Blues and Bullets along with The Human Gallery are some of the interesting games on Greenlight looking for votes.

It’s time for another post about the games posted to Steam Greenlight looking votes. This will cover the dates of May 4 to 6 2015. Rules: if a game has no trailer, looks like a joke submission, games that don’t look ready, or games I’ve talked about in previous posts; will not be included in this post. The games are in the order which Greenlight presents them to me.


The Human Gallery: You play as a painter looking for inspiration but you do so in the mind of a psychopath. It’s a 2D horror game and a side scroller, the interesting thing is the perspective is very zoomed in the protagonist.

Eon Altar: Co-op RPG adventure that’s designed around couch play with up to 4 players. The major component of this is that you play by connecting smart phones to say your computer and using it as a controller of sorts.

New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition: An adventure puzzle game. Set in 1955 the Mafia bosses of New York City are vanishing along with children of the city.

Monsters’ Den: Godfall: A dungeon crawling tactical RPG in 2D. The world has shifted against humanity after a war amongst the gods, and each time a god died so did their followers. Now fifty years after a lone god won, humanity continues its struggle. This game is on Kickstarter.

SnarfQuest Tales: Snarf is the protaganist in this 3D point and click adventure. And yes, for those that remember the 80’s, SnarfQuest is based on the comics of the same name. The game will be on Kickstarter July 30 2015.

Three Days: A game in which you have three days to survive and figure a way off of an island. 2D with top down perspective, it looks a bit rough.

Legend of Glory: MOBA style game with Portuguese as its only supported language according to the Greenlight page.

Leftway: This is an action horror game in which the main character doesn’t know what she’s doing at location in the game. It’s hard to get a grasp of the game, the Greenlight page doesn’t have the best English translation. It does have an interesting art style though, toned in grey, white and black.

Blues and Bullets: Eliot Ness, the man who created the Untouchables a group of police who brought down Al Capone, has retired. But when children start disappearing he sets to finding out what’s going on. It’s reminiscent of LA Noire as you play a detective working their way through a grey 3D world.

Winterflame: The Other Side: A side scrolling puzzle platforming game in 2D. It’s the story of Lev who sets out to save the one he loves and find himself. The art and music from the trailer are well done and worth watching the trailer for. This game is on Kickstarter.

Power Drive 2000: An 80’s inspired racing game and also a talking car. Expect a lot of neon and drifting. This game is on Kickstarter.

Super Kitty: This 2D side scrolling game is about playing a super kitty, but the game has a bit of a trolling nature to it. Best to just watch the trailer.

Microcosmum: Survival of Cells: This game is all about improving your microorganism by capturing other microorganisms. Simple and 2D, its a game of taking it all in while you play.

Mustache in Hell: Twin stick 2D pixel art shooter. Also you have a mustache and go by the name John Mustache. The mustache love is strong with this game.

Volvex: This is a 2D triangular puzzle game, in which you move triangles around to solve puzzles and such.

Those are the games that want votes for May 4 to 6 2015. If you have any comments or questions, please leave it in the section or contact me on twitter @snipehockey. Thanks for reading.


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