April 1 to 3 2015, games have been put up for votes on Steam Greenlight.

My Steam Greenlight queue is once again filled with games to be voted on and I’m here to provide you with a quick breakdown of what was posted. This listing will likely be an incomplete one for two reasons. 1. If a game doesn’t have a trailer, I don’t post it. 2. If a game looks like a joke submission or just unready. Sorry but its the way I like to do things.


Pixel Dungeon: Mobile game that the developer is bringing to PC, the game is a rouge-like RPG with pixels. Fight and survive in the 25 randomly generated worlds.

Planet Alpha 31: A story driven platforming game as you explore planet Alpha 31 after Earth has to be abandon. It’s a tribute to old adventure games. Interesting visuals for a 2D sidescrolling game as it uses the Unreal Engine.

Corroded: A free to play arena brawler shooter game with 8 players. Its a top down isometric type of view. Looks interesting if a bit slow paced.

Star Jumper: An infinite casual platform, which I take to mean that is similar to endless runner games where you go for as long as possible. Interestingly it looks like the game will get faster with each star collected.

New kind of adventure: With that kind of title and the visuals of this game one might rush to think this is a joke. Well it isn’t, but it is very bright on the visuals, very very bright. Its an exploration adventure RPG.

Wills and Wonder: A tactical turn based strategy game still in alpha. The visuals don’t look great, but it still has a long way to go before finished.

Crazy Balls: A game that looks to be inspired by the old arcade classic Breakout. But it has boss battles and crazy balls and reactions to go along with it.

Marble’s Journey: Marble roll around the level. The entirety of this game revolves around getting a marble through non traditional levels that look suited for a rube goldberg machine.

The Withering: Combining survival simulation as half the game and turn based mangement is the other part of the game. It looks interesting, and might be a good fit for those looking for something a little different from zombie survival. It is on Kickstarter which can be a turn off for some.

Alchemists Awakening: Ever wanted to be an alchemist who can create the tools needed? Now you can, if you vote for this game. Its a mix of survival, building and exploration.

Over the Hills and Far Away: Set during the War of 1812 this visual novel game involves to characters. Mal a Shawnee Indian and William Aubery a disgraced British redcoat. With its strong visuals it might be one to keep an eye on.

Airport Madness: World Edition: It’s a mad world of airplanes and airports. Now manage them in landing, crossing the airport, and taking off. It’s not simple.

Block Party Sports: Crazy physics game in which you and friends play sports against one another.

Crashtronauts: Spaceship combat meets climbing up the economic food chain. Shoot enemies to collect money as you fly through dangerous space. Up to four players and looks pretty cool. Though the multiplayer is co-op only.

Izle: World build by calling on the powers of the gods to create it as you see fit, then explore it like you would an 3D adventure game. Plus you can build up structures or anything that suits your fancy.

Death Tractor: There’s a tractor on the loose! Survive for as long as you can against a tractor that has made up its mind to kill you.

Cosmic Highway: Blast through the cosmic highway in the spaceshuttle in this arcade runner where you must avoid debris to keep going.

FrightShow Fighter: Take monsters and then put them in an arena to fight against one another. It truly looks a bit bizarre.

Galaxy Bash: The Battle for Dog Planet: Uh, punish the bad dogs on a planet and some other things. It’s a side scrolling platformer about dogs that must be punished for being bad.

Regicide: Tale of the Forgotten Thief: An RPG where the main character has forgotten her memories except that she stole some bread. It doesn’t look the greatest in my opinion, the visuals look like they’re from RPG Maker, which makes it harder to separate from the other games using the same engine.

Velocity Interstellar: Space shooter with a frantic feel as you fight it out in space vs. the swarms of enemies.

Evil Defenders: Tower defense game with loads of levels and abilities.

Providers: Post apycolpytic game which is not about zombies, it is caused by I believe a company called Starstreak Inc. This is an RPG that lets you explore what’s happened to the world.

Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness: An RPG done in the first person view that crawls down dungeon corridors.

Reiner Knizia’s The Confrontation: Using tactics and strategy this board game comes to life as a video game. It seems to stay true to its roots, but makes the fights come more to life.

Biplane: Fly the biplane as hard and as fast as you can against other players or AI. Master the arcade creative world in which you might crash and wonder how slow biplanes really are.

Peace Park: Restore peace to the communal park. Literally the entire purpose of this game is to have a peaceful park and build it to suit the peoples needs.

Floors of Discomfort: A fast paced rouge-like game with fairly interesting visuals. Its meant to be a very difficult game.

Rise of the Ancients: Tower defense game that supposed to be hard. The trailer is in Russian.

Kieru: A mulitplayer action game in first person where you attack the other team with swords. It looks like a sort of ninja game, the visuals are also a bit jarring as everything is either black, white, or splotches of red. The white in the game may need to be toned down. But it looks pretty cool.

Xenocide: Kill all the creep creatures. All of them! This by the way is a top down shooter in which you take control of a character and using various weapons destroy the creatures that would like to kill you.

Magicraft: The developer is working on making this a series of different games. This particular title is all about craft magic. The trailer shows off how it works with a VR headset.

Trigonarium: Top down shooter where you fly a ship and blast away at the crazy things around you. Of course the more you progress the crazier it gets.

Super Oscar: Platforming done in a very Super Mario way. It is a port over from Android so that’s why the trailer has the glaring buttons on the screen.

Protect thy Sphere Thingy: This interesting game is a space shooter, but you play a satellite that flies around a planet you can create and you must stop things from flying into it. The game sounds simple but seemingly looks hard.

Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing: Kart racing around various tracks with characters.

WhiteDarkness: This is a game I don’t completely understand yet looks interesting all the same. The trailer doesn’t do much to help either. It is a game about escape though as you must figure out the white world around you.

And that’s it for the games in my voting queue. I hope it was helpful and if you have any comments or questions please ask them in the section below.


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