The latest listing of Steam Greenlight games looking for votes, April 10 to 12 Edition

Here we are once again combing through the games posted to Steam Greenlight for April 10 to 12 2015. I created this list to give people a general idea of what games have been posted and not have to sort through the listing itself. Yes you can go through Steam itself and look through them there. But this is an alright way to do it as well.

There is a couple of things though. I don’t list games that don’t have a trailer, Steam Greenlight rules state that you should have one. I also don’t list games that look either like joke submissions or unready for Greenlight. I don’t want to waste your time.


Instinct: There are a lot of survival games out there. And I mean a lot, the genre has become very popular. And many of the games seem to follow along the same idea. Instinct interestingly, takes survival to the Mesolithic period around 7000 years ago. The trailer does not show off too much unfortunately.

Teddy Terror: A world of horror and traps that you must use to your advantage to survive. Dying is only the beginning of the game, as you level up to live longer and take on more baddies. It has a top down perspective and reminds me a bit of Binding of Isaac.

TGL: ThanksGiving Life: One part life tycoon and one part god simulator, equates out to this game. It isn’t like the Sims because you control more of the moral choices the AI has decided to make. For example, if they’re going to rob a bank, you can stop them or watch what happens.

Block-Z: Minecraft meets survival against the zombie hordes.

Burshi: Open world JRPG, lots of enemies and dungeons to explore. The trailer isn’t the greatest as it does far to many quick jumps to other little bits of action. It is on kickstarter.

Nobu: Fat Revenge: Side scrolling shooting platforming game starring Nobu. Created to be an old school platformer from the NES era. The game is being made by a one man studio.

Treeker: The Lost Glasses: A first person 3D platforming game where you explore a colorful world and work out how to get to the end of the level. But, to solve the puzzles you must find the lost glasses to unveil the hidden world.

Journey of Light: This game is based on finding your way out of the forest. The trailer doesn’t make it terribly clear as you follow along with this sort of light. That is however what it is all about.

VROOM: Galleon: A virtual 3D world in which you’re the captain of an old galleon. You’re free to explore the ship to your hearts content. I don’t know if there is anymore to the game other then the exploration of the ship.

Capricorn 7: Giant Mech machine cop meets enemies and kills them with a variety of weapons. There was some discussion on the Greenlight page about wether the game met copyright standards because it looks like Future Cop: LAPD.

Cnidaria: The Encounter: 2D spaceship shooter with a retro feel. You shoot at aliens and hope you don’t crash into the variety of objects cluttering the screen.

Milford Heaven – Luken’s Chronicles: This 2D RPG uses a top down perspective, but also is sort of first person because you don’t have a character on the screen. This means enemies will strike at the screen itself.

A Light in Chorus: Using sound and light in this first person puzzle adventure game you bring the world back to life. It is interesting, a visual and sound experience if the trailer is anything to go by.

Sirius Online: Take a space ship and explore a massive universe in an MMO environment. The game is filled with combat and exploration.

Day Survival Begins: Minecraft inspired zombie horde survival game.

Transcend: An average guy is the hero in a puzzle platforming game. You’ll also spend about equal amount of time dead as alive, because death helps you solve puzzles and get further in the game. Literally you will have to kill you’re character. This game is on kickstarter.

Heroes of the Shadow Guard: An RPG where you build your dungeon and fill it with nefarious traps and creatures to stop players from getting to the end. All the while you go and raid other player’s dungeons to see if you can best them. Building the dungeon is done from the top down perspective while raiding other people’s dungeons is first person.

The Divine Paradox: Made in RPG Maker, its stunningly and RPG! A demon from long ago that was slain has returned to wipe out humanity.

Police Infinity: Anti-terrorist vs terrorist FPS. Looks very early in development, but otherwise pretty good.

Fairytales: Three Heroes: Take Russian heroes and save the day from other characters who take advantage of the innocent characters in this 3D RPG.

Hero Quest: This is a strategy game in which you have a 2D screen and must select the heroes to come out of your castle and fight the enemy heroes from their castle.

Quiz.Life – Real-Time Strategy for Students: Educational battle game where with correct answers to quiz questions you can build up an army and take on an opponent. The better you do, the easier it will become.

Space Thinger: Aracde space shooter in a 3D world. You shoot at enemies and they shoot back space dog fighting at its finest. Thought they may want to change the music in the trailer, it sounds a bit like Star War’s music if I’m not mistaken.

Scooter Rush: Endless runner meets moped scooter. And like most endless runners, you have obstacles to avoid, mostly in the shape of falling red balls in this game.

And that’s it for the games in my voting queue for the last three days. Thanks for reading.


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