your face will look. As events evolve you emerge from the vault two hundred years later. Of course the most important thing is the players freedom to do what they want in the game which remains. VATS remains a way to shoot enemies for those that loved the system the first time around. No Fallout game would be complete with a Pip-boy which can play games. For those that want an actual one you have to get the collectors edition. And yes it is a second screen experience with an App. And to top it off, you can scavenge materials in the world and then build what you want. You can build up an entire settlement with people coming to live there. And raiders will attack your establishment. All items that you collect will have a purpose so no more randomly collecting large amounts of things and tossing them in your house. Each item can be used to help modify your weapons and other things. Fallout 4 is due out on November 10 2015.

There is an App game that they’ve also made called Fallout Shelter where you build your own vault. You are the overseer and control how things go in your vault from sending out people in the wasteland to scavenge and get goods and further expand your great place. It is being released on iOS tonight.

That’s it for their show.



Doom Multiplayer

Doom Snapmap


Dishonored 2

Elder Scrolls Onine: Tamriel Unlimited

Elder Scrolls Legends

Fallout 4

Fallout Shelter

Whole Bethesda E3 Conference

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