The many interesting games looking for Steam Greenlight votes. June 3 to 5 2015 edition.

Here we are once again sorting through the mess of Steam Greenlight games that need votes. This listing is for June 3 to 5 2015.

Rules for why a game might not be included:

  •  It has no trailer.
  •  It looks like a joke submission.
  •  It doesn’t look ready for Greenlight.
  •  I have talked about it in a previous post.

This list is in no order other than how they show up on my Steam Greenlight queue.

Quick hint. The Ctrl and F key pressed at the same time will open up a search box which allows you to search any terms you wish, but it only applies to the page you are on.

Onto the Games:

Title: Song of Horror

Genre: Horror, Adventure

Art Style: 3D World from the Third Person Perspective

Synopsis: Daniel Noyer has fallen on hard times and is working at publishing house. He has been tasked with finding one of their writers, Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks. The authors mansion is not how it should be when he arrives. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Metro Wrap

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 3D Abstract Puzzle

Synopsis: You must guide your commuters to their goal, and they only like to make left turns. Your job is to post the correct signage to get them safety to their destination.


Title: The Viceroy

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Art Style: 2D Screens with Top Down 2D

Synopsis: A strategy resource game where you must rebuild destroyed territories in space. With limited resources at your disposal you must do your best to get things better.


Title: Spartan

Genre: Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: From the town of Sparta all the way to Mount Olympus you must jump and fight your way through levels. All of this so you can avenge yourself for the gods forsaking your town.


Title: Ares Omega

Genre: Shooter, RPG

Art Style: 2.5D Top Down

Synopsis: A military robot on Mars has being overrun by robots who have killed all the personal. Rebel robots now control the place and you a cyber-enhanced soldier must put an end to it.


Title: The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

Genre: Adventure

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller Hand Drawn

Synopsis: Right before Francis’s first performance he goes on a multi-dimensional experience to find his stage persona.


Title: One Night 2

Genre: Horror

Art Style: 3D Corridor Crawler

Synopsis: You find yourself in mysterious room, probably best to escape before anything happens.


Title: Sushi Roll

Genre: Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: You play as a sushi roll, rolling your way through levels and shooting out of cannons. Just common sushi things.


Title: Eco – Global Survival Game

Genre: MMO, Survival, RPG

Art Style: 3D Open World

Synopsis: This survival game isn’t just about your character surviving, but creating a whole world that survives and grows. Yes that means the other animals and plants. Which also means that you can probably kill of species as well.


Title: Teeworlds

Genre: Arena Shooter

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: A multiplayer shooting game in which you take on up to 16 players in a side scrolling arena. Shoot, kill, destroy them all, or capture the flag. You can create your own maps to play on. This game will be free to play.


Title: Star Crusade CCG

Genre: Card Game

Art Style: 2D Cards

Synopsis: When the last unclaimed star gate opens the galaxy decides to go to war over it. Thus you must choose a side and duke it out using your deck of cards. This game will be free to play.


Title: Nebula

Genre: Shooter, Puzzle, Platformer

Art Style: 2D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Your on a space station and the place isn’t terribly friendly. Using physics you make your way around the place.


Title: Pixeloids

Genre: Space Shooter, Arcade, Twin Stick Shooter

Art Style: 2D Top Down with lots of explosions and pixels

Synopsis: An arena survival shooter with a hint of retro and lots of explosions. Fast action and pixels, lots and lots of pixels.


Title: Asteroid Minesweeper

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 3D Puzzle

Synopsis: Take the classic minesweeper game and then wrap it up in a 3D asteroid and solve it. Thus Asteroid Minesweeper was born.


Title: Quern: Undying Thoughts

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Art Style: 3D Open World

Synopsis: Following in the footsteps of the game Myst, Quern challenges you with puzzles in a weird yet strangely wonderful world. You must be able to think beyond solving a single puzzle and moving on as puzzles often go together. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Carnivore Land

Genre: Shooter, Horror

Art Style: 3D Top Down

Synopsis: Want to shoot zombies? Cause that’s what you get. You’ve been dropped into a war torn city to find a package. Of course. some undead person decided to come back to life and when the rest of the dead followed, well you have to fill them full of bullets. This game is aiming for a comedic take on zombie games.


Title: MiniDrivers

Genre: Racing, Sports

Art Style: 3D Low Poly Race Track

Synopsis: Race around with mini racers in mini F1 looking cars. The game does have a bit of a Mario Kart feel with power ups and such.


Title: Pyramid Raid

Genre: Puzzle, Platforrmer

Art Style: 3D Side Scroller

Synopsis: Mixing platformer with tower defense. You must build your own pyramid up to defend your treasure. But you also have to go raid other peoples pyramid in order to get the necessary items to build up yours.


Title: Crisential

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 3D Voxel Open World

Synopsis: It is a constantly changing RPG, where action have impact and can change the way things play out. It’s about building, crafting, and surviving what the world has to offer. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Sentinel 4: Dark Star

Genre: Tower Defense

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Defend your base against the hordes of enemies and do it with crazy weapons.


Title: Walkerman

Genre: Visual Novel

Art Style: 2D Hand Drawn

Synopsis: Jorgen a country boy has taken the job of Walkerman in the city. The job is not easy as it involves fighting the supernatural that wanders the streets at night. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Your castle has been invaded by monsters. You must bump them out of the way and to their DOOM! Described by the developers as Chess meet Super Smash Brothers. This game is crowd funding on Kickstarter.


Title: Anima Gate of Memories

Genre: RPG, Hack and Slash

Art Style: 3D Third Person Open World

Synopsis: When an artifact was stolen from the ancient society Nathaniel, two agents set out to get it back and almost succeed. The agents, the Bearer and Ergo find themselves trapped in a strange world with demons spawning all around them.


Title: Redneck Racers

Genre: Racing

Art Style: 3D Farm Race Tracks

Synopsis: Race tractors around farm race tracks.


Title: Tetrominous

Genre: Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Puzzle

Synopsis: Tetris inspired game in which you take on an opponent in a PvP game of Tetris. Mess them up to win but be careful, they can fight back.


Title: Ruin

Genre: RPG

Art Style: 2D Pixel Top Down

Synopsis: When an earthquake brings about the near end of civilization. One man wanders around finding out what has happened.


Title: 12 Labors of Hercules IV: Mother Nature

Genre: Strategy, Puzzle

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Help restore the beauty of the world after the gods have had their fun messing it up.


Title: TeraBlaster

Genre: Shooter

Art Style: 2D Top Down

Synopsis: Rouge-like space shooter with endless levels of enemies to kill. All this at a fast pace.


Those are the games of my Greenlight queue. Comments and questions are always welcome in the section below or on twitter @snipehockey. Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks for including us on your list!

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