Here’s the Greenlight Voting Queue for May 7 to 9 2015.

Games need to be sorted through on Steam Greenlight and I’m probably the wrong person to do it. But still I try. I do this because well I like the idea of helping people sort through the mess of Greenlight. I also like to keep things simple. So, I go by some rules. Games with no trailers, don’t look ready for Greenlight, look like joke submissions, or I’ve talked about in previous posts; will not be included in this post. Finally, these games are listed in the order which Steam Greenlight shows them to me.

Onto the Games for May 7 to 9, 2015.

Next Day: From SOFF Games, is a 3D MMO FPS. It’s all about survival because humanity was almost completely wiped out by an unknown infection.

Hexters: This strategy game is about the things that happen to your computer while you’re away or its shut down. The developers Draconus Entertainment describe it as Tower Defense meets Darwinia meets Settlers meets Dwarf Fortress and all that with co-op. It’s a city builder during the day and during the night cycle tower defense.

Only Us: A 2D pixel side scrolling horror game, in which you explore planets all alone. This game is from developer NoRecordedScissors, who want to create a haunting dark adventure where things will go wrong with one wrong step.

Invisagun Heroes: Single screen multiplayer shooter arena game. But everyone is invisible! It’s done in 2D, with a top down view and pixel style graphics. The game is being made by Somber Studio.

Hero’s Challenge: This game is about defeating evil, even if it means that it is very close to you. It’s been made with RPG Maker Engine, which will probably turn off more than a few voters.

The Gates of Charon: This is a game of life and death, and not just in the simplistic terms of you play through the game trying not to die. No, you play as a detective who is alive and then an ex-scientist. It uses a 2D top down perspective that makes it look a bit like it uses the RPG Maker Engine. This game is on Kickstarter.

Cheats 4 Hire: Strategy puzzle game set in a school, where you set up a team of people to cheat there way through tests. It uses a 3D top down perspective and is being developed by Travian Games.

Guardians of the Forest: This is 2D arena brawler with bunnies. BUNNIES! Also some bears and raccoon’s. It’s being made by Ratalaika Games. This game is on Kickstarter.

Color by: A 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer in which you paint levels to complete them. Developer Polykroma Games wants this to be about exploration and discovery.

Ultimate Arena: A game in which you take historical figures and fight it out in an arena. Not in a typical 2D fighter though, this is a top down 2D game. The trailer is also a bit…odd. This game is being developed by Triverske.

Synchrom: Shooter meets musical puzzle game. Developed by Morphkins they want to revisit the shooter, musical, and puzzle genre to improve and change them to create a more immersive and focused game.

The Contact: This top down 2D game is a role playing game about the freedom of choice. It’s a game inspired by Grand Theft Auto and Thief. The trailer perspective seems a bit too far drawn back, but it still looks interesting.

Goblin Quest: Escape!: You play as a weak goblin who can’t attack because he’s weak, what he can do is run and outsmart his opponent. It’s a 3D isometric RPG, where you run away from baddies and collect the treasure from various dungeons. The game is being developed by BitBots Industries.

YMIR: 4x strategy city builder set to a persistent online world. You can not directly control your citizens, they will do what you ask of them building and farming. You have two layers of gameplay, a world view where you decide the laws of your land, and the city view where you build a city.

RC Simulation: Much like the game title suggests, you’ll be racing RC cars. It’s pretty detailed game with 3D modeled RC cars and six tracks so far to race on.

Viridi: Simply put, this game is about grown plants in a pot in real time. Its a meditative experience that’s more chill and relaxed.

Picross Pirates: A puzzle game where you’re trying to uncover the hidden chests so that they form a picture, things like an umbrella and so on.

Lord of Lords, King of Kings: A 3D strategy RPG where you explore a map and fight enemies. The Greenlight page doesn’t provide details into a story just what the game wants to be gameplay wise. It looks a bit rough right now.

Freak Out: Psychedelic runner. You were put in asylum full of happiness and well that can be as much of a prison as sadness or depression. It is 2D and side scrolling.

Vaults of Greed: This is a tower defense game where you play as Mammon the lord of hell who represents greed. Your job is to protect your treasured vaults filled with goodies. You play from a top down perspective with 3D graphics.

Areeb World: When humanity began to rely on robots, the Sanads, life was good. Then they Sanads malfunctioned and now humans must relearn how to do things because the Sanads made life so much easier. This is a 3D MMORPG.

Mages of the Endless World: A pixel art RPG in 2D and side scrolling. It’s all about creating your own adventure as you can build the world you want to play in. It does look a bit rough at the moment. This game is on Kickstarter.

Keepers of the Luxaera: 2D side view puzzle game where you control robots who have the job of keeping cryogenic frozen humans alive.

Abrix the Robot: Robot puzzle game with an isometric 3D view. You guide a robot around a level avoiding the traps and bombs, all the while collecting treasure.

And that’s it for this last few days of Steam Greenlight. If you enjoyed reading or just have a comment, please feel free to comment below, or contact me on twitter @snipehockey. Thanks for reading.


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