Steam Greenlight gets lots of odd games posted. Here is a breakdown of the submissions between April 4 to 6 2015.

Here we are once again for another Steam Greenlight post, this time for the dates of April 4 to 6 2015. A quick reminder that while I create a list of games put up on Greenlight. I may not include all titles presented. If a game looks like a joke submission or doesn’t have a trailer. I won’t include it. Sorry its just the way I do things. Secondly, I do this list because it helps break through the bedlam of games posted up there. It is only intended to give you a brief idea of what games have to offer.


Squad: A team based multiplayer shooter. You must work with your squad otherwise you will not survive long, long gunman will not be around for long. Communication will be the key to this game.

Genesia Legacy: Turn based strategy with elements of management. Based on the game that came out in 1993 and the 2011 game that came out on Ipad. Simple looking is perhaps the best decription of the trailer, but games often have a hidden depth to them.

Twin Robots: A side scrolling platformer with robots. You switch your control between the two to complete the puzzles. Pretty straight forward platforming game.

Wayward Beyond: Exploration and combat are the two keys to this space snadbox game with a multiplayer focus. It’s a game about doing what you want. So if you want to govern a planet do it, or your more into trading goods you’ve mined from some mysterious planet you can do that.

Temporal Ascendance: A colorful single player RPG that uses magic for weapons against enemies. Did I mention its colorful, because it looks very colorful.

Out of Body: Side scrolling adventure with an emphasis on the animation. It is set in the spirit world so you’ll be having a lot of out of body experiences, hence the game’s title I suppose.

The Penguin Hero: There must be a hero and it must be a Penguin. Platform your way around levels because your a ball of a penguin.

Vic’s Haunted House: Platformer where Vic has broken a mirror and now has a haunted house. Pretty simple looking game.

Shot in the Dark: Want to play a multiplayer FPS where you play in the dark hunting other players? Well Shot in the Dark looks like it could be that game. Blend in to take out your enemies.

Buff Knight Advanced: This game is an endless runner but with the twist of being an RPG. Run and defeat those that stand in your way with lots of different weapons and spells.

BreezeBlox: A deceptively simple looking game about moving a block around a map. But in that simplicity looks to be a fun puzzle game that pushes you to think.

The 31st: Weird wild and intense adventure. This is the type of manic game where everything gets thrown at you and you get to destroy it. The trailer does take a little while to get going, at about the halfway point.

Zombie Hunter, Inc: Wave after wave of zombies are coming for you. This is a top down perspective where the developer describes it as Left 4 Dead meets Golden Axe. An arcade shooter where you rescue survivors for a fee.

Nirvana: The First Travel: First person puzzle adventure like Portal but deals with gravity puzzles.

Bleeding Blocks: Space shooter that does 1 vs. 1 combat and small levels. It looks intense and hard.

Slashers: The Power Battle: 2D fighting game with 10 characters to play as.

Al Emmo’s Postcards from Anozira: Puzzle game with a mix of puzzles from jigsaw’s to find the hidden objects and so on.

The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost: First person dungeon crawling RPG that’s inspired from the original games in the genre. It looks like it keeps a slower pace than some other first person RPG’s.

Samsara: This interesting platforming game is about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and your ability to switch between them to get through levels. As a buddhist character you must work your way through the gauntlet to find enlightenment.

Intergalactic Traveler: Crawl through space slowly solving puzzles and avoiding treacherous enemies.

Super Dodger: Well your dog friends have been taken by the dog catcher. What’s a dog to do, fight back of course. The video shows some initial work the developers are doing but gives you an idea of how this action adventure game might play out.

Circa Infinity: Insane puzzle game does not begin to define Circa Infinity. It is at the very least a must watch trailer. You may not end up liking the game, but it is trippy.

Anomalies: Create and explore the anomalies of space. While not designed as a game or a tool, but an exploration of art.

Lazy Caverns: Retro platformer, think of games like the original Donkey Kong and that seems to be what this game is going for but a bit simpler.

Football Tactics: Played out as tactical game where you decide where passes go and how to defend against the attack. This sports game plays out a bit differently from the FIFA and Football Manager games. And yes its soccer not American Football.

Rock Crawler: A side scrolling racing game in which you must defeat the rocks and rough terrain to keep going. Simple game, but these types of game can be a great time waster.

And those are the games that were in mine Steam Greenlight voting queue, minus a few that didn’t look complete or were more or less joke submissions.

Thanks for reading if you have any comments or questions, please ask away.

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