The Greenlight game of April 16 to 18 that want votes.

And now for the latest games to arrive on Steam Greenlight that want votes to be allowed onto Steam. Couple of things to note. If a game doesn’t have a trailer, doesn’t look ready, looks like a joke submission, or is a reposted that I’ve listed before: I will not list them in this not-so-grand list. Finally, this is done in the order which games appear in my voting queue and is not meant to suggest that games listed first or last are any better than any other game.

Now the Games:

Merendam: An adventure horror game that’s been brought over from Android devices. It’s a third person perspective in which you must escape the village and the ghosts that haunt it.

Nomad Fleet: Real time strategy set in space as you try and pilot the last of the human race to safety from the alien creatures hunting them.

The Quest: Let’s all go on a quest in a puzzle platformer where you jump a lot. Its 2D and side scrolling and looks to be a bit challenging,

Swift: A 2D side scrolling arcade action platformer with a ninja! It is also a multiplayer focused game where you’re trying to kill the other players with your ninja powers.

Brutal Force: Isometric shooter with permadeath and rouge-like elements. Pretty much use your guns before the enemy kills you on 140 different levels.

Fantasy Tales Online: Retro sandbox RPG that is an MMO. From the video its hard to tell but the perspective appears to be isometric.

Kupad’s Adventure: Go on a platforming adventure as a cube in a 3D world. It actually looks pretty interesting.

Lily and Sasha: Nexus of Souls: A continuation from the first game Lily and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals. It is an RPG that looks like it was made with the RPG Maker engine.

Boo!: A horror runner game in the first person perspective and in a 3D world. You spend the game running from a giant looking ghost.

Sakura Beach: Visual novel/dating sim but on the beach.

Devilry: First person perspective horror game, in which you defend your family from a horrible ghost that’s entered your house. Use whatever tools you can find to fight it off.

Shop Keep: If you thought this game was about being a shop keeper you’d be correct. You play as the character who is normally an NPC in role playing games and you have to buy and sell goods. It’s a 3D world in which you set up shop and try and keep it going.

Mute Crimson+: Action 2D side scrolling adventure. Avoid the spikes and lasers and well enemies because they don’t like you. Looks pretty cool visually.

Brilliant Shadows: Mages of the light vs mages who use Necromancy. It’s an adventure visual novel and is on Kickstarter to raise money for the completion of the game.

Superstatic: Top down perspective shooter in which you have the ability to posses your enemies. Potentially an interesting take on the top down shooter genre.

Lily and Sasha: Guardian Angels: Part of the Lily and Sasha franchise, it’s an RPG that looks like it was made in RPG Maker. Sasha and Lily have gone through a portal, but the enemy from the first two games still grows stronger.

No One But You: A visual novel that’s also a dating sim. A young man finds himself struggling to fit in. Until he goes to school, then he must figure out if he wants to run away from fate or accept it. This game is on kickstarter.

Slam: Slam is a puzzle game in which you move an object to the objective to clear the puzzle. It’s a game that is better seen than described.

I & Me: A side scrolling 2D platform adventure in which you play as two cats. The trick of the game is that both characters act simultaneously.

Melter Man: A 2D side scrolling platforming game. That said, in order to get to the end of the level and figure out the puzzles you must destroy things in the world and vacuum them up. Then you use the vacuumed materials into new objects.

Carrotting Brain: An action shooter meant for co-op with friends. It reminds me a bit of the game Worms.

Lightrise: Multiplayer shooter in a medieval world, magic is available as a weapon to wield against those pesky sword holders.

Lunatic’s Bane: An action RPG set in an open world with pixels. It’s a dynamic would open to exploration and its secrets. This game is on Kickstarter.

Arclight Cascade: Top down shooter. A tear has appeared in the universe and “podders” who pilot spaceships gather around the tear setting up tournaments to see who is the best of them.

SEEP Universe: An exploration of four bizarre planets in a platforming shooter. It’s a 2D side scroller with hand painted looking art. This game is posted on Indiegogo to fund its completion.

The Reign of Loominati: A survival multiplayer FPS where you face off against a foe in an arena. It’s an arena shooter with destructible environments.

That is all for the voting queue of April 16 to 18 2015. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them below. Thanks for reading.


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