March 20 to 22 Greenlight voting queue; Its a mad video game world

Here is the latest submissions to Steam Greenlight which has broken down into simple one or two sentences and trailer. I’m hoping to give you the readers a gist of the games and a way to sort through the large mess of the submitted games.


Myth: A Japanese game released back in 2008. It’s a point and click adventure game and the trailer doesn’t show much, which is unfortunate. But since it is a 2008 game, it shouldn’t be too hard to find gameplay videos, maybe. Also it is only in Japanese.

Unfair Jousting Fair: If you couldn’t guess that this game is about jousting, well then I don’t know what to say. It is a game about riding a unicycle and using odd weapons in place of a jousting lance. It is multiplayer focused game.

Industry Transporters: Transportation simulator. You take control of a town and set about growing it through controlling the transportation, the trains, roads, ships, and various other means. It does have a very complex look to it from the trailer for those that want to dive into something that is very deep simulator wise. The developer does state it is more of an economic simulator though.

Medieval Mercs: This is a side scrolling brawler with tower defense elements added in. It requires you to develop your mercenaries to defend the realm against harder and harder baddies. It is a single player only game. The user interface looks like it could use a bit of fine tuning, but overall looks interesting.

Tap and Clapp: The desktop version of the developers mobile game, it is puzzle game involving the usage of platforms to roll a ball to the goal. Pretty simple straight forward puzzle game.

Phat Phrog: Free to play and the developers first game, its a puzzle game in which you attempt to not fall into the river by bouncing off platforms rolling down the river. A time wasting style of game where anyone can pick up and play.

MorphineHorror drama in a first person adventure that the developer says is to be experienced as seeing it, is not nearly enough to understand the game. Since we only have the trailer to judge it by though…

GabeN: The Final Decision: You play as Gabe Newell in this game made with the RPG Maker engine. It looks much like typical RPG Maker engine games do, like an early Final Fantasy game. Which is awesome for you if you love that look.

Contradiction: The all-video Murder Mystery: This mystery game is as you guessed done all in video. Meaning it all plays out thorough recorded video, and every decision will cause a video to play. It’s a bit like watching a T.V. show, but you get to make the decisions.

Far-Out: A retro hardcore first person adventure where you must find out what happened to your ship. It is a science fiction adventure with randomized gameplay so each play through should be unique.

Sparkle 3: Genesis: Despite the title, Sparkle 3 isn’t about being sparkly no, its about evolution. The game takes place in the ocean of Sparkle as you take control over an organism evolving through dreamlike levels. I was hoping that at somepoint I’d be over the Sparkle name, but nope it still throws me through a loop.

Mirrors and Lasers: All the lasers must reflect! You vs either AI or human players as turn by turn you reflect the lasers away with mirrors. All the while using the reflections and your own lasers to destroy them. Go, go lasers. It has a top down view and looks fairly zoomed out from the video.

Unform Zombies: Uh Zombies? Survival adventure game that looks kind of like Minecraft but is about surviving zombies. Not really much to say as the trailer didn’t show much and the Greenlight page doesn’t have much (at the time of writing).

Armed and Gelatinous: Interestingly this game is a bullet hell style shooter but for two to four players. You play as a blob that absorbs weapons, but the angle from which you absorb them is the direction it will point. Thus you have a lot of weak points that need to be protected. You can absorb more than one weapon and steal them from your friends when you kill them.

Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals: An old school style RPG made with RPG Maker. Very story driven as you must rush to rescue Sasha from an immortal trying to take over.

Undeads: A horror shooter where mysterious things are happening in a city, and well the government doesn’t like that. So, you get sent in to kill off the mysterious beings inside.

Atlantic Quest 2 – New Adventure Match 3 puzzle game, you know the type where you have to get three of the same objects to clear them from the level.

Tim-Tim 2: The Almighty Gnome: A platforming adventure game where you play Tim-Tim the gnome as he fights Satan. That’s right Satan the biblical dude. It’s a 2D side scrolling game in the vein of the older Mario games.

Tuk-Ruk: A fast pace action platformer with four playable characters. It’s also 2D and side scrolling adventure with a bit of a musical taste.

Inner Dream: This looks like a very surreal adventure, as you find time paused and everything looks like a photo. It’s seems to be a game that wants to explore beyond what many consider what video games should be about.

Tanzia: Adventuring shaman! Protect your tribe in a game that mixes game elements of The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and Everquest. In an open 3D world that requires lots of exploration.

Shoppy Mart: Take the role of a cashier working in a shopping mart who must deal with customers. It does look a bit simplistic from the trailer.

DASM Spell Quest An educational game about spelling. It’s done completely in 3D and doesn’t look too sharp.

4x0ng: I’m sort of guessing on the title, it might be an “O” or a zero. Anyway, you play as a small robot sweeping up the particles from an overheating nuclear reactor. While it looks simple, it also looks simply fun.

Those are the games that were put onto Steam Greenlight since Friday I believe? There were a few games I didn’t list this time around because of claims that the pages were fake and the beta links were malware. I felt it a good course to steer clear of mentioning other than making note here. Let me know if anyone wants to see this done differently or not.

Thanks for reading.


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