Votes Ahoy! The games posted to Steam Greenlight March 29 to 31 2015

Here are the games that have been piling up in my Steam Greenlight voting queue. Some games if they don’t have a trailer or look like a joke submission will not be posted. Sorry but its just the way I do things.



Ruzar – The Life Stone: The revival of the first person corridor crawling RPG continues with this game. It seems like a pretty standard role playing game, kill the evil creatures before they kill you.

Red Awakening: Combining stealth and fast paced shooting in a neon painted world this multiplayer shooter looks interesting. While not being to different from other FPS, it does have a nice look to it, though the trailer and levels might need to be brightened a little bit more.

Demon Hearts: Play as Vampiress Snow as she works her way through 2D platforming game. Transforming and flying are a must to defeat puzzles.

Foxy: Foxy needs your help guiding him/her/it(?) through levels of perilous doom, though slightly casual doom. It is a platforming game set in 2.5D side scrolling. The trailer shows Foxy moving a bit slow but the developer said on their Greenlight page that they’ll be addressing that.

Nyctophobia: Play with your fears in Nyctophobia. The trailer doesn’t show much it is cinematic though.

They Came From the Ground (TCFTG: A free to play 2D zombie game. Waves and waves of zombies come crashing towards you and need to be destroyed before they destroy you.

Planet R-12:Tactical side scrolling game isn’t often said, but we can say it here. Planet R-12 gives you control of 3 characters, but not complete control, you can only give them orders on how to handle things. It doesn’t look the greatest, but I think its worth watching the trailer to see if it’s your type of game.

Dungeoneer: This game looks like a sort of choose your own adventure story with your choice impacting the little things. The world in the trailer doesn’t feel quite alive, its missing something to make it pop. But could be interesting.

Super Drone Master Drone shoot’um up. The trailer isn’t the clearest, but you do control a drone that enters dangerous areas with the job of killing enemies.

Transmissions: Element 120: A free game set in the Half Life universe of games, specifically Half Life 2 Episode 2. It is short but looks pretty cool.

Blood, Sweat and Gold: Tactical RPG with all the violence. Break from the bounds of slavery and fight for your freedom across the land. It won’t be an easy fight if the Greenlight page is anything to go by.

Ruzh Delta Z: Space shoot’um up caught in a bullet storm of hell. Dodge bullets or be destroyed. Choices!

The BoX: In a world where everything has a right angle your character does not. Survive the the angular world of levels and puzzles.

The Secret of Tremendous Corporation Point and click your way through this hand drawn grey looking world. A game that implies it knows what’s wrong with the video game industry, which well there is a lot wrong. It is free to play.

Star-Bored: Adventures in a Bureaucratic Dystopia: An RPG set in space as space navies for the empire of the Bureaucratic Imperium take on the rebels queuing to fight the might empire.

C. Kane: A parody of Citzen Kane with rap music. It looks very grey for the rest of civilization because its about to end in this RPG.

Cypher: A port from Android devices. You dash across the screen avoiding wrong answers in a math puzzle game.

SuperChroma: A shoot’um up with the feeling of a twin stick shooter from consoles. It’s all about blowing up enemies because what shooter wouldn’t be?

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China Take to the air in a P-40 during World War 2. Fly the american fighter plane in defense of China.

TurnOn: A cute platforming game in which you play a ball of electricity trying to bring power back to the city.

Containment Breach: A strange mix of action first person shooter and tower defense. It’s best to check out the trailer to know how they mix.

Jump Smith: Jump around in this platforming game, which has many hazards to avoid. Pretty straight forward 2D side scrolling game.

Super Kawaii Turtle Fighter: Turtle! Turtle! Fight kawaii turtles against one another. What more do you need to know?

Corporation States 2: A game about building up a corporation state, I think. The trailer doesn’t explain anything and makes a lot of annoying sounds.

XenoBloom: Create an alien world that you’ve always wanted. You can build it however you choose. It puts the power of god in your hands, shape your world carefully.

Those are the games that were up for voting in my Steam Greenlight queue. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them in the section below.

Thanks for reading.


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