The Greenlight voting queue for June 9 to 11 2015.

The Steam summer sale is today and Greenlight games will likely by lost to the abyss of people buying games that are out. That and next week is E3 which makes it even harder for those seeking greenlight votes to get them. We’re still here for the most part sorting and sorting through those games that are posted.

This listing is for June 9 to 11 2015 and is in no particular order.


  • Games must have a trailer to be included in this post.
  • If it looks like a joke submission, I won’t add it to this post.
  • Games that to me don’t look ready for Greenlight also won’t be included.
  • Finally, if I’ve talked about a game in a previous post and its back on Greenlight looking for votes, it won’t be included.

To quick search this post, press the Ctrl and F keys at the same time. This brings up a search box which lets you look for any search time you want. It will only tell you what’s on this page though.

Now for the Games:

Title: Edengrad

Genre: MMO RPG, Survival

Art Style: 3D Open World

Synopsis: Playing as the descendents of the people who survived a mostly destroyed earth. The only thing to do in this post apocalyptic world is survive to see an new day.


Title: The Amber Throne

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Hand Painted

Synopsis: You play as young girl in a desert land and the goal of getting up to the floating castle above them. The only words she can remember from her father, “destroy the amber throne.”


Title: Project-X

Genre: FPS

Art Style: 3D First Person using Half-Life 2

Synopsis: In a forgotten prison is one Gordon Freeman, unfortunately it isn’t totally forgotten as soldiers are overrunning the place and trying to kill him.


Title: Pretty Panzer

Genre: Shooter, Arcade

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Waves of tanks are coming to destroy you because well that’s what they were told to do. So, destroy them instead and you’ll get better armor, guns, and nice paint schemes as a reward.


Title: Cursed Cannons

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Match Three Puzzle Screens

Synopsis: Sail the seven sea’s and fight off bad guys in a match three style puzzle game.

Trailer: It’s a short trailer but the developers are working on a longer one showing gameplay.

Title: Secrets of Olympus 2: Gods Among Us

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Match Three Puzzle Screens

Synopsis: With the secrets of Olympus in human hands, an army has come to fight and you must work your way through them to win the day.


Title: Gladiators Online: Death before Dishonor

Genre: Fighting, Sports

Art Style: 3D Fight Arena

Synopsis: As a gladiator take on the biggest, the toughest, or perhaps the easy weak ones in an all out brawl. Remember to keep your wits and weapons close by at all times. This game will be free to play.


Title: Deadweight

Genre: FPS

Art Style: 3D First Person Shooter

Synopsis: Humanity has lost to the robots and now to entertain them you have to fight your clones. Using and creating cover is important for survival.


Title: Survivor – The Living Dead

Genre: Strategy, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller Hand Painted

Synopsis: Inspired by the old George Romero zombie films. Amber the main character must run and survive in a house with whatever weapons she can scrounge up.


Title: Fracture the Flag

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 3D Low Poly World

Synopsis: Multiplayer physics mayhem where you conquer territory so that you control the map. You may also be peaceful and just target the trees next to you, but that isn’t much of a winning strategy.


Title: Boyfriend Stealer

Genre: Visual Novel

Art Style: 2D Hand Painted Scenes

Synopsis: Shanoa is at a new college after being expelled from her last one. Now she’s looking for a boyfriend. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: The Last Warlock

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D Isometric Voxel World

Synopsis: Summon creatures to fight for you so you can defeat other warlocks. Cause who doesn’t want to defeat those people. This will be a port of the mobile version, but with beefed up graphics, user interface, and the possibility of mods.


Title: Space Run 3D

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle

Art Style: 3D Space Station

Synopsis: Your on a space station and well of course you want to explore. By all means go ahead, but watch out for the things that just happen to like to get in the way.


Title: Fragmentum

Genre: Strategy

Art Style: 3D Low Poly Arena

Synopsis: A real time strategy game where you design your troops in their low polygonal-ness and then set them out into the world. You collect resources to continue to build and also conquer pesky enemies. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Dr. Dungeon’s MADMAN

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Top Down Pixel

Synopsis: You are exiled from your land and all you want to do is restore your honor at any cost.


Title: The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus 2

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn Scenes

Synopsis: The doctors girlfriend has been kidnapped by a ghost. Now its up to you a paranormal investigator to find out what’s going on.


Title: Orion

Genre: Visual Novel

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn Scenes

Synopsis: When Sam Acacius finds out the section of Orion Tarus is to be destroyed he sets out to find out why. This game successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter.


Title: Dino the Beast

Genre: Arcade, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller Hand Drawn

Synopsis: Dino’s mother was killed when he was just a child by a Tyrannosaurs Rex. Dinosaurs hold grudges about that kind of thing and Dino’s out for revenge. The game is set up to feel a bit like an endless runner, minus the endless part and with fights.


Title: Color Car

Genre: Racing, Arcade

Art Style: 3D Side Scroller

Synopsis: An endless racer with a slight end. You match the color of your car to the color of the sections of the level. If you don’t you slow down and are destroyed.


Title: Haven’s Demise

Genre: Platformer, Action

Art Style: 2D Pixel Side Scroller

Synopsis: Dimi has decided he wants to kill Death. So, he gets to it be exploring the levels of the game until he meets him or her.


That is the last of the games in my Steam Greenlight queue that I felt met with my rules. Thank you for reading. Any comments or questions are as always welcome. Either in the comment section below or on twitter @Snipehockey.


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