The end of April voting queue for Steam Greenlight

It is the end of April and we have the last games put up for votes on Steam Greenlight to go through for the dates of April 28 to the 30, 2015. As always I have my standard criteria for what I put into these posts. Games that: don’t have trailers, are joke looking submissions, don’t look ready, or finally I have talked about in another blog post will not be a part of this post. These games are listed as they are shown to me by Steam Green light. I will at times post my opinion of games that I think look interesting, but I do try and keep impartial to all the games I see. That said, I do have to do a bit of judgment on what makes this post and doesn’t.


Now without wasting much more of your time, onto the Games:

Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients: A sandbox open MMO RPG/RTS in which you command massive armies to do your bidding. 3D world with lots of options for the world and how to equip your army. This game is on Kickstarter.

Tank Battle: Normandy: Based around the Battle of Normandy, France you must get your tanks and troops ashore and inland to fight the Germans. It uses hexagonal movement with a top down view making it look like a board game.

Super Star Path: Arcade style shooter where you’re in a spaceship shooting enemies and random puzzle levels. The story goes that in 2985 humans have expanded out to even the farthest reaches of space, but now the aliens are tired of humanity and want it all back.

Autumn Park Mini Golf: First person mini-golf.

Raido: Road to Ragnarok: A free to play tactical card game, but the cards are triangles and must be placed on a game board. This game is on Kickstarter.

Tootinis: An action 3D adventure game where you use bubbles as your weapon. Lula a female Tootini has been kidnapped and trapped in a castle, the Tootini resuce team has failed and is stuck in the castle as well. It’s up to you to save day.

Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters: 2D space shooter where aliens have sent a message about their arrival to earth. Captain Lycop is sent to find out what they want.

Stellar 2D: Arcade space shooter set in 2D but with a 3D world.

Flower Tower: This is about making a flower grow and avoiding things that will make it fall down. I think.

Bear Simulator: Play as a bear in a 3D world to explore and the regions provided, find out the horrible secret the forests hold. This game was successfully Kickstarted.

Shred! Downhill Mountain Biking: Downhill racing mountain bike game that’s all about the flow. Looks a bit like the same perspective as the Trials series.

Dark Dawn: 2D side scrolling action shooter! It’s meant to be simple fast action reminiscent of old school action shooters.

The Knobbly Crook: Chapter 1 – The Horse you sail in on: A point and click adventure game set in a surreal world. You play as a simple paper farmer who goes on and adventure because of a spooky face with a spooky voice. This game is free to play.

Gridworld: An abstract life simulator set in a top down view and very abstract. Did I mention abstract yet?

The Archetype: You play as Archty Tolomel and this game explores his emotions and problems.

Castle Vox: A team based world conquest game, with everyone taking their turn simultaneously. Meaning once everyone has made their move, the actions then play out and any potential unforeseen battles you thought you had covered happen. It’s a risk style board game, but set in World War 2.

Bloody Revenge: Police officer Taylor seeks out his companions killer to get revenge. It’s a top down shooter, like Hotline Miami, you’ll spend a lot of time shooting and then shooting some more.

Grey Cubes: A Breakout style puzzle game. You keep the ball hitting the grey boxes and don’t let it past you.

Wyrmsun: This game is a lot of things, mainly a 2D top down RPG with an open world. It also happens to be open source with many quests and a lot of exploring to do. I’d advise you to checkout the Greenlight page, because there is far too much to list here.

A Bastard’s Tale: Are you tough? Because a heavy sword is all that protects you in a game that will kill your character many times. It’s a 2D side scrolling adventure.

Railroad Lines: A simulator where you complete various tasks, i.e. delivering cargo or passengers. It is set from the 1990’s to today, so no older train engines.

King’s and Generals: A Divided Loyality: 16-bit inspired RPG, made with RPG Maker engine. You play as John Fox an up and coming general who is caught up in an unsettled world dictated by the kings and generals.

Golf Masters: A golf game designed with virtual reality in mind. It wants you to experience fantasy golf courses without the actual trudging around of golf.

SuperMoose: You play as a Moose, who happens to love to run away when his friends are in need of help. It’s a 3D adventure game, though it looks a bit rough with a bit of promise.

RGBverse: Platforming game with the twist that you have to make sure you match colors with the platform. Hence the name RGBverse, red, green, and blue platforms are there to trick you.

2 Fast Driver 2: Race Mini’s around tracks in four different cities and multiple track per city.

LOGistICAL: Weird way to spell the title of a game, but no matter. It’s a logistics game where you’re moving cargo and trying to improve the infrastructure.

Laith Tactics: A tactical RPG where you can either defend your country or take it over. 2D and probably made with the RPG Maker engine.

Magical Brickout: A circular puzzle game based around the game Breakout.

And that is it for the Steam Greenlight games posted for April. See you next month for more games and madness. Feel free to comment or tweet me @snipehockey. Thanks for reading.


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