Little Devil Inside leads an interesting pack of Steam Greenlight games looking for votes. April 7 to 9 2015

Here we are once again to sort through the games that have been put up for votes on Steam Greenlight. The idea of these posting is to give a general idea of what games have been put up on the service. I don’t include games that don’t have a trailer, don’t look ready, or look like joke submissions.


Afterlife Empire: Built on the premise of strategy and base building, you take the roll of a ghost who wants to become more famous and scary. It has an isometric view and will be similar to Theme Hospital and others. The trailer sadly only shows the opening title screen and nothing else.

Shadow Fight 2: A mix of RPG and fighting games. You choose weapons and fight one on one against an enemy. The original Shadow Fight game was successful on the Facebook platform and mobile devices.

Exocorps: Third person and first person shooter set in the middle of nowhere where you fight it out vs an opponent. It’s weird in an interesting way. Yeah, best to watch the trailer.

Polyball: Art meets Marble Madness. Your job is to roll a marble or ball or whatever you want to call it to the goal through the artsy environment.

Gravity Zero GT: Musical rail riding on a snowboard but in a futuristic setting. Also to hit the notes your must have your characters hands in the right position.

SmuggleCraft: Smuggle goods across a dangerous land in your hovercraft. It will have a narrative story to it, and one that’s driven by the player’s choices.

T.T.C.: Tanks have come to save the day, or destroy it, yeah definitely destroying. This game will have a top down view and keep things relatively simple shoot your opponent and capture his respawn point. Fast action with a simple layout.

Wings of Heroes: Battle for the Skies: Side scrolling flight sim that isn’t really a simulator. It takes to the skies in World War 2 era planes to dog fight and raid the enemy.

Dog Unit New York: Detective Max: This is a hidden objects puzzle game, where you look at a picture and find the stuff that’s out of place.

Tractor: Farm Driver: A tractor driving game that is a port from mobile devices. Doesn’t look great but has loud music in the trailer that sounds kind of like country music.

Predator Simulator: Play as a lion who has the job of wiping out humanity from the face of the earth. Go, lion, go. The camera is in third person so it makes for some interesting shots of your victims.

AD2460: Web based massive multiplayer online game with heavy strategy elements because everyone is after the resources hidden throughout the universe.

City Sweeper – Clean it Fast: Street sweeping simulator game. Ported from mobile devices.

Alone Season One: A free to play adventure game in which you explore the world and the puzzles to figure out what’s going on. Be forewarned it is very foggy in this game.

Celestial Cleave: This game isn’t easy to describe, its a chess game of sorts but with its own level of strategy and play. Celestial Cleave will rely on your smarts and abilities to break through against the enemy. It’s a mulitplayer focused game.

Tee Off Madness: Who doesn’t love a little bit of mini golf every now and then? Tis a game about mini golf.

Shoot-a story: A weird twist on a sort of Space Invaders style shooter, where instead of descending aliens, you shoot words. Literally you shoot at a story. It’s interesting to see in motion especially with the way they set up the visuals. Might need to be speed up a bit though.

Little Devil Inside: Action adventure awaits in a 3D world to explore, with plenty of creatures to find and perhaps hunt. Little Devil Inside will be an open world free for you to explore as you choose, but will have story based missions to be accomplished. It looks amazing though its only alpha footage so the game will undergo a lot of changes.

Ananias Rougelike: Top Down dungeon crawling rougelike RPG that’s also 2D. Survive for as long as you can.

Cross Lands: An action adventure game in which you break all the things. Fight to defeat the evil ice queen with a bunch of different animals.

Avoid the Black: A maze puzzle game which scrolls to the side, while you control a dot that can go up and down and avoid the black. It’s a bit of an endless runner mixed in with games that challenge you not to hit the border of the level while racing through a tight space. It has a bit of a mesmerizing look to it. Once you start watching the trailer its hard to look away.

Gravity Shot: You get to play with nuclear warheads, which is always fun. Puzzle meet nuclear bomb. Throw bombs around using gravity to destroy your targets who apparently are you to assassinate you.

Treasure Keeper: Dragon wants to keep his valuable treasure all to himself and will destroy anyone who tries to take it. You play as the dragon.

Hounds: The Last Hope: Horror based multiplayer shooter. The Wickbroke aliens are coming to kill off humanity.

Dreamcage 28: A surreal world stuck in a birdcage where you must figure out what is going on and why. It has the look of an old point and click adventure game where you got lost in the world the developers created.

Bunny Battle Arena: A ridiculous looking side scrolling adventure game. Not really in a bad way but way over the top.

8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey Remastered Edition: The developers are going for a retro inspired JRPG with personality and not many wink and nudge references, but a compelling story. As you might expect it has an 8-bit retro look.

The Union: A tactical hex game based around turn based movements. It’s still early in development, but looks interesting.

Prism: Space bullet hell shoot’um up. Bullets everywhere.

Russian Bad Road: This is an arcade racing game all about driving on bad roads in Russia. It has a sort of old arcade look to it that you see on mobile racing games these days.

Fairy Kingdom: You’re tasked with rebuilding the kingdom after the princess was kidnapped and manage the workers and food while your at it. A more casual puzzle game that will make you work.

Gomachi’s Mushroom Madness: Exterminate! Mushrooms must die! You play as the exterminator of mushrooms and must clear them out before time expires.

Machine of Thing: An adventure game where the machine you’ve created has locked you into a testing room. Your job shut down the machine before it does anything worse.

Serene: The afterlife is all there is now for the main character, but even there is unsettled and things to be discovered.

Poly Bridge: Build the bridge of your dreams, or build the one that will fall down and destroy those that are driving across it.

And that is it for the games in my Greenlight voting queue. That is until next time when I work my way through another list of games.

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