Elisnore, A point and click adventure game, is one of the many games looking for Steam Greenlight votes for April 25 to 27 2015.

The games have queued up for votes on Steam Greenlight and I’m here to sift through them to tell you a little bit about each.

There are some rules I go by and because of that this listing isn’t completely comprehensive for the dates of April 25 to 27 2015. My rules: If the developers don’t post a trailer, or it looks like a joke submission, or not ready for Greenlight, or finally has been in a previous post written by me, I won’t put those games into this post. Also this list is in the order which Steam presents the games to me.


Thea: The Awakening: Inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, this game is about survival strategy in a hexagonal world. It reminds me a bit of the Civilizations series however much, much slower. This game was on Kickstarter, but didn’t reach its funding goals last year. The developers have kept working on the game though.

Reincarnation: The Root of all Evil: A point and click adventure game where you play as Vile who has to figure out why all the souls are escaping from hell. Sadly, the developer doesn’t have much of a trailer up at the moment, just a video with the title screen, they say that a full trailer should be up by mid-week. The game was successfully Kickstarted in 2012.

The Chronicles of Nyanya: CATS! This is an RPG where you play as a cat fighting against or for evil. A 2D parody done with what looks to be RPG Marker engine. Be ready for the many cat puns, because there are many in the trailer.

Chicken Invaders 3: Chickens being the intergalactic species they are have had enough of humanity and are intent on taking over intergalactic star systems.This is a 2D top down spaceship shooter, where you try and kill chickens.

Reed’s Heritage: Pixel side scrolling horror game where you explore the secrets and horrors of a small family estate. It looks slow moving but interesting. The gameplay doesn’t show much other than movement as the game is still in early development.

Elsinore: Set in Shakespearean Hamlet, you play as Ophelia, and if you know Shakespeare congratulations, you’re a crazy character. This 3D adventure game however is in a constant loop, think Groundhogs Day or Majora’s Mask. The game is on Kickstarter.

The Walking West: Survive the wild west in this FPS that looks like Minecraft sort of block world. It is a survival horror 3D game to be played alone or with friends.

Ryzom: Free to play MMORPG. The world is alive and your actions have consequences which can spark wars and other stuff.

Way of Gold and Steel: This is a rouge-like strategy that doesn’t punish you too harshly. You order minions to do your bidding, building up your base and taking on any enemies you find. You job is to defeat the opposing factions.

The Lord: Strategy simulation game where you must rebuild an impoverished land. It’s a top down 2D city builder. The trailer I believe is in Korean, but the developers are saying their will be an English version.

Advent in Advary: A war has started and you must end it! That’s all I know about this game, other than its using the RPG Maker engine.

Star Dust Racers: Kart style racing, where if you fall off the level you’re eliminated from the game. Fully 3D and using the Unreal Engine, it calls back not to the Mario Kart style racers but games like Mashed, Mirco Machines, and Rock n’ Roll Racing. This game is on Kickstarter.

Cow Kapow: This is a turn based strategy game with cows. You fight it out on a grid with various weapons and trying the defeat your dastardly cow opponent.

Operation Biotech: Top down shooter with 2D pixel art. Shoot to win and survive.

Adventures on the Polluted Islands: Free to play top down adventure game. You play as a crab on a polluted island clearing out the infected marine life.

Naoki Tales: Naoki’s wife has been taken, you must rescue her in this 2D side scrolling adventure game.

Mongrel: Described as Cave Story meet’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day but Metroidvania style gameplay. It’s 2D adventure side scrolling game. You play as Finch a half human, half frog creature. This game is on Kickstarter.

Wave Mechanics: A simple puzzle game where you’re trying to match the color to tile. A tile with a number on it can change a tile near it to the same color.

That is all of the games posted to Greenlight that met my rules. If you have any comments questions, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or comment below. Thanks for reading.


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